Best Dog Beds for Chewers

Dogs are chewers. It’s in their DNA. And if you’re a dog owner, you know that means your poor dog could be stuck sleeping on an old pillow or worse—the cold, hard floor. But never fear, as we’ve got some solutions. There are plenty of great options for dog beds that can stand up to even the most aggressive chewer.

Here are some of our favorite dog beds for chewers.

1. Kong Four-Sided Cuddler – Inexpensive Dog Bed for Heavy Chewers

What We Like:

  • Ripstop material covers every surface of the bed
  • Double-strength seams
  • Bolsters for support and security


  • Size: 22” x 28” x 7”
  • Machine Washable: Everything but the inner cushion is machine washable
  • Warranty: Kong has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Depends on the retailer

The Kong cuddler is one of the rare dog beds for chewers that produces traditional cuddler, mat, and lounger beds but uses ripstop material to deter your determined pup. Ripstop is woven fabric specifically designed to withstand excessive wear and tear.

You’ll notice a significant difference when you put a Kong cuddler next to a comparable fabric (even upholstery-grade fabric) model. Heavy chewers will go crazy with standard cloth, but most will give up when faced with the coated ripstop. Additionally, this particular Kong model is surrounded by bolsters and is soft and supportive in the middle. That might be just enough to be a deterrent for pups who bite to alleviate anxiety.

Bottom Line The Kong Cuddler is one of the most inexpensive and well-made dog beds for heavy chewers. While the cuddler design is familiar, it’s all about the chew-resistant fabric in this case. Unfortunately, though, this particular option is only available in one size. So, it’s ideal for small to medium fur babies but won’t accommodate larger breeds.

2. Coolaroo Cot-Style – Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Cot-style with canvas stretched over a steel frame
  • Replacement covers and parts available
  • Sizes to accommodate every breed


  • Sizes: 21.5” x 25”  *  22.5” x 35”  *  31.5” x 43.5”  *  37” x 52”
  • Machine Washable: No. Spot clean or use a hose
  • Warranty: One-year fabric warranty from UV degradation
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

There are different types of dog beds for chewers. Whereas Kong uses heavy ripstop fabric to accomplish its mission, Coolaroo’s is a chew-proof dog bed by design.

It’s a metal cot-style model, similar to what you’d see on a camping trip, with canvas stretched over the frame. You’ve got no pillows, filling, or even a mattress to contend with, so even the most aggressive chewers will give up, flop over, and take a nap.

Bottom Line The Coolaroo is one of two cot-style chew-proof dog beds we’re including. This brand is also known for producing inexpensive but quality pet products. There’s nothing fancy about this particular cot. However, its simple design is probably the absolute best for pups who turn beds into chew toys.

3. Kuranda Elevated – Ideal for Large Dogs That Chew

What We Like:

  • An elevated bed with optional accessories
  • Supports dogs up to 250 pounds
  • Wide variety of materials and color choices


  • Sizes: 25” x 18”  *  30” x 20”  *  35” x 23”  *  40” x 25”  *  44” x 27”  *  50” x 36”
  • Machine Washable: No. Spot clean or use a hose
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50

The Kuranda elevated bed is similar to Coolaroo’s in its design. Stretching fabric over a sturdy frame automatically labels it as one of the best dog beds for chewers. But the reason we include both on our list is that Kuranda provides some additional purchase options, so you’ve got cot-style beds at a few different price points.

With Kuranda, you can buy the standard bed, which uses PVC instead of metal. If you upgrade, though, the aluminum frame is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds. You can custom-build your model with a choice of fabric and optional padding. Of course, as soon as you introduce some cushioning, your pup might start drooling. But the blankets and pads have fasteners in all four corners to hold them in place.

Bottom Line – Kuranda is like a little Ikea for dog beds for chewers. Their design is enough to keep the teeth at bay and preserve these beds for at least a few years. But if you want to go all out for your precious pooch, you can upgrade these elevated models, adding headboards or even a bunk bed style.

4. Iconic Pet Sassy Paws Wooden Pet Bed – A Dog Bed for Aggressive Chewers

What We Like:

  • Wood frame made of pine
  • Cushion with a fun pawprint design
  • Assemble with no tools required


  • Sizes: 22.4” x 15.1” x 9.5”  *  28.3” x 19.5” x 9.5”  *  34.2” x 21.5” x 9.5”
  • Machine Washable: Yes – the cover is machine washable
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

The Iconic Pet Sassy Paws is another excellent choice for a dog bed for a chewer because of its sturdy frame. But it’s pretty different than the elevated cot-style options. This particular model resembles a child’s bed with rails on three sides. The wooden base is light pine, and you may end up with some gnawing on it, but it should hold up nonetheless.

You’re going to take a risk with the mattress pad, as there’s not much to keep your pup from taking a bite. However, it sits in a wooden enclosure, which might be enough to make your fur baby think twice.

Bottom Line – We don’t come across too many wooden pet beds, but they’re amongst some of the best dog beds for aggressive chewers. This particular one from Iconic Pet provides more of a structured sleeping area that blends in with the rest of your furniture. So, if your pup doesn’t chew on your tables or chairs, they might actually use this bed as a bed. The downside is the pricing, as it’s slightly higher than the other options on this list. However, if it works, it could last for years.

