MyPillow Dog Bed Review

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. We were reminded of that as we conducted our thorough MyPillow dog bed review along with our pup and resident professional dog bed tester, Scruff.

If you’ve taken a peek at the MyPillow dog bed and moved on, stick with us for a few minutes. You might think the bed is a bit too flat to do the job (we certainly did!). But Scruff and many of his furry friends disagree. So, we’ll reveal all of our findings, the good, the bad, and the comfy.

MyPillow Dog Bed


  • Attractive price point
  • Washable and dryable
  • Sizes to fit most dog breeds
  • Same patented interlocking fill as MyPillow’s pillow
  • Limited 10-year warranty
  • Seven color options
  • Reversible cover with two patterns


  • Not supportive enough for some older dogs
  • Zippers could be sturdier
  • Very low profile (2” to 4”)

The MyPillow bed is more like an oversized pillow for your pup. It’s flatter than most, but the interlocking fill turns it into a soft, cushiony sleeping area that most dogs will appreciate.

Just as looks can be deceiving, pricing can be as well. We found that regular pricing puts the largest size in the $100+ range. But the cost is typically half, as MyPillow has an ongoing promotion on its retail site.

5 of 5 Stars

What Dogs This Bed is Best For

The MyPillow dog bed has a simple mattress style, so it’s suitable for most of our best furry friends. It comes in three sizes, and the largest is nearly 4’ long. That means there’s plenty of room for any pup to stretch out and relax.

If your little one sleeps or travels in a crate, you might find that the MyPillow dog bed can double as a crate mat. Because it’s low profile and comes in three sizes, you should find one that fits perfectly and creates a cozier atmosphere.

We wouldn’t recommend this particular bed for older dogs, though, unless they’re used to sleeping on the floor. Just like us, as dogs age, they benefit from more support. So, you’re better off with an orthopedic-type or raised bed if your fur baby has joint problems or hip dysplasia.

MyPillow Dog Bed Review – Table of Contents


Even though there’s only one simple style of MyPillow dog bed, it has quite a few features that you’ll appreciate.

  • Removable outer cover
  • Reversible cover design
  • Seven color options
  • Both the cover and inner bed are washable and dryable
  • Patented interlocking fill
  • Zipper on the side (to avoid floor scratches)
  • Three sizes
  • A 10-year limited warranty

While the design options might be first to catch your eye, it’s the care and maintenance that’ll seal the deal. It’s common for dog beds to have washable removable covers, but very few can go in the dryer. And, on top of that, the inner pad is also washable, which is handy if you have an accident-prone pup.

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

Scruff on MyPillow Dog Bed

My Mom and Dad keep me busy trying out dozens of beds. But I thought they were crazy when they showed me this one. It was all rolled up in a small bag. When they opened it, it was only a few inches tall (yes, I know all about measurements!).

But, everything changed when I gave it a try. Wow, it was so super comfortable that I didn’t even want to get up for my treat!

My favorite beds have pillows that surround me on all sides. But I didn’t even care in this case because I felt like I was lying on a cloud.

5 of 5 Stars

Sizes and Options

This bed comes in seven color patterns. One side is plaid, and the other has a cute pawprint design.

MyPillow Dog Bed Color Options

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Tan

Three MyPillow Dog Bed Sizes

It’s not too tricky to figure out the right size to buy for your fur baby, even if he is nearly 4’ long! As this is a mattress-style bed, you don’t have to factor in bolsters or unique shapes that take away from the sleeping area.

Option 1: Small – 18” x 24” with a 2” gusset

Option 2: Medium – 24” x 36” with a 3” gusset

Option 3: Large – 34” x 45” with a 4” gusset

Regardless of size, you can pick from all seven colors, and they don’t seem to go out of stock very often.

MyPillow Dog Bed

Cleaning and Durability

We think the dimensions of this particular dog bed make it more ideal for a crate mat. Even though it’s still comfortable, it’s relatively thin, and the zipper isn’t as durable as the fabric. So, you don’t want your pup to be throwing the mattress around and giving it a beating.


Scruff takes good care of his corner of the world. So, he didn’t test the limits of the MyPillow dog bed. However, quite a few customers with large dogs praised the fabric but were critical of the zipper (as we are).

On the one hand, it doesn’t have a cover to protect it from your dog or the floor. But, again, it’s positioned on the side, so damage to your home isn’t likely. But where we had the issue is in the sturdiness of it.

Unlike most premium dog beds, MyPillow doesn’t use heavy-duty, extra-wide zippers. So, that’s the one downside if your pup is going to test the limits of this one.

Chew and Water Resistance

The cute double-pattern fabric used is water and chew-resistant and seems to hold up well. It’s not entirely chew-proof. But unless your doggo is known for their chewing prowess, you should be OK with this particular dog bed.

High Marks for Cleaning

Keeping the MyPillow dog bed clean is one of the most appealing selling points. Yes, you can typically pull the cover off most beds, wash it in cold, and then air dry. But MyPillow goes two steps further:

  1. Both the cover and mattress are washable.
  2. The two pieces are also machine dryable.

Cleaning instructions are the same as for the pillows sold by this distributor. You can wash with cold or warm water and dry on high heat. Just be sure to avoid fabric softener in both steps.

Warranties and Policies

Like other dog bed providers, MyPillow isn’t going to send you a replacement if your dog eats their mattress for lunch. However, it does offer a 10-year limited warranty on “material defects or workmanship.”

If you run into a problem with ripped seams or that stubborn zipper, you can exchange the bed for another. MyPillow will even pick up the shipping costs in both directions.


The MyPillow website is similar to other “seen on TV” types of products. It’s not the most attractive, and there are plenty more selling options. So, be prepared for a lengthier than usual purchase process.

To take advantage of the 50% off pricing, you’ll need to enter the code provided on the site. Then, you’ll come across various upsell opportunities before you eventually hit the final purchase button. Stay the course, and you’ll navigate the MyPillow waters, ending up with a reasonable price and dog bed (or crate mat) that your pup should appreciate.


Does the MyPillow Dog Bed come in different colors and sizes?

Yes. Even though there’s only one bed style, it’s available in seven colors and three sizes. You’ll find that the largest accommodates dogs up to 45”. And, those colors translate to reversible plaid and dog paw patterns.

How much do MyPillow dog beds cost?

The pricing for MyPillow dog beds is somewhat deceiving. The official website displays a range of approximately $40 to $140. However, it also provides a coupon code for 50% off. So, if you have a small breed, it’ll only cost you $19.99 – just don’t forget to input the code.

Do MyPillow dog beds come with a warranty?

MyPillow provides a 10-year limited warranty. That means you’re covered for any manufacturer defects. You can make arrangements to exchange your dog bed for another, and you won’t have to pay shipping costs in either direction.

Is the MyPillow dog bed easy to clean?

One of the best features of the MyPillow dog bed is that it’s one of the easiest to clean. Not only can you machine wash the removable cover, but you can throw the patented interlocking fill in with it. Then, instead of waiting for both pieces to air dryer for hours, they’re machine dryable, too.

What are the best selling points of the MyPillow dog bed?

The best selling points of the MyPillow dog bed are price, easy cleaning, and it can double as a crate mat. You’ll find that MyPillow cuts the advertised prices in half as long as you input the provided coupon code. So, if you see a regular price of $79.98, you’re most likely paying $39.99. The entire bed (mattress and cover) is also machine washable and dryable. Because they’re flatter mattresses, they’re perfect for crate use.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.