Nest Bedding Dog Bed Review

It’s easy to see how Nest got its name with human mattresses named Sparrow, Owl, Robin, and Quail. But Nest Bedding Dog Beds are made for pups who like to curl up when they sleep.In our Nest Bedding Dog Bed review, we’ll fill you in on what makes this particular brand stand out and if it’s the best for your fur baby.

You’ll want to keep reading, as it’s the only manufacturer we cover that happens to have a “Nestologist” to answer specific questions about your dog’s sleeping needs.

Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed


  • Made to order
  • Eco-friendly
  • Two models
  • Handmade in the US
  • 30-day return policy and a two-year warranty
  • Moisture-resistant and heat dispersion
  • Mattresses up to 10” thick
  • Excellent customer service
  • Machine washable


  • Not suitable for large breed dogs
  • No covers included or available
  • Lack of inexpensive options

Nest refers to its pet line as luxury dog beds, and it’s easy to see why, even at first glance. These are well-made products with thick bases and quality materials (cotton, wool, and canvas).

The purchase process takes a bit longer than usual, though. So, if you’re in a hurry, Nest isn’t your best option. Every dog bed is handmade to order and takes about 2-3 weeks for completion and shipping.

What Dogs This Bed is Best For

Our Nest Bedding dog bed review revealed that two types of dogs are ideal users:

  1. Small breeds
  2. Pups that curl up when they sleep

The largest in the Nest bed collection is 35” long. That’s relatively substantial for the plain mattress model (aka the “Wool Bed”). However, the bolstered option has more limited space because of the padding.

So, Nest isn’t the best choice for large doggos, especially if they like to stretch out at bedtime. It’s also not optimal for chewers, as these beds won’t pose too much of a challenge, especially for those determined pups who really want to know what’s inside.

However, our boy, Scruff, and plenty of other smaller dogs provide rave reviews about the comfort level of both models. They’re well-cushioned and provide a snuggly cozy area to curl up for hours.

DOG BED Review – Table of Contents


Nest Bedding is an eco-friendly brand that focuses on quality craftsmanship over a wide variety of color and style options.

Nest dog bed features include:

  • Breathable canvas cotton fabric
  • Recycled plastic or polyester fill with no harmful chemicals or dyes
  • Moisture resistant exterior
  • Heat dissipation
  • Three sizes
  • Machine washable
  • CertiPur-US certified
  • Three color choices for the Wool dog bed
  • 6” to 10” thick cushions

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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I really don’t want to be bothered giving my feedback right now, as I’m about as comfy and cozy as I’ve ever been.

This Nest bolstered bed that my parents gave me makes me sooo happy! I’m surrounded by pillows that I can rest my head on to give my neck a break. But, mostly, I prefer to curl up in the middle as it’s like a big fluffy cotton ball.

Sizes and Options

We’ve reviewed seemingly countless dog beds. Some brands like Kirkland or FurHaven go crazy with style and color options, and others keep it simple. Nest is a manufacturer that prioritizes quality over quantity, so you’ve got your choice of two models, handmade to order.

  • Bolstered
  • Wool
Nest Bedding Bolstered Pet Bed

Nest Bolstered Dog Bed

You might recognize the Bolstered model as a donut bed. It’s round with a soft middle surrounded by a circular firmer pillow for pressure point relief. Whether you purchase from Nest or another company, these types of dog beds cater to smaller pups, especially ones that like to curl up and feel supported.


  • Small – 24” x 7”
  • Medium – 29” x 8”
  • Large – 35” x 8”


  • Off-white


  • 5 oz breathable cotton canvas
  • 100% green waste recycled plastic fill

It’s easy to see that this model is well constructed, but we found a few issues with the Bolstered option. The first is that it only comes in one color, which is off-white. Stylish? Yes. Hides dirt? No.

Even though it’s machine washable, it doesn’t have a removable cover. You have to pop the entire bed in the drum. While that’s not too tough for the smallest size, your machine might not be too happy with you if you stuff it full with a 35” wide bolstered dog bed.

On the one hand, many customers’ pups, including our Scruff, absolutely love this bed. But you have to weigh the pros and cons.

