L.L.Bean Dog Bed Review

Can you believe the iconic L.LBean brand has been around since 1911? It started as a one-room operation producing the “Maine Hunting Shoe,” Now, the well-known company has an expansive collection of clothing, footwear, bags, home goods, and, yes, pet products, too.

In our detailed L.LBean dog bed review, we’re introducing the entire line of dog beds. We’ve uncovered everything from a plush cuddler to a therapeutic couch. Many design options allow you to “build” the perfect-looking L.LBean dog bed. But will it hold up to fur, pawing, scratching, and everyday pup abuse? We’re about to tell you.

LL Bean Dog Bed


  • Eight different dog bed models
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Attractive muted colors (grays, khakis, and denim)
  • Availability of replacement inserts and covers
  • Free shipping over $50
  • High ratings and positive feedback from the majority of customers
  • Materials don’t hold onto the fur
  • Option for monogramming
  • Generous warranty and return policy


  • Mid to higher-priced dog beds
  • Only a few options for extra-large or jumbo dogs

We’ve listed the pricing as a con, but L.L.Bean dog beds are well-made and last for years. And, if the mattress or cover wears out after a few years, you can buy replacement parts instead of an entirely new bed.

L.L.Bean Review – Table of Contents


You can easily identify an L.L.Bean dog bed by the color palette and structured design. But some features are model-specific. For example, most of the beds feature polyfill. However, the ones labeled as therapeutic have pressure-relieving memory foam or a combination of supportive foam fills.

L.L.Bean features:

  • Heavyweight covers with yarn-dyed cotton denim
  • Hidden zippers
  • Machine washable and dryable covers
  • Muted colors that match any décor
  • Antimicrobial treatment for odor prevention
  • Removable bolsters
  • Available replacement covers and inserts
  • Optional monograms

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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My parents bought me the L.L.Bean oval bolster bed because they think it looks nice. But I don’t really care about that, as I just love the way it feels. It’s roomy and cozy at the same time. I’m just a little guy, so I can curl up on one end or stretch out in the middle. Ahhh, I love bedtime!

Overview of L.L.Bean Pet Beds

L.L.Bean takes a slightly different approach with its pet bed collection. Each of the eight models is labeled a “dog bed set.” That means you get the complete package, including cover, mattress, bolsters, etc.

But from there, you can mix and match with replacement covers and inserts. We’ve seen plenty of companies sell additional covers. However, it’s rare to come across the opportunity to purchase bolsters, protective liners, and memory foam inserts.

Sizes and Options

In the wonderful wide world of pet products these days, you’ll find quite a few specialty manufacturers. For example, Coolaroo produces cot-style elevated dog beds. Carhartt has a similar feel to L.L.Bean with its rugged reputation. But Carhatt dog beds are limited to one simple pillow style.

Even though L.L.Bean dog beds come in a standard color palette, the styles are all over the board. That means whether you have a small Maltese or a Black Lab, you can find something in the catalog that’s perfect for your pup.

Bed Styles

  • Plush Cuddler
  • Premium Cuddler
  • Oval Bolster
  • Round
  • Rectangular Premium Denim
  • Rectangular – Therapeutic
  • Dog Couch Premium
  • Dog Couch Therapeutic

Plush Cuddler

L.L.Bean’s version of a Plush Cuddler is a big, shaggy donut-looking bed, and it’s one of the least expensive products in the pet bed category. It looks like something that we’d want to jump into to be cozy and secure. So, imagine your little pup surrounded by soft fur from every angle.

The entire bed is polyester with polyester fiber stuffing. And, like other L.L.Bean dog beds, the fuzzy cover unzips for easy cleanup.

We love this option for puppies or smaller dogs who love to curl up when they sleep. But, the downside to this particular model is it’s not big enough to accommodate larger pups. Even the 36” large size is reduced significantly because of the circle of bolsters.

L.L.Bean Plush Cuddler

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 23” x 23” x 7”
  • Medium – 30” x 30” x 8”
  • Large – 36” x 36” x 9”

Surface: shag fur (100% polyester)

Colors: gray, khaki

Premium Cuddler Bolster

It might have “cuddler” in the name, but the Premium Cuddler Bolster model is quite different from the Plush Cuddler. This particular bed has a rectangular-type mattress with low-profile bolsters on three sides. It bears a closer resemblance to the dog couch than the big furry Plush Cuddler.

