Best Washable Dog Beds

Pet parents know the struggle of keeping their furry friend’s bed clean. No matter how often you wash it, it never seems to stay clean for long. But, if you’re looking for a washable dog bed that gets and stays tidy, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve rounded up the best washable dog beds on the market. So, you can rest easy knowing your pup is snuggling up on a clean and comfortable mattress, and you’re not spending hours to keep it that way!

Pros and Cons of Washable Dog Beds


  • Easy to maintain
  • Typically come with removable and replaceable covers
  • Prevents fur accumulation
  • Limits dust mites and allergens in your home
  • Money-saving
  • Time-saving


  • Most require time for air drying
  • Mattresses and bolsters aren’t typically machine washable
  • Stains still require spot cleaning 

1. Brentwood Griffith Orthopedic – Washable with Liner

What We Like

  • Includes waterproof liner
  • No bolsters or crevices to accumulate dirt, fur, etc.
  • Replacement covers available


  • Sizes: 22” x 18”  *  34” x 24”  *  46” x 29”  *  54” x 35”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  Three-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

The Brentwood Griffith Orthopedic dog bed exemplifies how keeping things simple is sometimes best. It’s a mattress-style model with a dual-layered mattress using ortho and memory foams. Without bolsters or add-ons, there’s no place for dirt and fur to hide. And it’s made with furniture-grade fabric that stands up to wear and tear.

But the best part of this washable dog bed is the inner liner. You pop the easy-to-remove cover in the washing machine and while it’s returning to its former glory, wipe down the liner. The mattress stays pristine, and it’s like having a brand new bed every time.

Bottom Line – Aside from the air dry wait time, it couldn’t be easier to maintain the Brentwood Griffith pet bed. It’s a quality brand that’s also eco-friendly. So, if your pup struggles with allergies, the non-toxic materials won’t activate symptoms, and the easy clean-up will keep allergens at bay.

2. Serta Quilted Couch – Washable Cover and Bolsters

What We Like

  • Removable cover and washable bolsters
  • Orthopedic foam mattress and sidewalls for joint support
  • Good selection of sizes and colors


  • Sizes: 28” x 21”  *  38” x 27”  *  46” x 34”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  14-day return policy
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

You undoubtedly know the name and might be hesitant about the Serta brand if you’re looking for an affordable, washable dog bed. But, Serta pet beds are surprisingly inexpensive. You’ll pay a bit more than a generic dog bed that’ll last you little more than a few months, but nowhere near the cost of a typical premium brand.

But we’re diving into easy-to-clean dog beds, so the Serta Quilted Couch is a winner, winner in this category, too. We chose this particular model as one of the best because of its machine washable bolsters. 

When it’s laundry time, remove the cover and leave the mattress behind, but the pillows go into the machine as is, which is handy. Many bolsters are spot clean only, so we like this alternative, as it’s much easier to maintain.

Bottom Line – Not only do you get a washable dog bed, but Serta is a well-known brand with a reputation for quality. Like Brentwood, Serta is an eco-friendly brand with a CertiPUR certification. The only downside to the Quilted Couch is you lose inches from the sleeping area, as the dimensions include those three sidewalls. So, when in doubt, go up a size.

3. Nest Bedding Bolstered – One-Piece Machine Washable Dog Bed

What We Like

  • Handmade in the US
  • Eco-friendly brand
  • No zippers or removable parts


  • Sizes: 24” x 24” x 7”  *  29” x 29” x 8”  * 35” x 25” x 8”
  • Machine Washable: Entire bed is machine washable
  • Warranty: 30-night trial and two-year warranty
  • Shipping: Free shipping

Nest Bedding takes a departure with washable dog beds. Instead of machine washable covers, the entire thing goes into the drum. There aren’t any parts to remove. So you won’t find zippers or detachable cushions – just a super soft, high-profile bolster cuddler.

This is another eco-friendly brand, which is great for pups or pup parents with allergies. And, if you have a determined little fur baby who bites through to the juicy middle, they won’t find harmful toxins. 

