Best Dog Beds for Beagles

Snoopy had his own house (well, at least shared quarters with Woodstock!). But your beagle needs a special bedtime place in your home. It won’t be that challenging, though, as we’ve done some research for you to find the best dog beds for beagles.

Our list considers their shedding habits and potential health conditions and includes a hypoallergenic option for allergy-prone pups. You’ll find something that fits the bill – and at your target price range.

1. Nest Bedding – Wool Dog Bed – for Warmth

What We Like:

  • High-profile bed
  • Warmth with no blanket required
  • Simple mattress-style model


  • Sizes: 24” x 18” x 6”  *  28” x 23” x 8”  *  35” x 27” x 10”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-night trial along with a two-year warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

Nest Bedding has created two custom pet beds for small to large pups – bolster-style and mattress-style.

The Wool Dog Bed is a simple pillow type of bed with a colorful canvas base and wool topper that circulates heat. However, one of the special features of Nest dog beds for beagles is the bulky mattress. Instead of a “barely there” pad, the Wool Dog Bed provides up to 10” of snuggly cushioning.

Bottom Line – Nest’s Wool Dog bed is an excellent choice for beagles as they don’t tolerate the cold well. This model lifts its user off hard floors, and the wool is enough to keep most fur babies nice and warm through the night. Be patient if you purchase from Nest, though, as they custom-make their beds to order.

2. Kuranda – Elevated – Easy to Clean

What We Like:

  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional accessories available


  • Sizes: 25” x 18”  *  30” x 20”  *  35” x 23”  *  40” x 25”  *  44” x 27”  *  50” x 36”
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Warranty: One-year warranty good on manufacturer defects
  • Shipping: Free shipping on $50 or more

Kuranda ticks a few boxes for beagles with its assortment of elevated dog beds resembling camping cots.

The height is helpful for dogs with hip dysplasia as it’s easier to get in and out of bed. Additionally, the canvas topper won’t trap the fur, which is particularly helpful during the heavy shedding season in the spring. You can take a wet cloth to whisk away any remnants or use a hose for a thorough cleaning.

Another benefit to these types of raised cot-style beds is they’re hypoallergenic. You don’t have any mattresses to contend with, and dust mites and other allergens don’t tend to stick around for long.

Bottom Line – The Kuranda bed is easy to assemble and adjust the height to suit your fur baby. While it’s a great dog bed option for beagles as is, you can also buy accessories, like warming pads and attachable blankets.

3. Casper Dog Bed – Orthopedic Support

What We Like:

  • Neck and back support
  • Double-layer foam bounces back
  • Low-profile bolsters


  • Size: 26” x 19”  *  33” x 25”  *  45” x 35”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free – when you buy direct

An ample-sized dog bed for beagles, low-profile bolsters, and a built-in play area – Casper created one pet product that covers the bases.

The Casper dog bed is a stylish, rectangular model with a sturdy base featuring a double-layer orthopedic-style mattress topped with a unique cover designed for pawing and digging. Beagles have a lot of energy to burn, so the two-in-one playground and sleeping area are appealing.

Unlike most pet beds with oversized round bolsters that are sometimes too big for small and medium pups, Casper has a lower-profile ledge on all four sides. It’s much more comfortable for beagles suffering from neck and back pain.

Bottom Line – There are as many benefits to Casper’s single dog bed option as its expansive line of people beds. The mattress cradles and cushions the neck, back, and hips and bounces right back after every use. And who doesn’t love a built-in pawing area? Better there than on your furniture!

4. Brentwood Runyon – Elegant, Sofa-Style with Waterproof Liner

What We Like:

  • Furniture grade fabric
  • Waterproof liner
  • Higher back and graduated arms


  • Recommended Sizes: 34” x 24”  *  46’ x 29”
  • Machine Washable: Yes (cover)
  • Warranty: Three-year limited warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial
  • Shipping: Free shipping when you buy direct from Brentwood

Your beagle is a family member, and if you want him to have the same type of furniture, you turn to Brentwood Home.

Brentwood produces two models of pet beds – the Griffin, a simple mattress, and the Runyon, a sofa-style bed. With a high back and graduated armrests, the user has plenty of supportive sleeping positions.

Another handy feature is a waterproof mattress liner, so you don’t have to worry about those little oopsies. Beagles tend to take longer to train. But, with a washable cover and the all-important liner, the Brentwood Runyon will last a long time.

The Runyon not only looks like a miniature living room couch but also uses the same furniture-grade fabric. That means if you’ve got a young pup that scratches or bites, it’ll be tough for them to do much damage (although not impossible).

Bottom Line – The Brentwood Runyon is our pick for the most stylish option. It’s a tiny piece of furniture that’ll blend in with yours. You’ll appreciate that Brentwood is also an eco-friendly brand, so it’s good for the environment and your precious beagle.

What should I look for in the best dog beds for beagles?

The best dog beds for beagles have features that fit your and your dog’s needs. For example, beagles tend to shed year-round and even more in spring. As a medium-shedding breed, an easy-to-clean option like a cot-style bed or one with a coated fabric cover might be your priority. Elevated beds with canvas stretched over a frame are also ideal for pups with allergies. Beagles also handle heat better than cold. So, a bed with a faux fur topper or a warming pad will keep your fur baby comfortable through the night.

How do I know what size dog bed to buy for a beagle?

Depending on the brand, a medium-sized bed is usually large enough. However, if you have a male, you might want to size up, as they tend to be slightly larger than females. When shopping for a bolster-style dog bed, use the inner dimensions and not the overall dimensions, as those comfy pillows can take up quite a bit of sleeping real estate.

Is there a suitable pet bed for a beagle in training?

Beagles are known to take longer than other breeds regarding training. So, if you have a pup or a new furry member of the family, it’s better to be safe than sorry with a dog bed that can withstand some little oopsies from time to time. Elevated beds are excellent, as you can hose them off. However, they’re typically made with a canvas cover with tiny pinholes for air circulation. So, be sure to put a mat on the top or a pad underneath. If you’d rather provide a more cushiony option, look for one with a water-resistant cover and waterproof liner, like FurHaven’s Deluxe Mattress Indoor-Outdoor Oxford Dog Bed.

What dog bed brands offer products with orthopedic support beneficial to beagles?

There are quite a few pet product brands that focus on orthopedic support for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Companies specializing in “people mattresses” like Casper and Serta are some of the best. Other brands with quality mattresses include Brentwood Home, L.L.Bean, and FurHaven. Big Barker’s collection features triple-layer orthopedic beds that are excellent for beagles with hip dysplasia or neck or back pain.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Beagles

Narrow your search – The best way to start shopping for the best dog bed for your beagle is to determine the essential features. For example, are you looking for a hypoallergenic model? How about orthopedic support or a bed for a beagle puppy in training?

Look to the future – It’s never too early to provide your beagle with joint support, especially if you’re making a significant investment in a dog bed. A quality orthopedic mattress and at least one bolster is an ideal combination that benefits pups, regardless of age.

Cleaning options – Not only do beagles take longer to train compared to other breeds, but they’re moderate year-round shedders. So, unless you want to devote significant time to keep your dog’s bed clean, opt for a model like an elevated cot-style bed that you can hose off to whisk dirt and hair away. Or you could keep it simple with a mattress-style model without bolsters or places for the fur to hide.

When you should spend more – You can find a decent dog bed for your beagle at most price points. However, if you’re addressing health conditions like allergies or muscle or joint pain, consider spending a bit more for an upgraded cover or authentic orthopedic mattress. The right dog bed can be life-extending, and a quality model will last several years.