The Premium Cuddler Bolster is another cozy choice, but it’ll accommodate slightly larger dogs than the Plush option. You can see from the available sizes that it’s got some heft with 8” and 9” rises. Low-rise bolsters are on three sides. So, even if the inner sleeping area is slightly too small, the side pillows are perfect for neck or leg support.

We especially like the removable inner pillow (aka mattress). It’s double-sided, so you can switch up the look and go from more durable cotton twill to super soft fleece that might feel better to some fur babies. There are separate bed and pillow covers. Both unzip and are machine washable.

L.L.Bean Premium Cuddler Bolster Dog Bed

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 29” x 25” x 8” (inner 17” x 16”)
  • Medium – 41” x 34” x 9” (inner 28” x 24”)
  • Large – 48” x 38” x 9” (inner 35” x 28”)
  • Extra-Large – 54” x 42” x 9” (inner 40” x 30”)

Surface: soft fleece on one side and cotton twill on the other

Colors: platinum, burlap

Oval Bolster

If your heart was set on the Plush Cuddler, but your pup is a bit too big, then we think the Oval Bolster is a good choice. Although, we don’t want to build up your expectations too much if you have a larger breed, as it’s still an L.LBean dog bed that prioritizes small and medium pooches.

It’s sturdier than the cuddler and one of the more stylish beds you’ll come across for fur babies with its denim cover and Sherpa fleece top. Not a fan of fleece? Then, flip the middle mattress over, and you’ve got cotton twill, similar to the Premium Cuddler.

We highly recommend this model. It’ll look great in your home, is soft but sturdy in the middle, and surrounded by higher-profile bolsters that your pet will love.

L.L.Bean Oval Bolster Dog Bed

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 21.5” x 17.5” (inner 15” x 12”)
  • Medium – 20” x 26.5” (inner 20” x 14”)
  • Large – 27.5” x 36” (inner 28” x 20”)
  • Extra-Large – 31” x 41.5” (inner 31” x 22”)

Surface: denim and Sherpa fleece

Colors: platinum, burlap


We hate to simplify things too much, but L.LBean’s round dog bed is just super cute. It’s a big circular pillow that’s so stylish, especially when you opt for the dark blue denim color.

While the catalog initially appeared to neglect larger breeds with the little cuddlers and the oval option, the round bed tells pups over 90 pounds to lay down, roll around, and get comfortable. The extra-large round dog bed is 52” in diameter, and your big fur baby has plenty of room to stretch out – no scrunching into a ball required.

By the way, if you really want to go all-in, get the bed pup-personalized. You’ll call it super cute, too!

L.L.Bean Round Dog Bed

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 25” diameter
  • Medium – 36” diameter
  • Large – 44” diameter
  • Extra-Large – 52” diameter

Surface: 100% cotton twill denim

Colors: burlap, khaki, platinum, vintage indigo


The L.L.Bean rectangular dog bed is actually a line instead of a single product. That’s because the rectangular series isn’t just available in denim or fleece, but it introduces a therapeutic option that we’ll detail next.

As the name implies, the rectangular model is like a mini-me version of your mattress. It features a simple design with a cotton twill denim base, fleece top, and polyfill cushioning. The burlap and khaki covers have a plaid top that we like even more than the vintage indigo for this model.

And, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to pay more for such a basic bed that bears the L.L.Bean name, the answer is yes.

We couldn’t wait five, 10, or 15 years to publish this review, but long-time customers report that they’ve had this particular L.L.Bean dog bed that long, and it’s still going strong. It doesn’t show stains easily, but the cover is machine washable when needed. Plus, you can order replacement parts if you want to shake up the style or replace the mattress.

L.L.Bean Dog Bed Rectangular

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 25” x 20” x 3”
  • Medium – 36” x 28” x 4”
  • Large – 44” x 34” x 5”
  • Extra-Large – 52” x 42” x 6”

Surface: cotton twill denim and a polyester/acrylic Sherpa fleece top

Colors: khaki, burlap, vintage indigo, platinum

Rectangular – Therapeutic

Not only does the rectangular dog bed accommodate larger dogs, but the therapeutic version is ideal for pups with arthritis or other discomforts.

L.L.Bean’s therapeutic dog beds feature an open-cell memory foam mattress instead of polyfill cushioning or fiberfill. In addition to eliminating pressure points, the mattress benefits from an antimicrobial treatment that minimizes odors – and who doesn’t want that?

