Are Human Beds Comfortable for Dogs?

We wouldn’t be so bold as to pass ourselves off as doggie mind readers. But we’re tackling the question, “are human beds comfortable for dogs?” more like detectives than psychics.

No, we can’t get into your pet’s head for genuine feedback. But we can tell you that human beds are comfortable for dogs in certain situations. It’s not a straight across-the-board answer, similar to “do dogs actually like dog beds?

  • When are Human Beds Comfortable for Dogs?
  • Some Human Beds Aren’t Comfortable for Some Dogs
  • Before Determining if Your Bed is Comfortable for Your Dog
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Dog sleeping in bed with girl

When are Human Beds Comfortable for Dogs?

With the increase in dog bed sales, pet care has really taken off these days. Most people have had more time to spend with their little furry family members throughout the pandemic. They’re researching and purchasing new pet furniture and toys to keep everyone in the household occupied, comfortable, (and sane?).

Dog Bed or Human Bed?

Like you, dog parents are doing more research about whether to let their pets sleep with them or if a dog bed is a more sensible choice. You’re here because you’re wondering if human beds are comfortable for dogs, and the short answer is yes, in certain circumstances. But it might not be for the reason you think.

When you think about your sleeping area, you might be envisioning lots of cozy blankets and big comfy oversized pillows. It’s your little nighttime haven, and you’ve made it as enticing and relaxing as possible.

It Really Is All About You

But when we start reading your dog’s mind, we see visions of you. Your pet wants to be close to you, and what better time than at night when they have you to themselves for eight hours. They’re not particularly enthralled about your expensive throw pillows. Instead, they feel snug and secure because you’re there.

Human beds are comfortable for dogs in other ways, though. They’re happy if you’ve got a nice, firm mattress. And, if you have a breed that appreciates warmth at night, they’ll snuggle into your blankets. But their happiness with a human bed stems more from habit – and being with their favorite people.

dog in bed

Some Human Beds Aren’t Comfortable for Some Dogs

Most pets are content sleeping with their parents. But there are some situations where human beds aren’t comfortable for dogs, even though they love your company.

  • Joint problems
  • Too warm
  • Other furry occupants

Human Beds Aren’t Comfortable for Dogs with Health Challenges

Even if your dog has developed a habit of sleeping with you for the past five years, it could be time to switch things up as your bed might not be as enticing anymore.

As dogs get older, they develop arthritis and joint problems. It’s challenging for them to jump up on your mattress, and they might need a firmer surface to support them.

TIP:  If you get to this point with your doggo, consider buying a slightly elevated orthopedic dog bed. It’s designed for this specific situation, and your fur baby will be so much more comfortable than sleeping in a human bed.


You might layer on the blankets at night, but you’re not covered in fur (at least, we don’t think so).

While puppies and some breeds are A-OK being warm and snuggly, others need the opposite. If you’ve got a cold-weather pup that could happily sleep outdoors even with snow falling, the last thing they want is to be surrounded by heavy blankets.

One thing you could do is to buy a cooling mat for the bottom of your bed, and that might do the trick. But, a dog bed of their own (maybe placed next to yours?) is sometimes better.

Other Furry Bedmates

If you’ve got more than one pet, a human bed isn’t always comfortable for dogs of particular breeds and temperaments. They’re territorial and want a space to call their own and won’t welcome being moved around all night by their dog and kitty brothers and sisters.

dog on human bed

Before Determining if Your Bed is Comfortable for Your Dogs

Now that we’ve addressed your dog’s perspective, we’ll share a bit of advice.

Don’t let your family or friends send you a guilt trip if you don’t want to share your sleeping space with your little fur baby. Yes, we know plenty of people wouldn’t have it any other way. However, it’s more for them than their pup.

When You Don’t Want to Share Your Bed

If you don’t plan to allow your pets to sleep in your bed, establish that as a precedent right from the get-go. Don’t let them lay there during the day. Nor do you want to try it for a night because you don’t want them to be alone at first.

Dogs are creatures of habit and, if you establish that your bed is theirs, they’ll take you at your word (and action). So, the bottom line is that whether your bed is comfortable for little Max doesn’t matter if it’s not for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest way to tell if my human bed is comfortable for my dog?

While some dogs are hard to read (if you don’t have the mind-reading powers that we’re developing!), there are a few telltale signs that your little ones are uncomfortable. You might notice that they move around a lot during the night. Scratching at sheets is another sign as it’s often their way of finding a sleeping space that supports and makes them happy. A soft mattress could be problematic as some dogs need more support. So, hone in on any unusual behavior, and it should give you an answer.

Can you recommend some ways to make my bed more dog-friendly?

The best piece of advice we can share is to cater to your particular dog. Canines aren’t one-size-fits-all. Let’s say you’ve got a pup who prefers to sleep cold. Consider a cooling pad placed on top of your blankets at the end of the bed. If the problem is getting up and down, add a step stool or dog stairs to the side to make things easier. And, if a human bed just isn’t comfortable for your dog, how about a dog bed in the same room?