Best Dog Beds for Poodles

Low shed but high maintenance – you know ‘em, you love ‘em, and if you have one, you’re in the right place. That’s because we’re focusing on the best dog beds for poodles.

If you are a poodle parent, you know that this breed divides into three:

  1. Toy Poodle
  2. Miniature Poodle
  3. Standard Poodle

That designation is key when you’re shopping for the best pet bed. But, no worries, as we’re covering top picks regardless of whether you have a little 5 lb. fur baby who rests in a little ball or a 50 lbs. standard poodle who needs some orthopedic support.

1. Casper Dog Bed – Best for Calming

What We Like

  • Built-in pawing and digging area
  • Pressure-relieving memory and support foams
  • One of three sizes will accommodate any poodle


  • Size: 26” x 19”  *  33” x 25”  *  45” x 35”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

If you’ve been clicking around Restful Dog, you might have noticed that Casper dog beds pop up frequently. That’s because they’re designed for optimal sleep for most, except extra-large and jumbo breeds, and they’re built to last.

No, the Casper model isn’t one of the least expensive. But you’ll find it’s worth it for your standard poodle or even miniature and toy fur babies. It’s got a super-supportive mattress that bounces right back, low-profile bolsters that are excellent for neck support, and a special feature that’s a rare find. 

The cover is unique to Casper. It’s made with excess material on top that doubles as a pawing and digging area. So, if you have a pup who could use a little calming down before bed, you’ll love this feature.

Bottom Line – While even the smallest Casper dog bed will be a little oversized for your toy poodle, it shouldn’t be a big deal. You’re swapping the snugness for a built-in play area and low-profile bolsters surrounding the sleeping area on every side. Every poodle will have a good night’s sleep in this quality dog bed – you’ll want it for yourself!

2. Brentwood Runyon – Orthopedic Support for Standard Poodles

What We Like

  • Furniture-grade fabric
  • Double-layer authentic orthopedic mattress
  • Eco-friendly luxury brand


  • Sizes: 22” x 18”  *  34” x 24”  *  46” x 29”  *  54” x 35”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Three-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

Brentwood might not be as recognizable a brand as others like Casper and L.L.Bean. But it’s at the top of the list for pet parents looking for the best eco-friendly alternative. 

Not only does Brentwood produce two high-quality dog bed models, like the Runyon, but it designs them to be a part of the home. These pet beds resemble other pieces of living room furniture. The Runyon is a sofa-style dog bed with orthopedic support that’s particularly beneficial for standard poodles.

Features include a dual-layered mattress, waterproof mattress liner (which can be a lifesaver – or at least a bed saver!), and high back and graduated armrests. There are places for your pup to curl up into and rest their neck or legs. As poodles are prone to hip dysplasia, the support and options go a long way toward a better night’s (or day’s) sleep.

Bottom Line – As Brentwood focuses on eco-friendly materials, you can rest while your poodle does, as they’re not sleeping on toxic fill. But we also think the Brentwood Runyon is one of the best dog beds for standard poodles as the larger sizes provide plenty of room to roll around and get comfortable. And you’ll love how it looks – it might even be a mini version of your sofa!

3. FurHaven – Oval Dog Bed Orthopedic Plus for Miniature and Toy Poodles

What We Like

  • Affordable option
  • Plush material feels good on the skin
  • High sidewalls with a cutout for easy access


  • Sizes: 19” x 15”  *  23” x 18”  *  26” x 21”  *  30” x 27”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 60-day worry-free warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

FurHaven has one of the most expansive product lines, including all kinds of dog beds for poodles. But we like the Orthopedic Oval Dog Bed for toy and miniature poodles as it ticks all boxes.

This model is cozy with sidewalls providing security for even the tiniest fur babies. There’s a cutout in front for easy access to a plush faux fur sleeping area that feels good against the skin. But what’s hidden is just as comforting as this is an orthopedic model. The foam walls provide back and hip support, and the egg-crate orthopedic foam takes care of the rest.

Bottom Line – Poodles don’t need a diagnosis to benefit from a supportive orthopedic or orthopedic-style bed. And this FurHaven model is one of the more affordable you’ll find. So why not go all-in with support, security, and softness? It’s a good choice for standard poodles, too. But we really like this one for the little guys.

4. L.L.Bean – Plush Cuddler for All Poodles

What We Like

  • Shag material for burrowing and nesting
  • Donut shape cradles its user on all sides
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • Sizes:  23” x 23” x 7”  *  30” x 30” x 8”  *  36” x 36” x 9”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  100% one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Free

The FurHaven Oval dog bed provides a feeling of security from foam sidewalls. But the L.L.Bean Plush Cuddler takes it further by surrounding your fur baby in soft, shaggy fur in one of the best donut-style dog beds for poodles or any breed.

You’ll see that the three sizes will accommodate most, but toy and miniature poodles will feel calmed and secured by this type of bed. It’s filled with polyester fiber fill so that it won’t provide as much orthopedic support below. However, the design is still conducive to neck and joint support, and the structure is firm enough that you won’t get the sagging you can find in some other brands.

Bottom Line – Whenever we revisit the L.L.Bean Plush Cuddler, we wish it were people-sized, as it’s like sleeping on a cloud. It comes in gray and brown, so one of the two should blend with your décor. But, even if not, you won’t mind when you see your precious pup curl into a ball and drift off to slumberland.

Poodle Bed FAQs

What are the best types of dog beds for standard poodles?

Standard poodles are the largest of the breed but are still considered medium-sized dogs, so finding the ideal bed isn’t too challenging. However, standard poodles are prone to mild skin irritation and, as they age, hip dysplasia. So, the best dog beds for standard poodles feature orthopedic support and a softer cover that doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin.

Do toy poodles need special dog beds?

Sleeping options are seemingly endless as toy poodles can be in the 5 lb. range. Even if your tiny one has joint or muscle issues, it’s not difficult to find orthopedic mattresses and features like low-profile bolsters in various models. But toy poodles are like other pups in the breed and prefer being near people and feeling safe and secure. So, a quality donut bed with an orthopedic mattress is an excellent choice. 

What should I look for in a dog bed for a miniature poodle with a mild skin condition?

What’s inside counts as much as the outside when shopping for a pet bed for a miniature or other poodle with a skin condition. So, a nice, soft hypoallergenic cover is optimal as it feels good on the skin. But also buy from a brand that prioritizes safety with non-toxic materials for the mattress or fill.

Are there dog beds for poodles with hip dysplasia?

If your poodle suffers from hip dysplasia, an ailment common to the breed, getting comfortable can be tricky. So, when shopping for a new dog bed for your poodle, look for options like low-profile bolsters, an orthopedic mattress, and a cutout in the front for easy access. You might also consider some add-ons like a small blanket that bunches up for additional support.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Poodles

Toy, miniature, or standard poodle? – Poodles are far from being a one-size-fits-all breed, with toy poodles under 10” long and in the 4 to 6 lb. range up to standard poodles over 15”, weighing as much as 70 lbs. So, shop for your dog’s dimensions. But keep in mind that, regardless of size, you could be dealing with a mild skin condition or hip dysplasia – both common to poodles.

Focus on warm and cold environments – Poodles aren’t fond of extremes in either direction. They don’t like being too warm or too cold. So, a nice faux fur-lined pet bed is great for colder months but might be a bit much if you don’t keep your home cool enough in the summer.

Calming is key – The poodle is a breed known for companionship. If you already have one, you know your little fur baby tends to be near you as much as possible. So, instead of a flat mattress pad, poodles prefer dog beds with some security, like sofa-style, donut, or other models with bolsters.