Nest Bedding dog bed, Nest Bedding wool dog bed, Nest pet beds

Wool Dog Bed

Scruff might disagree with us, but we prefer Nest’s Wool Dog Bed. It’s a mattress-style option that’s super-stylish, thick and comfortable, and a bit easier to keep clean.

The Nest Bedding Wool Dog Bed is available in three colors, and they represent the canvas base. Regardless of color, an off-white wool sleeping surface is on top (hence the name).

It might not be as cozy as the Bolstered style, but it’s still designed for comfort. We like that it’s got some heft to it. Instead of a 4” mattress, the small starts at 6”, and bigger pooches benefit from 10” of support.


  • Small – 24” x 18” x 6”
  • Medium – 28” x 23” x 8”
  • Large – 35” x 27” x 10”


  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Brown


  • Canvas and Wool
  • Recycled polyester fill

Nest’s Wool Dog Bed isn’t cheap, and it’s anywhere from $50 to $70 higher than the Bolstered model. But, again, it’s about the craftsmanship and materials.

Unfortunately, even though it’s machine washable, it also doesn’t have a removable cover. This one is easier to keep clean, though. You could buy or make something as it’s a simple rectangular mattress, and the base is dark, so it’s not going to show every little speck of dirt or stain.

Nest Bedding Dog Tent

This is a Nest dog bed review, but we have to take a slight detour and mention a unique product in the Nest pet products lineup.

In addition to the two dog bed options, Nest offers a Dog Tent, and it’s adorable. The tent is 42” high and 32” wide and can accommodate small and medium beds inside. But, you don’t even have to use it for sleeping as many pups will consider it as their hideout.

There’s got to be something to the Nest dog tent as it was sold out when we last checked. But with the popularity, it’s sure to be back in stock soon.

Cleaning and Durability

We won’t devote too much time to cleaning here as we touched on it along the way, but we want to stress that these beds don’t come with removable covers.

It’s a head-scratcher as to why Nest Bedding didn’t decide to add a cover or, at the very least, sell them separately. Many customers have written to the company asking for them, and it’s common sense with pet products.

Nest has top-notch customer service representatives who will answer cleaning questions. They stress that the beds are washable, but we’re not fans of overstuffing our machine, even with the small mattress.

Washing Instructions and a Drying Tip

If you’re ok with machine washing these beds, then simply spot clean them first and wash in cold water on the gentle cycle.

They have to air or hang dry, but Nest shares a little tip to keep them looking new – throw the bed in the dryer along with a few tennis balls and run on the no-heat setting. It’ll redistribute the filling so that you won’t end up with a sad, lopsided mattress for your precious little fur baby.

Warranties and Policies

We found that Nest has one of the best warranty and return policies compared to similar brands.

Not only do you have a two-year warranty that’ll cover you in case of manufacturer defects, but you’ve got a 30-day Nest Bedding return policy. So, if your pup doesn’t fit or just isn’t a fan, you can pack it back up and find something more suitable.


How Much Do Nest Bedding Dog Beds Cost?

Nest dog beds currently range from $69 to $219. The Wool Dog Bed is pricier than the Bolstered (donut) model, starting at $109.

Do Nest Dog Beds Come in Different Styles?

Yes. Nest Bedding offers two dog bed models. The Bolstered is a round, donut-style option, and the Wool is a rectangular mattress-style version.

How Do You Clean a Nest Bedding Dog Bed?

All Nest dog beds are machine washable. There’s no removable cover, so you put the entire bed in the washer and then air dry.

Why is Nest Considered an Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Provider?

Nest Bedding produces all of its beds without dyes or harmful chemicals. It’s CertiPur-US certified. The company uses recycled polyester or plastic filling, so you should feel confident that your pup will be safe, even if he’s a chewer.

Are Nest Bedding Dog Beds Worth the Money?

Nest dog beds can be pricier than other brands. However, the company stands out for three things: eco-friendly products, made-to-order and handmade in the US, and exceptional customer service. You can speak with a “Nestologist” before or after ordering, so you have an actual person answering your questions instead of waiting for an email reply.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.