Best Dog Beds for Allergies

Sneezing, scratching, redness, and even runny nose and eyes aren’t just symptoms of allergies. They’re symptoms of allergies in dogs, too.

But don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s their dog bed that’s causing discomfort. Yes, in some cases, materials in dog beds will prompt unwelcome reactions. But in many, the best dog beds for allergies can provide relief.

We don’t like to see any fur baby suffer, so we’ve put together a list of some excellent choices of beds for dogs with allergies. We’ve also got some shopping tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Your pup will feel comforted enough to sleep soundly in no time!

1. B&G Martin Cover – Linen Comfort

What We Like:

  • It fits over any B&G Martin mattress
  • One of the few linen options
  • Machine-washable 100% cotton


  • Sizes:  24” x 18”  *  34” x 26”  *  42” x 34”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

The B&G Martin linen option isn’t an actual dog bed for allergies. Instead, it’s a cover, but one of the few made with 100% cotton. It comes in three sizes and fits over any B&G Martin mattress-style dog bed. Or, if you already have a similar model, you can match up the size for a more affordable solution.

Covers come in red, gold, and two gingham prints, so they’re as stylish as functional.

Bottom Line – This B&G Martin linen cover is ideal for pets with skin-induced allergies. It’s a natural fabric that should feel soothing to the skin without prompting an adverse reaction. Plus, it’s like a fitted sheet with elastic on the corners, so it takes about five seconds to remove for frequent washing.

2. Coolaroo – UV, Flea, Mite, and Mold Resistant

What We Like:

  • No foam or filling
  • Elevated style
  • Indoor or outdoor use


  • Sizes:  25” x 21.5”  *  35” x 25.5”  *  43.5” x 31.5”  *  37” x 52”
  • Machine Washable: No – spot clean or use a hose
  • Warranty: One-year fabric warranty (UV degradation)
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

Coolaroo is a cot-style dog bed that ticks off several boxes for pups with allergies. It’s built with canvas stretched across an aluminum frame, providing 8” of lift from the ground. And, as it uses the same UV-protected material as Coolaroo’s window coverings, the bed won’t fade in the sun. That gives you options for indoor and outdoor use.

The simplicity of this dog bed stands as is but also accommodates accessories like cooling or heating mats.

Bottom Line – Coolaroo might be one of the all-around best dog beds for allergies, especially at a relatively low price. It doesn’t have an inner mattress, filling, or soft fabric that holds onto allergens. It’s raised from the floor to keep dust to a minimum. You can also wipe it clean with a damp cloth or hose it off, and it’s good as new.

3. FurHaven Deluxe Oxford Cooling Gel Indoor/Outdoor Bed

What We Like:

  • Available in sizes up to Jumbo Plus
  • Wipe the outer cover clean with a damp cloth
  • Cooling gel in the mattress


  • Sizes: 20” x 15”  *  30” x 20”  *  36” x 27”  *  44” x 35”  x 53” x 42”
  • Machine Washable: No – use a warm wet cloth to clean
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

FurHaven’s expansive line of pet products typically focuses on plush comfort with pretty much every model you can think of for your fur baby. But the company takes a detour with its Deluxe Oxford Cooling Gel option, and it’s an ideal dog bed for allergies.

The mattress is constructed with gel and orthopedic foam, so you get the cooling that feels so good on irritated skin, plus the support beneficial to all pups. But it’s the water-resistant, removable cover that’ll do the trick as a hypoallergenic dog bed alternative because it won’t hold on to those pesky little irritants that drive precious pooches crazy.

Bottom Line – There’s nothing over-the-top about this FurHaven model. It’s a simple rectangular mattress-type bed without bolsters or other bells and whistles. But the dual-layered mattress is structured and supportive, and the cover is slicker, so it won’t trap fur or dust. Additionally, it cleans up like a breeze – no washing machine needed!