You’ll find that this particular model costs slightly more than the standard rectangular bed. But it’s not a significant difference. And, in our opinion, it never hurts to have an orthopedic mattress. It can be beneficial for all dog breeds and sizes.

TIP: If you have two smaller dogs, L.L.Bean suggests purchasing the Extra-Large bed, as it’ll accommodate both.

L.L.Bean Dog Bed Rectangular Therapeutic

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 25” x 20” x 3”
  • Medium – 36” x 28” x 4”
  • Large – 44” x 34” x 5”
  • Extra-Large – 52” x 42” x 6”

Surface: 100% cotton twill denim

Colors: khaki, burlap, vintage indigo, platinum

Dog Couch Premium

L.L.Bean’s dog couch is designed like the Premium Cuddler Bolster with those support bolsters on three out of four sides. However, it’s a bit more structured and supportive. While you can buy a therapeutic model with top-of-the-line orthopedic support, the Premium Dog Couch has a cushioned insert as well as fiberfill.

In addition to the support upgrade, the Premium Dog Couch looks like a small piece of furniture. So, you get style and substance. Plus, it’s got the blue denim option that we just love!

There’s a bit of assembly needed, but nothing you can’t handle. The good news is that both the bolsters and mattress are removable, so the cover can be machine washed without destroying the structure.

L.L.Bean Dog Couch Premium

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 25” x 20” x 7”
  • Medium – 36” x 28” x 9”
  • Large – 44” x 34” x 12”
  • Extra-Large – 52” x 42” x 13.5”

Surface: heavyweight 100% yarn-dyed cotton denim

Colors: burlap, khaki, platinum, vintage indigo

Dog Couch Therapeutic

Like the rectangular option, the dog couch comes with a therapeutic version that costs a bit more. We think it’s well worth it, though. L.L.Bean dog beds are known to last a long time, and they come with a generous warranty and return policy. So, a one-time investment in a good orthopedic bed for your fur baby could pay off, as they’ll sleep more comfortably and have a better quality of life.

The therapeutic dog couch is one of the all-around best L.L.Bean dog beds. It features a combination of lightweight, memory, and open-cell foam, so you get the proper support and temperature control.

Additionally, this model features the odor-prevention we previously mentioned through the antimicrobial treatment. You can also buy a protective liner that’ll keep the inner mattress clean (great for dogs with occasional incontinence).

LL Bean Dog Bed Therapeutic

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 25” x 20” x 7”
  • Medium – 36” x 28” x 9”
  • Large – 44” x 34” x 12”
  • Extra-Large – 52” x 42” x 13.5”

Surface: heavyweight 100% yarn-dyed cotton denim

Colors: burlap, khaki, platinum, vintage indigo

Cleaning and Durability

All you have to do is read through a few of the customer reviews, and you’ll be convinced about the durability of L.L.Bean dog beds. Some pet parents haven’t replaced their fur baby’s bed in a decade!

The vintage indigo color is great for hiding stains. However, the cleanup is incredibly easy. Not only are the covers machine washable, but you can pop them in the dryer instead of waiting a day for them to air dry.

Warranties and Policies

We give high marks for the denim dog beds, replacement parts, stylish colors, and easy-to-clean covers. But one of the best things we uncovered in our L.L.Bean dog bed review is the 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

The company accepts returns up to a year for full refunds. But, even after that, if there’s damage from a manufacturer’s defect, reach out to customer service, and they’ll make it right.


What’s the Average Price of an L.L.Bean Dog Bed?

L.L.Bean has eight models of pet beds, so pricing varies based on style and size. On average, though, you’ll pay about $129 or so. Replacement liners and covers are available for about half.

Are L.L.Bean Dog Beds Worth the Money?

Most L.L.Bean customers will affirm that the brand’s dog beds are well worth the relatively higher price. They’re durable, and the structure stays in place instead of sagging or getting lopsided like some other beds. Plus, you can buy replacement covers, inserts, and waterproof liners, so you’ll save money on follow-up purchases.

What Type or Types of Pet Beds Does L.L.Bean Sell?

The L.L.Bean catalog includes eight dog bed options, including cuddlers, couches, and oval bolsters for small and medium breeds. Plus, there are a variety of rectangular and round beds and therapeutic models ideal for larger or aging pups.

Do L.L.Bean Dog Beds Come With Removable Covers?

Yes. Every L.L.Bean dog bed features a removable cover. Even the dog couches have removable bolsters and pads so you can machine wash and dry the entire cover.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.