5. Kuranda Crate Bed – An Alternative Dog Bed for Excessive Chewers

What We Like:

  • Elevated crate bed
  • Holds up to 175 pounds
  • Aluminum frame and 40-ounce heavy-duty vinyl


  • Sizes: 28.5” x 18.5”  *  34” x 22”  *  41” x 27”  *  47” x 29”
  • Machine Washable: Yes – the cover is machine washable
  • Warranty: Wipe clean or use a hose
  • Shipping: Free shipping over $50

How about a combination of a crate and elevated dog bed for an excessive chewer?

Not only does Kuranda produce cot-style beds, but mini versions for crates. They look similar but are lower profile and made with heavy-vinyl stretched across an aluminum frame.

This particular scenario makes your pup’s crate so much more comfortable. Forget about blankets or pads that they can tear to shreds. Now you’ve got a setup that will discourage them from gnawing through their sleeping area, not to mention the rest of the house.

Bottom Line – Like the wooden model by Iconic Pet, Kuranda’s crate bed is a unique solution for dogs that prefer to chew than sleep on their beds. Most accessories for crates tend to be soft and snuggly to make them more comfortable. But you can get around the cloth alternative with this elevated crate bed that would be highly challenging to destroy even by the most determined fur babies.

Why do dogs chew their beds?

There are many reasons why dogs chew their beds, and it’s not necessarily because they’re trying to destroy them. Some pups are bored or playful and use them as chew toys. That’s especially true if the bed is cloth-covered and easy to grip. Anxiety in dogs sometimes manifests through chewing or biting, and, again, a bed is a soft target.

Sometimes you might think you need to address a chewing habit, but it ends up situational. For example, if you bring a new dog into your home, they could take out their nervousness on that plush new bed you just purchased. But, if you hold onto it for a few weeks, your newly acclimated pooch could appreciate a comfy new place to sleep (instead of eating.)

Is it practical to buy a dog bed for a chewer?

If your fur baby is an aggressive chewer, you might think twice about a dog bed. But pups appreciate a soft place to lay their heads, just like the rest of us. So, instead of discarding the idea, focus on the best dog beds for chewers. An elevated style or one with heavy-duty material can keep those holes and bite marks at bay.

What are the best puppy beds for chewers?

It’s challenging to find the best puppy beds regardless of breed or behavior. Not only do you want one that’s comforting and comfortable, but you’ve also got to consider a waterproof liner or cover for accidents that are bound to happen in the early days. A little puppy that gnaws and bites complicates the buying process even more.

Above all, though, safety is a priority. If your new fur baby finds a way past the cover, you don’t want them faced with enticing little foam parts and pieces. So, the best puppy beds for chewers are ones with heavy-duty, chew-resistant waterproof fabric and non-toxic mattresses instead of shredded filling. Donut-style, cuddlers, ovals, cups, and burrows are all excellent choices for puppies as long as they have the proper cover and inner pillow or mattress.

Are there tips to keep dogs from chewing their beds?

There are a few tips to keep dogs from chewing their beds, and none of them involve punishment. If your pup likes to gnaw, it’s not because they intend to do damage. Their behavior typically stems from playfulness, boredom, nervousness, or anxiety. So, the first thing you want to do is identify the cause and develop a solution.

For example, a nervous new dog might chew their bed in the first few days or weeks. But if you hold onto it until they’re comfortable in your home, it could be a different story. If you have a playful or bored pup that uses a bed as a chew toy, put it away during the day. Then, bring it out at bedtime when they’re more apt to sleep than play tug of war. Another idea for pups who like to play is buying chew toys to divert their attention to something easier to gnaw on or bite.

What’s the difference between a chew-resistant and chew-proof dog bed?

Chew-resistant dog beds are produced with heavy-duty fabrics, reinforced seams, and hidden zippers. They make it challenging for any dog to do damage, but it’s not impossible for the most determined. The chew-proof designation is reserved for specific models of dog beds. For example, elevated cots with canvas stretched tightly over metal frames are safe bets for chew-proof dog beds.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Chewers

Chew Resistant vs. Chew Proof – When you shop for dog beds for heavy chewers, you’ll come across different designations like chew resistant or chew proof. While we have doubts that anything is genuinely chew-proof for pups who don’t give up easily, it’s your best bet.

A chew-resistant bed makes it more challenging for your fur baby to damage with its heavier fabrics and sturdier filling. But a chew-proof dog bed takes it to the next level, removing any mattress or stuffing and using other materials like aluminum or wood.

Always Look for Non-Toxic – While we always recommend steering clear of dog beds that aren’t explicitly marketed as non-toxic, it’s even more crucial when you have a chewer on your hands. If they make their way through to the juicy middle of their bed, the last thing you want is for them to gnaw on chemicals.

A Photo Doesn’t Provide the Full Picture – It’s easy to shop for dog beds by design. But when materials matter, you can’t tell the thickness of the material or how solid the base is at a glance. So, we recommend relying on reviews like ours combined with customer feedback to ensure you’re buying the best dog bed for chewers – road tested.

Look for Calming Features – Biting and gnawing could be anxiety-related. So, it never hurts to make your fur baby’s sleeping area peaceful and calming. You’ve got options like a lavender-infused filling and warming mats. Even a comforting style like a donut bed or attached bolsters could go a long way toward soothing your nervous pup.