Pendleton Dog Bed Review

Pendleton USA (the makers of the Pendleton dog bed) are actually most well known for their wool clothes (for humans), wool blankets, and southwest décor. But just because dog beds aren’t their main specialty doesn’t mean they can’t produce a kick-butt place to sleep for your pup, as we reveal in our Pendleton dog bed review.

So, is the Pendleton dog bed worth it? Do dogs like the bed? Is it easy on the eyes? In this Pendleton review, we’re going to answer all of those questions and more.

And don’t forget to scroll down and see the results of our dog test. Scruff was excited to give this one a try!

Pendleton Dog Bed


  • Some of the most stylish dog beds on the market
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Comes in 4 sizes for the best fit
  • Pendleton makes donations to national parks with each purchase


  • A tad pricier than some other dog bed options
  • Not ideal for dogs who like really firm places to sleep

Scruff rated the Pendleton dog bed an impressive four out of five paws. Make sure you scroll down to check out Scruff’s full review from his testing of the product.

Pendleton Dog Review Rating

What Dogs This Bed is Best For

The Pendleton dog bed is ideal for dogs who like less-firm and more cushy options. It’s also excellent for dogs that tend to like to sprawl out or curl up into a ball as the support really wraps around them. The cushion inside the bed is pretty malleable, which means your dog is free to dig around and move things to fit the exact comfort level they are looking for.

As for the human (that’s you), the beds are hands-down the most stylish options out there. If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t just look okay in your common areas but is actually going to add some style you’ll want to show off—stick with the Pendleton dog bed.

Pendleton Dog Bed Review – Table of Contents


Pendleton dog beds come in two different variations—couch-style loungers and flat dog bed cushions. (Pictured Below)

Pendleton Lounger Style Dog Bed
Pendleton Flat Dog Bed Cushion Style
Pendleton Couch Style Dog Bed
Pendleton Couch Style Lounger Dog Bed

Within each of these two main styles of dog beds you’ll find a laundry list of different styles, fabrics, and looks. What’s really neat is that each Pendleton dog bed is modeled after a famous park or National Park somewhere in the world. For example, the lounger option above is the Acadia National Park Dog Kuddler and the flat bed is the Yakima Camp Dog Bed. The Pendleton dog bed option we ordered was the Olympic National Park Dog Bed. You’ll see that pictured throughout this page (it’s the one Scruff wanted).

  • Removable cover that’s 100% machine washable
  • Inner padding is not machine washable but can be spot treated for stains
  • Many of the Pendleton dog beds are made with high-loft memory fiber for extra comfort
  • Some of the beds are made in the USA and some are imported (each is marked accordingly)
  • There is a sewn on flap that hides the zipper extremely well (we actually had a hard time finding it when we were putting the insert in)

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

Scruff on the Pendleton Dog Bed

I was a big fan of the Pendleton dog bed when it showed up in the mail. When it came out of the box, I was a bit worried because it looked like it might be lumpy. But what I found out once I got to digging around was that was just the cushy cloud-like feeling of the inner padding that I could easily move around however I wanted.

My owners got me a medium-sized (for dogs a little bigger than me), but it’s perfect because I can sprawl out as much as I want. My absolute favorite part, though, is that the cushy padding wraps around me and I can sink into the bed a little. It makes me feel real safe.

I give it 4 out of 5 paws

Pendleton Dog Review Rating

Sizes and Options

Pendleton dog beds come in different sizes, depending on which type of bed you’re looking at. For flat beds (like the one pictured at the top of the page), here are the size options:

  • Small – Up to 15 lbs.
  • Medium – Up to 25 lbs.
  • Large – Up to 50 lbs.
  • XL – Up to 75 lbs.

For cuddlers (couch-style) Pendleton dog beds, here are the size options:

  • Medium – Up to 20 lbs.
  • Large – Up to 30 lbs.
  • XL – Up to 50 lbs.

For Scruff (our model who weighs about 16-18 lbs.), we purchased the medium flat bed option, which is designed for dogs up to 25 lbs. For him, the size was ideal because he tends to like to sprawl out and take up a lot of real estate. If your dog is more into curling up, though, the smaller size should work, unless you have a ton of room to put the bed.

Cleaning and Durability

The Pendleton dog bed comes with a completely removable cover that is machine washable. The beds also come in darker colors, which is real nice to hide any unexpected stains that you might not have the time to get out before company comes over.

Many of the beds are made from different materials, with some made out of just polyester and some a blend of polyester and cotton. Quality-wise, the one we got was pretty great. Additionally, if you look at the Pendleton dog reviews across the web from other customers—it’s the same positive story.

Regarding durability, so far so good here! Our dog is a big digger when it comes to beds, which makes him the perfect tester (and he’s cute, so he’s a great model, as well). When the bed came out, Scruff dug at it for quite some time and we saw no indications of wear and tear or any areas that might be vulnerable.

Overall, the Pendleton dog bed checks all the boxes when it comes to quality, durability, and a plan of action for cleaning.

Warranties and Policies

As is common with a lot of pet products, there are no returns on the Pendleton dog beds. We also didn’t see anything mentioned about a warranty. That being said, the company’s motto is “Warranted to be a Pendleton,” and it’s clear they care about customer satisfaction. While we certainly can’t guarantee anything, it looks like if you have a problem or an issue that it’s not going to fall on deaf ears.


How much do Pendleton dog beds cost?

The price of Pendleton dog beds depends on the model and size that you choose. You’ll find the range is generally from around $99 up to as much as $280 for the more unique and larger sized beds. Compared with the rest of the industry, this is on par with the higher end beds. Although the upper range on a few unique beds is higher than we’ve seen elsewhere. That being said, the quality and style you get is probably worth every penny.

How many different Pendleton dog bed options are there?

As of our last update to this Pendleton dog bed review, we counted 19 different options that come in various sizes.

Can you return Pendleton dog beds?

No, you are not allowed to return a Pendleton dog bed. This is fairly commonplace with pet products, as there are health concerns that come into play.

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