Best Dog Beds for Labs

Labrador retrievers are a dog breed known for being gentle, affectionate, and excellent with children. They make great family pets, but their energy levels need to be kept in check. So, you’ll want to consider everything from exercise to food to beds. We’ll leave exercise and nutrition to you, but we’ve got you covered for when it’s time to rest.

We’ve compiled a list of the best dog beds for Labs, from rugged and outdoorsy, to a mini-me model of your mattress for snuggly orthopedic support. You’ll also find a few tips on how to find the right-sized dog beds for older Labs and the best for indoor-outdoor use.

1. FurHaven Contour Collection – Supportive Bolsters

What We Like:

  • Bolsters on opposite ends
  • Optional mattress liners and replacement parts
  • Choice of three mattress materials


    • Recommended Sizes: 24” x 36”  *  30” x 45”
    • Machine Washable: The cover is machine washable and can be machine-dried on low
    • Warranty: 60-day worry-free warranty
    • Shipping: Free shipping

    Pick a foam, any foam as FurHaven offers its Contour dog bed model in orthopedic, memory, or cooling gel. Any one of the three is beneficial for Labs, whether needing extra support or not.

    The FurHaven Contour is also designed for comfort with 6”-rise bolsters bookending a nice soft middle. Like the Casper model, you won’t have to deal with sagging or a lopsided bed, as it’ll hold up to even the biggest of Labs. You’ll find that FurHaven recommends a Jumbo for the breed. But if you have a relatively smaller pup, you can get away with a Large.

    Bottom Line – We recommend the FurHaven Contour dog bed for Labs of any size, weight, or health ailments. The pillows on opposite ends provide sleeping options. Plus, the plush Minky and velvet cover comes in four colors, and you can buy replacements. You can also add a mattress liner that makes clean-up much easier for aging pups who don’t always make it outside.

    2. Coolaroo – Elevated and Easy to Clean

    What We Like:

    • Elevated model
    • Canvas sleeping surface with tiny holes to keep Labs cool
    • Affordable option


    • Recommended Sizes: 31.5” x 43.5”
    • Machine Washable: No. Clean with a vacuum or hose
    • Warranty: Five-year fabric warranty on UV damage
    • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

    Instead of a thick mattress and pillows, Coolaroo beds look like little army cots. They’re constructed with high-density canvas stretched across a lightweight steel frame.

    Not only is the bed appealing to dogs with joint problems who benefit from a higher-profile bed, but it’s super easy to clean. Some dog beds are magnets for fur, but this one isn’t going to attract as much. Plus, it can be vacuumed and washed with a hose.

    Bottom Line – Even though it’s a departure from a soft and squishy surface, remember that some dogs prefer to sleep on the floor and don’t need foam to be comfy. This model provides elevation, so it’s easier to lay down, and tiny holes in the canvas allow for airflow and cooling that aging fur babies appreciate. It’s also an indoor-outdoor bed, ideal for backyard use or camping.

    3. Casper – Ideal for Labrador Pups

    What We Like:

    • Dual-purposed as a bed and digging/pawing area
    • Surrounding bolsters for security and comfort
    • Chew-resistant material and structure


    • Sizes:  26” x 19” x 6”  *  33” x 25” x 6”  *  45” x 35” x 7”
    • Machine Washable: The removable cover is machine washable
    • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
    • Shipping: Free shipping when you buy direct

    Casper takes a similar approach to dog beds for Labs as it does for people. The big selling point is Casper’s dual-layered mattress with polyurethane support foam and Visco elastic memory foam. The combination creates a super sturdy model that won’t sag.

    But another reason we recommended this bed for Labrador puppies is the unique feature above the mattress. Casper designed the cover with excess material, creating a pawing and digging area. It’ll keep your little Lab baby from using your furniture as scratch pads.

    Bottom Line – Even though you have to pay more for Casper dog beds, you might find it’s worth it in the long run, especially if you buy a size that’ll accommodate your full-grown pup. The company’s one model ticks the boxes for Labrador retrievers from newborns to aging fur babies. You get the pawing area for the little ones combined with a dual-layered orthopedic mattress for older Labs needing neck, hip, or leg support.

