Kong Dog Bed Review

When you read Kong dog bed review, the name probably sounded familiar. After all, the manufacturer has been around for more than 40 years, creating a name with its rubber chew toys for dogs. You know the ones we’re talking about, as they’re cone-shaped with a hole in the middle for peanut butter. Did you know they even produce peanut butter in a spray can?

While the Kong brand built a reputation with innovation and indestructible toys, how does it fare with its line of dog beds? We’ve put Kong dog beds through a series of tests and pushed them to the limit courtesy of our resident expert, Scruff.

By the time you finish this five-minute read, you’ll quickly decide if a Kong dog bed is the one for your favorite furry family member. Or, maybe you’ll just stick to taunting them with treat-filled chew toys!

Kong Cuddler


  • Three styles and a variety of colors
  • Relatively affordable
  • Durability – double strength seams and reinforced ripstop
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Thick cover and a slip-resistant bottom


  • Chew resistant but not chew proof
  • Exposed zippers

Our review of Kong dog beds revealed that durability is a top priority, similar to the famous rubber chew toys. Using a thicker, ripstop material and double-strength seams is enough to deter most dogs from getting to that enticing inner core. But keep in mind that it’s still possible for our most determined pups.

What Dogs This Bed is Best For

Many competitors stick to a formula of one dog bed style available in a range of sizes. But this manufacturer takes the opposite approach with its line of Kong dog beds. Each model is size-specific, but you can choose from mats, cuddlers, and loungers, depending on your dog’s needs.

For example, the ideal dog for the Kong orthopedic mat needs that extra support. It works for small and large breeds as it’s 38” in length. The Cuddler, on the other hand, maxes out at 28”. So, it’s designed for a small to medium doggo who appreciates coziness.

The Lounger is another option for most pups, as it’s 40” long and designed for some overhang (we’ll explain that soon).

Kong Dog Bed Review – Table of Contents


While Kong dog beds are attractive and durable, they don’t pack a punch with the wow factor of some competitors. They’re middle of the road style-wise but hold up to more abuse than your average bed. Plus, they come in a variety of colors that’ll appeal to you.

Standard features (regardless of the model) include:

  • Machine washable polyester cover
  • Water-resistant sides
  • Double-strength seams
  • Reinforced ripstop material
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Polyester fiberfill (or polyurethane foam for Kong’s orthopedic mats)
  • Chew resistant
  • Variety of color choices (based on models)

Except for the orthopedic mat, Kong dog beds have at least two bolstered side walls to cradle your fur baby’s neck or support their legs.

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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My parents ask me to test out quite a few beds and, while the Kong cuddler doesn’t have the firmest mattress, it’s pretty darn big. I’m just a little guy, and I feel like the king of the castle on my oversized bed.

I also really like pillows and am happy that they surround me. I can move around and still be comfortable wherever I land. Oh, and don’t tell Mom and Dad, but I did paw at it and gave it my little chew test. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anywhere before I pooped out!

Dog Review Rating

Sizes and Options

The first of three Kong beds that we reviewed is the Cuddler, designed for smaller dogs like Scruff.

Kong’s Cuddler dog bed features pillows on three sides with an option for a fourth. It’s the coziest of the three and probably not your best bet for dogs longer than 20” or so. You can tell that the Cuddler will hold up to most wear and tear as the fabric is thicker than most. But it’s also puffy in the middle, perfect for pups who don’t need as much support.

Kong Cuddler, Kong dog beds, Kong easy to clean dog beds

How big is the Kong Cuddler Bed?

The Cuddler is the smallest, measuring 22” (L) x 28” (W) x 7” (H)

What colors are available?

We found that Kong occasionally switches up its color choices. But when we reviewed the Cuddler dog bed, it was available in gray or blue. The blue is less muted and more of a brighter shade.

Orthopedic Mat

Second on the list of three Kong dog beds is the Orthopedic Mat, a vast departure from the Cuddler. The Cuddler is soft and smushy, perfect for puppies or small to medium dogs who appreciate sleeping on a marshmallow. However, the Orthopedic Mat focuses on support.

You won’t find any bolsters on this one. Instead, it’s more like a flat mattress that bounces back whenever your dog gets up. The Orthopedic Mat has the same polyester cover as the other Kong dog beds, but the sleeping surface is polyurethane foam instead of fiberfill.

While dogs with joint, bone, or other health issues will find the Kong Orthopedic Mat comfortable and supportive, it won’t work straight across the board. The mat is only 5” thick. So, doggos who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor will benefit more from a raised bed.

This model has a bigger mattress, though. So, if you’ve been looking for a flat bed with some wiggle room, this Kong dog bed could be the right fit.

Sizes and Options

  • Kong Orthopedic dog bed dimensions:  38” (L) x 30” (W) x 5” (H)
  • Current color choices (at the time of this dog bed review): red, olive, grey, tan
Kong Durable Lounger Bed, Kong dog beds

Kong Durable Lounger

The Kong Durable Lounger is a larger version of the Cuddler with fewer bolsters. The Lounger has pillows on opposite ends, accommodating more sleeping positions.

Bigger dogs can sprawl out, hanging their necks off one end and their legs off the other. For smaller dogs, the Lounger provides pillow or pillowless rest. Like the Cuddler, the middle is softer, so canine sleepers get the best of all worlds (except orthopedic) with this one.

