Casper Dog Bed Review

You might have one of Casper’s Nova or Wave Hybrid mattresses in your room right now. But you might now be aware that the same team behind its 4D sleep technology created a Casper dog bed that claims to be dog tested and approved.

Is it really, though?

Well, we gathered up our team, including our resident expert, Scruff, to see if it really is worthy of the four-legged approval. Not only are we sharing Scruff’s findings, but revealing a unique feature of the Casper dog bed that might be a pleasant surprise for your pup.

Casper Dog Bed


  • Raised edge all the way around for support and security
  • Holds up to scratching and biting
  • Stylish and offered in three muted color options
  • Excess material on top doubles as a durable digging or pawing area


  • One-year Limited Dog Bed Warranty
  • Not a cooling bed

One of Scruff’s favorite features of the Casper Dog Bed is the bolsters on every side. He can move around and rest his head wherever he lands. Plus, those side pillows create a cozier environment for smaller dogs like Scruff.

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What Dogs This Bed is Best For

When you read through our Casper dog bed review, you’ll see that it provides ideal sleeping for most dogs. It comes in three sizes and accommodates pups up to 90 lbs.

Because of its double-layer mattress, you’ll find that the Casper bed is one of the better ones for dogs with joint issues or appreciate that extra support. It’s a sturdy foundation and isn’t going to sag after a few days or even a few months.

But we think one of the most unexpected features of this particular dog bed is its design. Not only does it have bolsters on all four sides, but a unique surface area. We mentioned a surprise in store for your fur-baby, and it’s the double-duty cover and pawing area.

Casper designed its dog bed with excess material on top. The surface resembles loose earth and is a fun distraction for pups who like to paw and dig. So, while some dogs can destroy their mattress with their scratching and digging, Casper encourages it. We had Scruff dog-test the feature, giving it his all, and you can’t even tell!

Casper Dog Bed Review – Table of Contents


Casper doesn’t go all out with dog bed variations as it does with its standard line of mattresses. There’s one model that comes in three sizes and three colors. So, while the overall design remains, there are a few customizations.

Standard features include:

  • Double-layer CentiPUR®-certified foam mattress
  • Bolsters on all four sides
  • Removable, washable nylon cover
  • Sewn-in pockets to hide the zippers*
  • Water-resistant
  • The innovative cover resembles loose earth for dogs who paw and scratch

*The zippers are so well-hidden you can make a game out of finding them!

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

Casper Bed with Scruff

I’ve said it once, but I’ll repeat it. I love a bed with lots of pillows, and they surround this one. Not only do I feel safe and secure, but I get to roll around and rest my head wherever I want.

It’s also nice and comfy every time I lay down. It’s not too hard and not too soft; the mattress is just right for me.

My other favorite thing about this bed is that I can sleep on it and play on it. I love to dig around the top. It’s like being outside in the dirt. But I still can’t find a good secret hiding place for my treats! I give it five out of five paws.

4 of 5 Stars

Sizes and Options

Similar to our Twin, Queen, and King choices, Casper offers three sizes of dog beds.

  • Option 1: Up to 30 lbs (26” x 19” x 6”)
  • Option 2: Up to 60 lbs (33” x 25” x 6”)
  • Option 3: Up to 90 lbs (45” x 35” x 7”)

We recommend considering the dimensions as well as the weight, though. Keep in mind that Casper dog beds have bolsters on all four sizes. Those side pillows can account for as much as 10” of the overall length.

In addition to the trio of sizes, these beds come in three color selections. And, if you’re concerned about how your dog’s bed fits into your décor, these design options could be enough to sell you on Casper.

These particular dog beds are some of the most stylish you’ll find. The covers come in muted colors of blue, sand, or gray.

Casper Dog Bed, best dog beds

Cleaning and Durability

Scruff might not be too concerned with cleaning and durability, as he’s all about comfort. But, aside from safe, non-toxic materials, we prioritize a bed that stands up to wear and tear with a quality cover that’s easy to clean.

We found that Casper ticks both of our priority boxes, as its dog beds are CertiPUR® certified. That means our precious pups won’t be chewing on formaldehyde. And, yes, believe it or not, some dog beds still contain toxic materials.

Support and Stability

If you have a Casper bed yourself, or you’ve shopped for one, you might know that it’s a company that prides itself on its 4D technology. The mattresses have layers of supporting and cooling materials to get the job done, whether you prefer firm or soft.

Casper dog beds have a similar structure with two layers: Visco elastic memory foam and polyurethane support foam. The combination is ideal for dogs needing a stronger foundation. We’ve noticed that the mattress springs back to life and doesn’t sag in the middle. So, Casper shines when it comes to durability.

Warranties and Policies

When you purchase a Casper dog bed, you’re investing. And, the one downside to this brand is its warranty.

The Limited Dog Bed Warranty isn’t like Casper’s 100-night risk-free trial accompanied by a 10-year warranty for its human collection. It’s only good for one year and doesn’t cover much beyond faulty manufacturing. That means you’re out of luck with regular wear and tear or comfort issues.

However, there’s some good news, as these are quality beds, and in our experience and considering other customers’ feedback, we haven’t come across any significant issues. One of the best things about the Casper dog bed is that it’s designed for your pup to dig and paw at the surface. That means, unless you’ve got a massive and very determined dog, you won’t see rips or tears.


Suppose you do end up with a defective bed or cover, though. In that case, Casper’s limited warranty covers replacement as long as you have the original receipt and you purchased it at an authorized retailer.

When you see the Casper dog bed first-hand, though, you’ll see why returns are infrequent. It’s well-made and bounces right back from scratching, digging, pawing, and pretty much any abuse your dog gives it. Plus, you can rip off the cover and wash it as much as you want, and it’s like having a new bed every time.


Are there different styles of the Casper dog bed?

No. While the Casper dog bed comes in three sizes and three colors, there’s only one model. It’s a double-layer mattress surrounded by side pillows.

How much do Casper dog beds cost?

The price of Casper dog beds ranges from $139 to $249, depending on the size. We have noticed that Casper runs pop-up sales from time to time, though, taking 10% off regular pricing.

Is it easy to clean a Casper dog bed?

You’ll find that cleaning is a breeze with its innovative nylon cover. The cover is machine washable and, if you run across any stubborn spots, an enzymatic treatment should do the trick.

Do Casper dog beds come with a warranty?

You won’t receive the same warranty as with the standard line of mattresses. However, Casper does offer a one-year Limited dog bed warranty good for a replacement if you find a manufacturer defect.

What are the best selling points of the Casper dog bed?

There are benefits to the Casper dog bed for both the user and the owner. Dogs appreciate the supportive mattress that won’t sag, the bolsters surrounding the entire bed, and the excess materials in the cover, providing them with a place to paw and dig. For owners, this is a bed that’ll stand the test of time. It’s highly durable and easy to clean. Sewn-in pockets hide the zippers, keeping your floors scratch-free. Plus, it’s one of the more stylish dog beds with three modern color choices.

Is there anything else I should know about the Casper dog bed?

Aside from everything we’ve covered in our Casper dog bed review, you might want to know that Casper offers free shipping in the US and Canada. It’s a “Made in the USA” product and is CentiPUR® certified, so it’s non-toxic and safe for your fur-baby (even your 90-lb baby!). Some minor assembly is required.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.