Best Dog Beds for Burrowers

Dachshunds and terriers aren’t the only dogs with the market cornered on burrowing. While they’re two of the top breeds for instinctually finding a snug place to sleep, other pups tunnel for security or to block out the sights and sounds around them.

Instead of you losing sleep because your fur baby’s so far under the blankets you wonder how he’s breathing, there’s a better alternative. Dog beds for burrowers are safer and more satisfying than a pile of blankets, so we’re introducing four of the best.

1. Nest Bedding – Bolstered Pet Bed

What We Like

  • A donut bed with a twist
  • Soft but still provides pressure point relief
  • Handmade to order


  • Sizes:  24” x 7”  *  29” x 8”  *  35” x 8”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  30-night trial and two-year warranty
  • Shipping: Free shipping

The Nest Bolstered Dog Bed for burrowers is like a big squishy donut that your pet can snuggle right up in and hide away from the world. This particular option is a round bed encircled with taller than average bolsters. It looks so soft that your pup could get lost in it, but there’s a hidden orthopedic-type mattress providing pressure point relief. 

In addition to the apparent benefits, Nest Bedding’s pet line is eco-friendly. The Bolstered Dog Bed is covered in 5 oz. cotton canvas, and you can pop the whole thing in the washing machine whenever it needs a refresh.

Bottom Line – Even though it comes in three sizes, the Nest Bedding Bolstered dog bed is designed for small to medium breeds, like those Dachshunds and Terriers who are known for burrowing. Nest Bedding is an eco-friendly brand, and each bed is handmade to order. So, you won’t have a next-day arrival, but your fur baby will think it’s worth the wait.

2. L.L.Bean – Plush Cuddler

What We Like

  • Soft shag fur cover
  • Donut-shaped with sidewalls
  • Most affordable in L.L.Bean collection


  • Sizes: 23” x 23” x 7”  *  30” x 30” x 8”  *  36” x 36” x 9”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 100% one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Free shipping over $50

The Nest Bedding Bolstered pet bed looks like a giant cotton ball. And while L.L.Bean’s Plush Cuddler has a similar shape, its shag fur cover takes it to the next level. Imagine laying down on the softest blanket you’ve ever seen, and that’s what this dog bed is like for pups and puppies. Their fur melts into the fur cover of this super comfy donut.

L.L.Bean gives you and your precious pooch the best of all worlds for burrowing. Dogs can curl up in the middle and forget about everything that’s going on around them. Plus, the cover is removable and machine washable, and L.L.Bean has one of the most generous warranties you’ll find in the pet products industry.

Bottom Line – We think that this L.L.Bean Plush Cuddler might be the all-around best dog bed for burrowers. It’s got that donut shape that provides pups with security from every angle. But the shag fur cover is really something for them to experience. It’s soft and has some depth so that they can bury their paws in the material.

3. FurHaven – Snuggery Burrow Dog Bed

What We Like

  • Roomy enough for large breeds
  • Three mattress options
  • Built-in blanket


  • Sizes: 18” x 3”  *  26” x 3”  *  35” x 3”  *  44” x 3”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 60-day worry-free warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

It’s right in the name, as FurHaven’s Snuggery Burrow dog bed is for burrowers. The Snuggery is a round mattress with a soft micro velvet cover, but that’s just the start.

This model is topped with a built-in blanket. However, it’s not just any blanket, as it’s attached by a plastic tube that lifts half of it off the mattress, creating an opening. That means it’s safer, as your pup (or maybe puppy?) won’t be stuck under heavy covers. Still, the topper provides plenty of space for them to snuggle under or hide their head.

Another benefit to this particular bed is the choice of mattresses. You get to customize your pup’s sleeping area with orthopedic, memory, or cooling gel foam.

