Best Dog Beds for Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls aren’t just one breed of dog. The term covers a variety from American Pit Bull Terriers to the American Bully and nearly 20 other combinations. So, when shopping for the best dog beds for pit bulls, you won’t get a one-size-fits-all answer.

Your full-grown pup is either medium or large and somewhere in the 17” to 19” and 30 to 90 pounds range, so you can see that some size customization is in order. However, a few of the features are consistent. Pit bulls tend to develop bone disorders like hip dysplasia. So if your fur baby is getting older, you’ll focus on orthopedic models. Another common trait is the need to keep warm, addressed with the proper bed and accessories, like those we recommend.

1. Koolaburra By UGG – Faux Suede Sherpa Oval Bolster

What We Like:

  • Bolsters for neck and joint support
  • Faux fur-lined sleeping area for warmth
  • Combination of memory foam and polyfill


  • Sizes:  23” x 23” x 7”  *  30” x 30” x 9”  *  36” x 36” x 9”
  • Machine Washable: No – spot clean only
  • Warranty: 180-day return policy (through Kohl’s)
  • Shipping: Free shipping over $49 (through Kohl’s)

UGG dog beds are now under the Koolaburra by UGG branding. The primary difference is the mattress. While UGG offered authentic orthopedic mattresses, Koolaburra opts for the memory foam and poly blend fill. It’s still a supportive sleeping area, just a notch under the orthopedic label.

The Faux Suede Sherpa Oval Bolster comes in three sizes with bolsters surrounding the bed except for a cutout in front, making it easier for pit bulls to climb inside – especially our short-legged friends. All Koolaburra by UGG dog beds are certified non-toxic. So, you might not be pleased if your unpredictable fur baby makes his way through the faux suede or fur fabric. But at least that yummy foam filling is safe.

Bottom Line – The Koolaburra by UGG oval bolster-style dog bed is ideal for pit bulls with its faux Sherpa lining. It’ll keep them warm through the night. Additionally, they’re supported by the relatively thick foam mattress and surrounding bolsters. It’s also a plus for you that it’s a stylish option. The chestnut color suede with off-white fur lining provides that familiar UGG design that’ll match your décor.

2. Snoozer Pet Products – Cozy Cave Covered Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Built-in cover/blanket
  • Plenty of room for pit bulls of all sizes
  • Warm Sherpa lining


  • Sizes: 30” x 20” x 7”  *  35” x 25” x 7”  *  40” x 30” x 7”  *  50” x 32” x 7”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

The Cozy Cave by Snoozer ticks all the boxes as one of the best dog beds for pit bulls except one – it’s not an orthopedic dog bed. However, it does feature an egg crate-style mattress that should be supportive for most.

As pit bulls like to be warm and cozy at night, you’ll appreciate that this model has a built-in blanket that doubles as a mini-roof. An opening is created by plastic tubing so your pup can get in and out without fuss. 

A removable cover is labeled machine wash and dry, so you can keep it nice and clean. And another feature that’s more for you than your fur baby is a mattress liner filled with cedar for odor prevention. 

Bottom Line – If you’ve got a pit bull who likes to snuggle under a blanket, the Cozy Cave might be the perfect choice for your next dog bed. The cover creates a built-in blanket, and the Sherpa lining feels good on the skin and keeps things warm and cozy. We don’t suggest this particular model for older pit bulls, though. They benefit more from orthopedic features like bolsters and double-layer mattresses.

3. Brentwood – Runyon Sofa Bed

What We Like:

  • Luxury orthopedic brand
  • Layers of memory and orthopedic foam
  • Waterproof liner


  • Sizes: 22” x 18”  *  34” x 24”  *  46” x 29”  *  54” x 35”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Three-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free

Brentwood’s Runyon is an orthopedic, sofa-style dog bed ideal for pit bulls suffering from hip dysplasia or other bone and joint issues. It looks like a mini replica of what you might find in your own living room with upholstery-grade fabric, a high back, and graduated armrests.

