Best Dog Ramps and Stairs for Beds

There are many reasons why pet parents buy dog stairs or dog ramps for beds. Some find them handy because their pup gets older and has difficulty getting up onto their bed or other furniture. Others want to accommodate overweight dogs who are having a hard time maneuvering. And dog stairs for beds are also helpful for puppies just learning to jump and climb.

Regardless of why you’re shopping for the best dog ramps and stairs for beds, we’re here to help. While we’re usually busy recommending the best dog beds here at Restful Dog, we realize the best bed might be yours. So, we’re dedicating this post to dog ramps and stairs that’ll make bedtime enjoyable instead of stressful for your pet.

1. FurHaven – Steady Paws 3-Step and 4-Step Pet Stairs

What We Like

  • Choice of three neutral colors 
  • Three and four-step options
  • Soft stairs covered in plush material


  • Sizes:  Three-step = 22” high; Four-step = 29” high
  • Colors: Off-white, Gray, Brown
  • Warranty:  60 days
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

FurHaven’s Steady Paws line includes two models of dog stairs for beds. The smaller set is for lower profile beds and other furniture, and the taller will get your fur baby up on top of your pillow top set in no time. 

It’s a simple set of stairs that holds pets up to 50 pounds. The entire structure is covered in soft materials in your choice of three colors, so one is sure to match your décor. And, if you find the three-stair setup is still too tall for your fur baby, you can remove a step to customize it.

Bottom Line – You’ll find the FurHaven Steady Paws unit to be one of the more affordable options, even though it has a more luxurious look to it. The faux fur material not only feels nice to your pup’s paws but should steady them along the way.

2. Frisco – Collapsible Stairs and Storage

What We Like

  • It folds up for storage or portability
  • Storage space inside the step
  • Deeper steps – 15.5” x 11”


  • Size: Two-step model – 14.75” high
  • Colors: Light Gray
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

The Frisco Collapsible dog stairs for beds might not appear to be as solid as the FurHaven model, but they’ll hold up to 80 pounds. They’re also carpet-topped to keep dogs steady on their two-step trip to the top.

This particular option comes with a little something extra for you, as you can store a little blanket, some toys, or other smaller items right in the unit. Not only is the storage handy, but adding weight enhances the sturdiness.

Bottom Line – Like Steady Paws, Frisco’s collapsible dog stairs are an inexpensive option. They fold similar to a cardboard file box so that you can tuck them away under your bed at night. But the stylish light gray color and the hidden storage space might have you rethink that plan.

3. Precious Tails Four-Step Stairs

What We Like

  • Attractive plaid pattern
  • Removable cover
  • Water-resistant


  • Sizes: Four-step model – 16” high
  • Colors: black and white; red and white
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

The most lightweight of the bunch, the Precious Tails Four-Step dog stairs for beds, weighs just 5 pounds. It’s a foam model with a removable cover.

Precious Tails modeled its “stairway to bedtime” to have features that are more like a bed than stairs. It’s got a water-resistant cover that you can easily remove to machine wash, so it’s good as new. The stairs are a bit smaller, and this option is only suitable for small to medium breeds up to 30 pounds.

Bottom Line – We had to include the Precious Tails dog stairs as it’s one of the most attractive and easy-to-move models. With your choice of white and black or red and black plaid, it’s a stylish addition to your bedroom. The downside is that it’s only an option for smaller pups.

4. Pet Gear Easy Step Stairs

What We Like

  • One step ramp
  • Holds dogs up to 175 pounds
  • Rubber grippers at the bottom for stability


  • Size: 22” x 20” x 10”
  • Colors: Beige
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

A step? A ramp? Small dogs? Large dogs? The Pet Gear Easy Step Stairs says yes to everything. It’s got an initial 5” step rise, but then any pet has plenty of room to navigate their movements with 22” of step depth, leading to a 10” lift. 

The Easy Step dog stairs for beds is a much sturdier option than a set of stairs. It’s covered with carpet tread and has rubber grips at the bottom, so pups won’t feel uneasy about using it to propel themselves up to your bed.

Bottom Line – Pet Gear’s Easy Step Stairs is perfect for larger dogs, as it holds much more weight than most comparable models. However, it’s not the best for arthritis dogs with joint problems. There’s an initial 5” step and then just a 10” rise, which might be problematic for them. But for those fur babies who need just a little something extra, it’s a sturdy alternative that doubles as a dog ramp.

5. Royal Ramps Dog and Cat Ramp

What We Like

  • High-incline ramp
  • Industrial-grade foam and furniture-grade fabric
  • Washable cover


  • Size: 29” x 14” x 14”
  • Colors: Platinum, Charcoal
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Royal Ramps dog ramp for beds is one of the more expensive models, but it’s built to last. It’s a simple ramp that’s 14” wide and 29” deep, with a 14” rise. 

Like the Precious Tails dog stairs, this particular ramp has a removable cover of furniture-grade fabric. You can pop it in the washing machine whenever it needs a touch-up, and it’s good as new. 

Bottom Line – It doesn’t get much simpler than this particular dog ramp for beds. But it’s got some restrictions, as it’ll only hold up to 70 pounds and maxes out at the 14” lift. It’s a stylish ramp that’ll do the trick for most pups, and the removable cover is a huge selling point, especially if you opt for the Platinum color, which shows dirt.

How do I know if I need a dog ramp or stairs for the bed?

There are a few reasons why our furry friends benefit from a dog ramp or stairs if they’re hopping up in your bed. You might have a puppy who can’t jump yet or an aging dog with joint problems making it painful to climb or even jump down from your comfy mattress. Regardless of the reason, if your pup can’t get on or off the bed on their own, it’s a good idea to buy a dog ramp or dog stairs. Even if you don’t have a problem lifting them, it gives them freedom.

What are the benefits of having a dog ramp for bedtime?

The most obvious benefit of having a dog ramp for the bed is you won’t need to lift your fur baby onto the mattress when it’s lights out time. And, if you have a jumbo or even a large breed, it might not even be possible. Remember that a dog ramp gives pups peace of mind, too. They don’t need to rely on you if they need to hop down to get some water or stretch their legs.

Why are bed ramps and stairs helpful for young dogs?

Puppies can do a lot of things, but they’re not cats. While they’ll eventually have some lift to their jump, they need some training. Dog stairs for beds are ideal for the young ones, as it teaches them to take small leaps and also helps with coordination.

Any suggestions for a jumbo breed dog that needs a ramp for bed?

Yes. Like you, we’ve noticed that most dog ramps for beds have weight limits that won’t accommodate some of the largest and heavier breeds. We’ve included a suggestion for the Pet Gear Easy Step that’ll hold up to 175 pounds. But if you need something else and struggle to find a sturdy option, look for ramps for cars instead. They tend to be heavier duty, are foldable, and should do the trick.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Ramps and Stairs for Beds

Evaluate the Space – If you’re buying a dog ramp or stairs for your bedroom, make sure you’ve got the room to keep the unit in place. When space is limited, foldable or foam stairs are optimal. Foam is lightweight and easy to move, and foldable units can slip right under your bed during the day. 

Stairs Won’t Work for Every Pup – Larger dogs or breeds that are close to the ground need plenty of depth when you’re buying stairs for them. In those cases, you might find a ramp is easier for them to use. That also applies to aging pups with joint problems who find it painful to negotiate stairs.

Sturdiness is Key – Before you buy dog stairs or a ramp, be sure to look at the weight allowance. You can push the envelope by a few pounds here and there with dog beds. But you don’t want to take a chance with dog ramps or stairs.