PoochPlanet Dog Bed Review

Our PoochPlanet dog bed review covers everything that the brand represents and offers. However, we’ll start with the one thing it’s not – a one-size-fits-all pet provider.

PoochPlanet doesn’t stick to one signature model like Casper, Carhartt, or Coolaroo. There are plenty of product possibilities. So, you’re about to discover the brand’s pros and cons, special features, color options, and how to pick the best PoochPlanet dog bed for your pup.

Oh, and we’ll also guide you to various retailers as PoochPlanet sells out quickly and isn’t the easiest brand to find. It’s all here, so keep reading.

PoochPlanet LuxeLounge dogbed


  • Environmentally responsible brand
  • Low to medium-priced dog beds
  • Quality construction – holds up to most biting and scratching
  • Removable covers
  • Thick cushioning for better joint support
  • Stylish color options
  • Unique models like the hexagon bolster
  • Excellent reviews from long-time customers


  • Limited size availability
  • No options for extra-large or jumbo breeds
  • The website is under construction (so you can’t buy direct yet)

The PoochPlanet shopping experience is a bit different than most pet product providers. First, it’s tough to find products in stock, and they’re not always at top-of-mind retailers. For example, Tractor Supply is one of the best sources of the brand’s mattress-style beds.

Second, PoochPlanet is preparing to launch an updated website so you can buy directly. Instead of searching for specifics like orthopedic or sofa-style, PoochPlanet dog beds fit into one of four categories on the site – lounge, therapeutic, cuddle, and functional.

PoochPlanet considers how your dog sleeps as well as age and breed. So, if you’ve got a Labrador Retriever that stretches out, you’ll shop in the “lounge” section.

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The Ideal Dog for PoochPlanet Dog Beds

Even though PoochPlanet will eventually launch a better retail website with more models and size options, we’ll focus on what’s available now. And currently, the ideal dog fits into the small or medium breed category.

PoochPlanet has some unique dog bed styles, like the hexagon model. But they’re pretty much one size only. So, if you have a smaller pup, you’ll appreciate the quality and stylishness of PoochPlanet dog beds. But if you’ve got a big fur baby, we suggest trying a different brand.

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If you had to sum up the PoochPlanet brand in a phrase, it would be “environmentally responsible.” The company prioritizes things like using recycled bottles and reclaimed remnant foam from human beds for its dog bed mattresses.

So, while we didn’t find any genuinely outstanding features, you can be sure that the materials are non-toxic and good for the environment. The products are made to last. So the removable covers hold up to some pretty good abuse, like scratching and gnawing.

PoochPlanet Features:

  • Fiberfill using recycled materials
  • Comparatively thick, high-profile mattresses and bolsters
  • Stylish colors
  • Removable, machine-washable covers
  • Plush material
  • Mattress and bolster styles
  • Crate bed variations are available

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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This PoochPlanet bed looks a little weird with its six sides. But I have to say that I like them a lot because I can hang my neck over the edge and it feels great! There’s plenty of room for me to roll around, but I’m a little guy. I don’t think that my German Shepherd friend would be able to squeeze into it.


4 of 5 Stars

Overview of PoochPlanet

PoochPlanet is an environmentally-conscious manufacturer of pet beds under the Worldwide umbrella with Trusty Pup, GoDog, and Pawscout. A few of its crate bed products are sold through Amazon. But other retailers, like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Tractor Supply Company, have the more traditional dog beds – with or without bolsters.

While PoochPlanet currently primarily caters to small to medium-breed pups, it’s expanding its line-up that’ll soon be available on poochplanet.com.

The brand is gearing up for a new way to sell dog beds, focusing on four categories: lounge, therapeutic, cuddle, and functional. Hopefully, it will also expand its size range because we can’t recommend PoochPlanet for large, extra-large, or jumbo breeds.

Different Types of PoochPlanet Dog Beds

Our PoochPlanet dog bed review couldn’t possibly cover all variations. That’s because you’ll find one-off models sold on niche websites and resellers like eBay.

As we mentioned, PoochPlanet has limited availability and sells out quickly, so it’s not as easy to shop as brands like FurHaven. However, with the new PoochPlanet website in progress, that could change soon. From all appearances, the brand is ready to take things in-house with a new type of pet bed shopping experience.