Sofa types are some of the best dog beds for pit bulls as they’re low profile, easy to get into, and they can snuggle up against the back or into the corners. The Brentwood Runyon goes the extra mile as an authentic orthopedic model. Your pup will benefit from a double-layer mattress – orthopedic and memory foam.

The Brentwood brand is a bit pricier than most, but it’s an eco-friendly brand that uses quality materials. So, you shouldn’t have to go dog bed shopping again for several years.

Bottom Line – Brentwood’s double-layer mattress provides the joint support and comfort that, again, pit bulls tend to need. We also like that a waterproof inner liner is part of the package. So, if there are any little oopsies, you can wash the cover, wipe the liner down, and no one will ever know.

4. L.L.Bean – Rectangular Therapeutic Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Antimicrobial treatment keeps the odors at bay
  • Covers and machine washable and dryable
  • Open-cell memory foam mattress


  • Sizes: 25” x 20” x 3”  *  36” x 28” x 4”  *  44” x 34” x 5”  *  52” x 42” x 6”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 100% one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Free over $50

Like the Brentwood Runyon, L.L.Bean’s Rectangular Therapeutic dog bed is an ideal choice for pit bulls suffering from pain or discomfort. An open-cell memory foam mattress absorbs the stress on the joints and then bounces right back after use.

L.L.Bean also considers the other residents in the home with an antimicrobial treatment on all of its mattresses. It minimizes odors and can extend the life of the bed.

The Rectangular Therapeutic comes in four sizes that’ll surely accommodate even pit bulls on the larger side. Do you have two pit bulls? L.L.Bean recommends buying one Extra-Large, as it’ll accommodate both.

Bottom Line – Not only does this L.L.Bean dog bed feature a quality mattress, but it’s a stylish option. This one comes in 100% cotton twill denim that you don’t come across often. And you can even get it personalized!

What are the best types of dog beds for pit bulls?

Depending on your pup, you have quite a few options regarding dog beds for pit bulls. They’re typically medium or large, so it’s not challenging to find something you like in all price ranges. Some of the best dog beds for pit bulls include bolster-style, sofa-style, orthopedic, and plain mattress-type beds with some heft.

Do pit bulls need orthopedic dog beds?

Not all pit bulls need orthopedic dog beds. However, these dog breeds are prone to bone disorders and ailments like hip dysplasia and kneecap dislocation. So, it’s helpful to have an authentic orthopedic mattress or one with some memory foam for joint support.

What are some of the best features to look for in a dog bed for a pit bull?

When shopping for dog beds for pit bulls, a few things should be on your list – material, mattress, and height. Pit bulls have shorter coats, making them more susceptible to skin allergies and problems. So, beds with soft covers, like Sherpa, are ideal. Not all pit bulls need an orthopedic mattress. However, we recommend a quality pad that won’t sag or bunch up, as you want it to provide enough support through the night. A third thing to remember is that pit bulls tend to have shorter legs, so low-profile dog beds are preferred.

Do pit bulls like to sleep warm or cold?

Pit bulls don’t tolerate the cold very well, and many like to snuggle under blankets. So, when shopping for a dog bed, consider models with bolsters and fur lining to generate some warmth. Other models ideal for pit bulls have built-in covers that double as blankets.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Pit Bulls

Material Matters – With their shorter coats, pit bulls are prone to having allergies or other skin conditions. So, it’s more comfortable for them to snuggle up against material like Sherpa or a soft fabric.

Medium or Large – Pit bulls are in the 17” to 19” range and can be anywhere from 30 to 90 pounds, so they typically fall into the medium or large category, depending on the brand. If you have a shorter but heavier dog, consider sizing up because larger-sized beds tend to have thicker mattresses.

Low Profile – Elevated dog beds aren’t usually the best for pit bulls with their shorter legs and stockier build. Low-profile sofa beds are excellent choices, as are bolster beds with a cutout.

Passive or Aggressive? – Every pup has a different temperament. But if you have a more aggressive pit bull, pay specific attention to the fabric when shopping for a dog bed. It’s tough to find a genuine “chew-proof” model, so look for a “chew-resistant” designation.