Bottom Line – FurHaven’s Snuggery Burrow dog bed accommodates small to large breeds. With four sizes, up to 44” in diameter, burrowers like Huskies have a place to do their thing. We chose to highlight the micro velvet model because of the extra-large option. But FurHaven has some other Snuggery Burrow models in faux sheepskin and wave fur and velvet.

4. Precious Tails – Vegan Leather Deep Dish Covered Pet Bed

What We Like

  • Vegan leather and Sherpa combination
  • Cave-like structure
  • Up to 35” of interior space


  • Sizes: 18” x 18” x 5”  *  25” x 25” x 5”  *  35” x 35” x 5”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

It doesn’t get much more stylish than Precious Tails Vegan Leather Deep Dish covered pet bed. This unique option resembles Baby Yoda’s travel pod, but with a faux leather round base and half-moon cover. Its design allows your fur baby to peek out or snuggle up nice and cozy amid a sea of soft Sherpa fleece.

You could consider the Precious Tails option as an upscale little hideaway. It’s machine washable and comes in three sizes. 

Bottom Line – The Vegan Leather Deep Dish is an excellent dog bed for burrowers, and you’ll like the way it looks in your house. We like the faux fur interior as it adds to the coziness and will make your pet feel uber-secure and safe. The downside is that the size maxes out at 35”, so it’s not going to do the trick for extra-large fur babies, even ones that curl up when they sleep.

Why are some dogs known to burrow?

There are a few reasons why dogs tend to burrow. It’s instinctual in some breeds. Terriers, dachshunds, and huskies are three of the most well-known burrowers, and it’s been passed down from generation to generation. 

Huskies needed to take a deep dive into the snow to keep warm. Dachshunds and terriers were trained to go below ground to scare off critters who lived there. 

However, some of our fur babies just prefer to be under mounds of blankets or in small, safe spaces. They find security in the coziness or might be trying to block out noises or bright lights. 

What are the best types of dog beds for burrowers?

When you’re shopping for dog beds for burrowers, you can narrow the field by searching for cuddlers, snugglers, hideaways, and covered models. Some, but not all, donut-style beds also provide a place to sink into, so be sure to read reviews or look carefully at the images before you buy one.

Why are dog beds for burrowers better than blankets?

If you have a burrower on your hands, you’ve probably watched as they crawled under a blanket or two when given a chance. But large or heavy blankets can be dangerous, especially for puppies. So, you’re better off with a dog bed that provides a similar experience without the potential to get stuck. 

Many dog beds for burrowers come with attached blankets purposely lifted from the mattress by tubes. It’s a better scenario, as the opening stays intact, providing plenty of air flow, even if your pup goes in headfirst.

Are there dog beds for large breeds who burrow?

Pet providers tend to favor smaller dogs with specialized dog beds and other products. However, large, extra-large, and even jumbo breeds aren’t entirely left out when it comes to dog beds for burrowers. FurHaven is an excellent brand catering to pups in all shapes and sizes. It has an entire section of its catalog dedicated to the best hideaway and burrower dog beds. There’s definitely something for your Husky who burrows instinctually.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Burrowers

Narrow the Search by Model – When you’re searching for the best dog beds for burrowers, taking time to look at mattress or sofa-style beds isn’t going to help much. You want something that’s soft and squishy or has a cover. So, the best models to start with are hideaways, cuddlers, and covered.

Let the Dog Bed Do the Work – You’re buying a bed to take the place of mounds of blankets. So, we don’t suggest adding those blankets back onto a pet mattress. Instead, look for a model with a built-in blanket. It’s attached and safer for your best furry friend.

Joint Support is Still Possible  –  Today’s dog beds allow for mixing and matching of features. So, you don’t need to buy a soft-squishy dog bed for your little burrower if they need some orthopedic support, too. You can find plenty of bolster-style or covered options that also include a memory foam or orthopedic mattress.

Larger is Better – Yes, dog beds for burrowers should be cozy. But don’t take it too far, especially if it’s a covered-style model. Even if your fur baby likes to hide away, they still need some wiggle room to play.