Although you’ll come across other options, we’re reviewing three of the most popular PoochPlanet beds:

  1. Supreme Square Mattress
  2. Hexagon Bolster Bed – Grandescape and Cloudnine
  3. Crate Beds

Supreme Square Mattress

PoochPlanet’s Supreme Square Mattress is the epitome of quality simplicity. It’s a basic square mat-style pet bed. But, as you can see from the dimensions listed below, it provides 7 inches of memory foam comfort. That’s quite substantial when most mattress-style models average 3” to 4”.

The Supreme Square comes with a removable cover that’s machine washable, and long-time users report that this particular model is super-durable. It’s going to hold up to most scratching and biting. And, once your fur baby tires of trying to destroy it, they’ll rest comfortably on memory foam that bounces right back.

Size: Large – 30” x 30” x 7”

Color: Black and white

Tip: Check out Tractor Supply Store’s inventory. It’s one of the top providers of the Supreme Square Mattress.

Hexagon Bolster Bed

Depending on your retailer of choice, you’ll come across the Cloudnine or the Grandescape hexagon bolster bed. They look similar with the unique six-raised edge styling, but the Grandescape is a bit heftier and comes with a matching higher price tag.

We’re reviewing PoochPlanet’s Cloudnine dog bed, though, as it’s easier to find and has more color options.

The hexagon bolster bed is ideal for small to medium dogs who love the extra padding provided by the sidewalls. It’s a soft and squishy bed that still provides plenty of support, especially if your pup is fond of hanging their neck or legs over the sides. Those sidewalls are also comfy enough to double as pillows.

Of all PoochPlanet dog beds, the hexagon bolster accommodates more sleeping positions, but it’s limited by size.

Size: Medium – 24” x 22” x 6”

Colors: Sage, brown, tan, blue

Tip: Sam’s Club is one of the best places to buy the PoochPlanet Cloudnine model. The Grandescape is hit and miss at Walmart and Tractor Supply Store.

PoochPlanet Crate Beds

It’s like buried treasure finding the traditional PoochPlanet dog bed of your choice. But when it comes to crate beds, good old Amazon steps up to the plate with two options:

  1. LuxeSpot Crate Mat
  2. LuxeLounge Crate Mat


The LuxeSpot is the higher-priced model as it’s slightly more substantial. Even though it’s only 2” thick, it’s more cushiony than most crate beds. It’s two shades of gray with a tufted design that keeps the fill from shifting to one side.

Size: Medium – 21” x 31” x 2”

Color: Gray


LuxeLounge is more of a traditional crate pad. The dimensions show a depth of 3,” but that’s because of the bolstered edges. So, the sleeping area is slightly thinner than the LuxeSpot.

You’ll probably find the LuxeLounge is about $10 to $15 less than the LuxeSpot crate mat. In our opinion, it’s worth spending a little extra as there’s a significant difference in quality between the two.

Size: Medium – 28.5” x 18” x 3”

Color: Gray

Tip: Both of the PoochPlanet crate beds are available through Amazon. We suggest you compare them before deciding on one over the other, as this is a case where spending more is worth it.

Cleaning and Durability

All you have to do is read through customer reviews on websites carrying PoochPlanet products to see that durability isn’t a problem with these dog beds. They’re built to last with heavy-duty seams and extra-thick covers.

Cleaning is relatively standard. Dog beds like the hexagon or square mattress come with machine-washable removable covers. Air dry, and pop them back over the fill and bolsters, and they’re good as new.

Warranties and Policies

PoochPlanet promotes a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products. But we recommend checking the policies of the individual retailer to see how it all works. A supplier like Amazon might make it easier to return or exchange than other online specialty stores.


What Makes the PoochPlanet Brand Stand Out?

PoochPlanet’s reputation relies on two areas – environmental responsibility and quality craftsmanship. Its dog beds are filled with recycled bottles and reclaimed remnant foam from human mattresses. And the brand’s long-time customers confirm that the beds are built to last – even with some of the more aggressive fur babies.

Where Can I Buy PoochPlanet Dog Beds?

A variety of retailers sell PoochPlanet dog beds. Amazon is the primary supplier of PoochPlanet crate beds, while Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Tractor Supply Store stock the more traditional dog beds.

Are There Different Types of PoochPlanet Dog Beds?

Yes. PoochPlanet has a variety of dog bed models available. The most popular in the line-up include a hexagonal bolster bed, supreme square mattress, and crate beds.

How Much Do PoochPlanet Dog Beds Cost?

PoochPlanet dog beds are relatively affordable, with most in the $35 to $60 range. Crate beds start as low as $20. But you might also come across a few deluxe models that hit the three-figure mark.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.