4. Brentwood Griffith – Luxury and Comfort

What We Like:

  • Quilted cover with furniture-grade fabric
  • Eco-friendly brand
  • Waterproof mattress liner


  • Sizes: 22” x 18”  *  34” x 24”  *  46” x 29”  *  54’ x 35
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-day risk-free trial
  • Shipping: Free shipping and returns

The Griffith is another simple mattress-style bed, and it’s available in four sizes covering everything from small to jumbo breeds. We include it as one of the best dog beds for allergies because Brentwood is an eco-friendly luxury brand. That means the bed is made with natural fibers and non-toxic materials.

Another benefit of this particular model is the waterproof mattress liner. One of the problems with other dog beds featuring a mattress and cover is that your pup’s skin and other particles tend to migrate to the middle. But with the mattress liner, you’re keeping the inside pristine. So, when you wash the cover, you wipe down the liner, and everything is good as new.

Bottom Line – The Brentwood brand is one of the best for quality pet-friendly materials. So, if you’re shopping for a dog bed for allergies with a supportive mattress, the Griffith is ideal. It won’t repel fur or dust like some of the others. However, you can use a hand vacuum and pop the cover in the washer from time and time, and allergens go down the drain.

How do I know if my pup needs a dog bed for allergies?

Allergies in dogs manifest similarly to humans. So, if you notice excessive itching, sneezing, eye or nose discharge, scratching or licking a hotspot, any hair loss, or sleepiness, it’s wise to consult your vet. However, even with mild symptoms, you might want to consider a dog bed for allergies. A hypoallergenic dog bed might not eliminate the cause of your pup’s allergies but can reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Can a dog bed be the cause of allergies?

Yes. A dog bed can cause or worsen allergic reactions in one of two ways. Some pups are allergic to synthetic materials used in mattresses, filling, or covers. The bed itself isn’t always the problem, though. Instead, it could be what it’s attracting. For example, if your dog sheds skin and it seeps beneath the cover into the mattress or fill below, it becomes a feeding ground for dust mites.

What features should I look for in a hypoallergenic dog bed?

The best hypoallergenic beds are made with natural, non-toxic materials and are easy to keep clean. Natural fabric covers with memory foam mattresses are an excellent combination and even better if they include a waterproof inner liner. The extra layer of protection keeps microorganisms from setting up shop inside the bed itself. Another excellent alternative is a simple elevated cot-style bed with canvas stretched across a lightweight frame. Most are mite, flea, and mold-resistant. Plus, they keep pups off the floor and can be wiped or hosed off to keep clean.

Are there other tips for dog beds for allergy relief?

When you’re shopping for the best dog beds for allergies, an elevated model that doesn’t rest on the floor is ideal. But when you don’t have that option, sitting the bed on a hard floor instead of the carpet is best for pups with symptoms. The goal is to keep the bed as allergen-free as possible. That means paying attention to what your fur baby is sleeping with as well as on, and blankets, pillows, and dog toys might also be the allergy culprits.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Allergies

Consider Different Symptoms – Sometimes, dogs are allergic to their beds because of the cover or type of fill. But that’s not always the case, so you might be looking for an option that helps alleviate their reaction. Cooling or elevated beds are excellent choices. You might also consider the fabric on top. Is it soothing to the skin? For fur babies with severe itching or hotspots, a soft surface will help them sleep.

Materials Matter – We advise reviewing the label when buying a dog bed for allergies. You could have a nice cotton cover that’s hypoallergenic. But if it’s stretched over synthetic materials, it’s still problematic. One of the best features when staving off allergic reactions is a waterproof liner between the cover and mattress. It prevents microorganisms from working their way into the juicy middle!

Focus on Easy to Clean – If you have seasonal allergies and take a walk outside, you know that pollen can stick to your clothes and stick with you until you clean them. It’s the same principle with pet beds – the more you can clean it, the better.

Simpler is Better – The best dog beds for allergies aren’t covered with pillows, blankets, and decorative features. Look for hypoallergic dog beds with natural materials that don’t irritate the skin. We recommend sticking to a simple, comfortable sleeping space that you can easily keep clean, too, as that’s one of the best ways to avoid allergens.