    4. K & H Pet Products Coolin’ Comfort Ortho – Water Cooled

    What We Like:

    • Water-cooled
    • Portable
    • Relief for arthritis and joint conditions


    • Recommended Size: 32” x 44”
    • Machine Washable: No – spot clean only
    • Warranty: Through Chewy
    • Shipping: Through Chewy

    We’ve covered some traditional dog beds for Labs. But K & H Pet Products is a bit of a departure with its Coolin’ Comfort Orthopedic Mat, an ideal alternative for your fur baby.

    Labrador retrievers are prone to hip and shoulder dysplasia and tend to run hot with their double layer of fur. So, you get a few twofers with this model, as it’s a cooling pad combined with orthopedic support. It also works as either a bed or a bed topper.

    You don’t need to plug it in or refrigerate anything. All you do is fill the compartment with water. The unit captures and releases your Lab’s body heat, keeping them consistently cool.

    Bottom Line – The K & H Pet Products Coolin’ Comfort Mat is multifunctional. You can take it on the road, position it in a crate, use it for a bed topper (maybe on the Coolaroo?), or designate it as the official dog bed. It’ll keep your fur baby supported and much more comfortable, regardless of age or size.

    What are the different types of dog beds for Labs?

    You’ll find that today’s dog beds for Labrador retrievers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They also offer accessories like bolsters, cooling pads, and waterproof liners. Some dog beds are covered in soft fabrics to sleep on, while others have raised sides that help keep the dog inside the bed and warm at night. Some of the best for Labs have memory foam or other orthopedic properties that can help tremendously with pain relief leading to more restful sleep.

    What are some of the best features to look for in a dog bed for my Labrador retriever?

    Many dog beds come with useful extras such as raised sides or a soft pillow to cushion your pup’s head. Most quality products also have removable covers that are easy to clean, perfect if your dog tends to drool or uses their bed for a dinner table. Dog beds for Labs should also be an ample size so your fur baby can stretch out and still have plenty of room. And, don’t forget about a quality orthopedic mattress, a must for older Labrador retrievers.

    How do I know what size dog bed to buy for my Lab?

    One size doesn’t fit all with dog beds, as you could potentially buy a medium, large, or jumbo for fully grown Labs, depending on the brand. So, we suggest taking a few measurements to make shopping easier. You’ll want to know your pup’s length from nose to tail and height from the floor to the top of the head. It also helps to know your dog’s approximate weight, especially if you’re buying an elevated bed with a steel frame.

    Should I buy a special dog bed for my Labrador puppy?

    If you’re making a significant investment with a quality dog bed for your Lab, we don’t suggest buying one for your puppy and replacing it whenever they grow out of it (unless you really want to!). Instead, shop for the dog your puppy will soon be and add some accessories like warming pads and extra pillows or bolsters.

    Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Labs

    Grab a Tape Measure – It’s not enough to shop by generic size alone, as one manufacturer’s large dog bed might be a medium in another brand. Also, factor in that Labs can range from 36” to 42” in length and weigh anywhere from 55 to 80 pounds or more.

    Consider Special Features –Whether you’re looking for a waterproof liner, bolsters for neck support, or height for a Lab with joint pain, the pet industry covers pretty much every scenario. So, make a list, and you’re sure to find a dog bed that ticks all of the boxes.

    Indoor? Outdoor? Both? – The retriever designation isn’t by accident, as Labrador retrievers were initially bred for duck hunting and fishing assistance. Later in the UK, the breed was trained for duck retrieval. So, it’s evident that Labs are just as much outdoor as indoor dogs. If you take yours camping or they spend time in the backyard, you might appreciate a combination dog bed that works anywhere.

    Orthopedic Support Helps at Any Age – Hip dysplasia, shoulder dysplasia, and canine elbow are the most prevalent conditions in aging Labs. So, before yours even gets to that point, they can benefit from an orthopedic mattress and accessories like side bolsters.