Fashionably Functional

Scruff could care less about colors. But we think the Kong Durable Lounger is the most stylish of the collection. The color choices are black or grey, so this is the only one that comes in black. It’s two-toned, though, as the bumpers and base are black, but the cushion in the middle is tan.

The grey version is as contemporary looking. But it’ll blend into the background instead of taking center stage in your home.

  • Size Comparison Kong Durable Lounger and Kong Cuddler
  • Kong Durable Lounger: 30” (L) x 40” (W) x 9” (H)
  • Kong Cuddler: 22” (L) x 28” (W) x 7” (H)
  • Color Options: Black with Tan Cushion or Grey with Tan Cushion

Style Comparison

Kong’s dog beds come in different shapes and sizes based on the style. But they’re all constructed with heavy-duty material and feature machine washable covers.

The drawback is that bed selection isn’t just a matter of preference, as size is a consideration. You might like the Cuddler bed. But if your dog is on the larger side, it’s not going to be comfortable.

Here are the styles at a glance:

Kong Cuddler

  • Best for smaller dogs
  • Costs less than the other two styles
  • Bolsters encircle the sleeping area
  • Softer sleeping surface

Orthopedic Mat

  • Accommodates most dogs (up to 38” long)
  • The most supportive and cushioning model
  • Available in four colors

Durable Lounger

  • The longest Kong bed at 40” long
  • Features more sleeping area and two end bolsters for neck and limb support
  • Same price as Orthopedic Mat

Cleaning and Durability

Instead of leading with cleaning as we typically do in our dog bed reviews, we’re starting with durability as that’s what the name Kong has come to represent. Those little Kong rubber chew toys could last the lifetime of five senior dogs. They’re practically indestructible.

Not Quite Indestructible

Now, we can’t go as far as saying that Kong dog beds have the same reputation. Yes, they’re made from reinforced ripstop fabric that’s thicker than most competitors. However, the best way to describe this particular bed is that it’s chew-resistant.

Kong dog beds will keep many pups from gnawing through the cover, but they’re not “chew-proof.” Diligence has paid off for some larger (and very determined dogs), and they’ve worked their way through to the fiberfill middle (yum!).

So, if you know your dog will give it his all to bust through that juicy fabric outer layer, the Kong dog bed might not be the best choice. But for most of our best furry friends, it’ll be just fine and much better than other options in the same price range.

Machine Washable Covers

It doesn’t matter if your dog bed is large or small, has bolsters or is flat, or is a dark or light color; you want clean-up to be a breeze. All three Kong dog beds are machine washable, or at least the covers are anyway.

The bolsters and mattress are neatly tucked away instead of that heavy fabric exterior. So, all you have to do is unzip, remove the inner cushioning and throw the cover in your washing machine. Just be careful to wash on cold, and allot enough time for air drying. If the weather cooperates, it’ll only take a few hours hanging outside in the sun.

Plan B for Potty Trainers

We do need to give you a heads up on cleaning, though. A few Kong bed reviews have mentioned that the cover wasn’t entirely waterproof, and they needed to clean the foam inside. So, if you’re potty training, Kong dog beds aren’t ideal unless you use a second waterproof cover until your pup is accident-free.

Warranties and Policies

If you’re a Kong customer and have run across any issues with a chew toy, you’re familiar with the company’s 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. However, when you read through the fine print, you’ll see that the warranty is for toys and treats only. It doesn’t extend to Kong beds.

That’s the bad news, but we do have some good news. PetSmart is a primary distributor of Kong dog beds, and it has a decent return policy. The specifics depend on whether the bed is damaged or you received it and just aren’t happy.

Damaged or Defective: As long as it’s within a 30-day window, you can call PetSmart’s Customer Care Center at 1-888-839-9638 with your online order number to make arrangements for a replacement. If you bought the bed in person, you’re better off going back to the store to make the exchange.

Other Returns: Let’s say that you bought the bed, and it’s just too small for your pup. In that case, you’ve got 60 days to request a return. But you need a receipt, and it has to be in excellent condition. So, don’t let your fur baby get cozy until you know it’s a perfect fit.


How many types of dog beds does Kong have?

Kong produces three dog bed models: Cuddler, Orthopedic, and Lounger. Any of the three are comfortable for smaller dogs (under 30 lbs). The Orthopedic and Lounger styles are better for larger breeds.

Do the different styles of Kong dog beds come in various sizes?

No. Each model comes in one size only. The Lounger is the largest, coming in at 40” wide, and the Cuddler is the smallest at 28”.

How much do Kong dog beds cost?

Regular pricing for Kong dog beds ranges from $39.99 to $59.99 based on the model.

What’s the best feature of a Kong dog bed?

Kong produces some of the most indestructible chew toys around and does the same for its line of dog beds. When you compare Kong dog beds to others in the same price range, it’ll come out ahead for durability. Reinforced, extra-thick ripstop and double-strength seams won’t guarantee that the beds are chew-proof, but they’re absolutely chew-resistant.

Is the Kong dog bed worth it?

If you’re looking for a low to mid-price dog bed option for your pup that’ll hold up to a bit of tugging and gnawing, then you’ll appreciate at least one of the three Kong bed styles. While the designs aren’t much different from some cheaper beds, the value is in the construction. You’ve got an extra thick cover and grippers on the bottom that’ll keep fur babies from sliding across the floor when they jump into bed.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.