Bottom Line – You’ll either love or hate this choice for washable pet beds. Some people like the convenience of popping the entire thing into the washing machine, especially if it’s the smallest-sized bed. And, if you have a heavy-duty washer that can handle it, it’s a great way to keep your dog bed clean (inside and out). But, one of Nest customers’ biggest asks is for removable covers.

4. K & H Products Crate Bed – Machine Washable with Odor Control

What We Like

  • Crate bed that doubles as a travel pad
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Charcoal-infused foam


  • Sizes: 22” x 14”  *  25” x 20”  *  31” x 21”  *  37” x 25”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

We’ve covered machine washable dog beds and covers. Now, we want to suggest another option that goes a step further. The K & H Products Crate Bed is multi-purpose. Yes, it’s ideal for crates and will make your fur baby so much more comfortable. But you can also use this one in the car or as a travel bed in general. Or, try it as a topper for your or your pup’s existing mattress.

Not only is this mini-mattress machine washable, but a microfleece outer layer covers charcoal-infused foam hiding inside. It’s designed to eliminate odors between washes. So, you’ve got an easy-to-clean option that’ll continue to smell fresh – which is a plus if you’re taking it on a road trip!

Bottom Line – K & H’s Crate Bed isn’t going to be your first choice if you’re looking for a sturdy, washable dog bed with heft. But it’s a great add-on option. If your little one sleeps on your bed, you can use it as a topper. Or, if you have a potty-training puppy, it’s a perfect crate mat.

How often should I wash my dog’s bed?

A doggy bed cleaning schedule varies based on your pup, the color of the bed (or cover), and how much you keep up with vacuuming and spot cleaning. Keep in mind, though, that the pet bed might look clean. However, regular machine washing takes care of dust mites, odors, and other things that might not be visible at a glance. The more you wash the cover, the longer the bed will last.

Are washable dog beds easy to disassemble and assemble?

A dog bed labeled as machine washable typically refers to the cover. A few brands, like Nest Bedding, produce fully washable pet beds. But for the most part, you’ll unzip the cover and remove the mattress or pad before you throw it in your machine. If you have bolsters, be sure to read the care instructions. Some bolsters have removable inserts, and some can go right in with the cover. Putting everything back together might take a bit longer, but it’s just a matter of getting the pads back into place.

Can I put a machine washable dog bed in the dryer?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of dog beds, and about 95% of the machine washable dog beds require line or air drying. One of the notable exceptions is the L.L.Bean brand. L.L.Bean’s dog beds are machine washable and machine dryable.

I have a machine washable pet bed cover, but how do I clean the mattress and bolsters?

Most dog bed mattresses and bolsters are spot-clean only unless the care instructions state otherwise. We always recommend waterproof liners, especially if you’re making a significant investment in a bed for your fur baby. When the cover is getting a good machine wash, you can easily wipe down the liner without worrying about damage to the mattress or foam – good as new.

Tips for Buying the Best Washable Dog Beds

Consider your dog’s habits first – Even with a washable dog bed or cover, if you’ve got an outdoor dog who tracks dirt or is rough on a bed, narrow your choices to darker colors. You’ll still need to wash the cover, but not as frequently. You might also consider a water-resistant option that wipes clean between machine washes. 

Simple mats are always easier to clean – A pillow or mat-style dog bed is much easier to maintain than a couch-style or cuddler. Simple mats don’t have crevices and folds that hold onto fur, dust mites, or anything else pups carry.

Look for a liner – One of our best shopping tips, even for washable dog beds, is looking for a waterproof liner model or buying one separately. The cover might clean up easily, but liquids and all kinds of stuff can make their way to the mattress.

Machine washable and dryable – Machine washable dog beds are handy because you can keep them clean. However, it can take at least a few hours on cleaning day, as most aren’t machine dryable. If you’re short of time or space for line drying, look at a brand like L.L.Bean. It’s one of the few that produces covers that can go in the dryer.