Kuranda Dog Bed Reviews

If you’ve been on the hunt for an elevated bed for your precious pup but want something with a little more padding, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find that, like feedback from Kuranda’s customers, our Kuranda dog bed review is overwhelmingly positive.

Kuranda has a few little tricks up its sleeve when accommodating fur babies of all shapes and sizes.

Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed


  • Elevated models with height options
  • Choice of materials and colors
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Accommodates dogs up to 250 pounds
  • Replacement parts and fabrics available
  • Chew-proof beds
  • Easy to clean
  • Pads and blankets are available
  • Unique models with headboards and bunk bed-styles
  • Generous return policy
  • Off-the-floor options for crates
  • Family-owned business


  • Some assembly required
  • A bit pricier than some other brands

For more than 30 years, Kuranda has been producing high-quality dog beds from its factory in Maryland. It’s a family-owned business with a stellar reputation. All you have to do is read our review and look at feedback from other customers to see that it’s an excellent brand for all breeds.

We particularly enjoyed the shopping process. Purchasing a simple elevated dog bed is boring, but not through Kuranda. You’ve got style and color options, plus accessories that create entirely new beds, including blankets, bed pads, and an ultra-luxe slipcover.

Kuranda has worked with kennels, shelters, and doggie daycares for years. That means their beds have to be incredibly durable to withstand user after user. It’s also a feel-good company with a bed donation link on its website.

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What Dogs This Bed is Best For

If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you probably came across elevated dog bed recommendations for older dogs who can’t get up and down from the floor easily. We’ve also talked about the benefits for any pup with joint problems, arthritis, or allergies.

All of that still holds. But we like that Kuranda elevated its line, making it user-friendly for all dogs.

  • If your pup likes cushioning, add a pad.
  • Fur babies who like to be warm will appreciate the fleece blanket addition.
  • Does your dog sleep in a crate? There’s an elevated crate version.
  • How about you? Do you prefer something more stylish? Then, buy the microsuede slipcover.

Up to 250 lbs of Doggie Weight

A few models max out at 100-pound pups. However, there’s also a version for doggos who weigh as much as 250!

Additionally, you can switch the legs for different heights. So, if you have a little guy or girl who doesn’t want to jump up, you can go as low as 3” but still reap the supportive benefits.

So, who are the ideal dogs for the Kuranda bed? Take your pick!

DOG BED Review – Table of Contents


You’ll find that Kuranda dog bed features vary based on the model. For example, the standard almond bed allows for indoor or outdoor use, while the standard walnut bed is an inside-only option.

We want to provide you with as much information as possible. But read through all of the specific features before you click the purchase button to ensure you get everything you want. The almond-walnut situation looks like it’s just a simple color option at first glance.

Typical Kuranda dog bed features include:

  • Elevated sleeping surfaces
  • Chew-proof and chew-deterrent
  • Scratch-resistant fabric
  • Machine washable accessories
  • Easy-clean beds (a hose is handy)
  • Six sizes
  • Variety of colors and patterns
  • Assembly required, with replacement pieces available to order
  • Height options
  • Furniture-grade poly-resin or aluminum structures
  • Optional pads, blankets, and covers

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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Usually, when my parents ask me to try out a new bed, it’s outside my crate. But this time, they put an actual bed inside it. This little blue bed is up off the ground, and they covered it with the softest blanket I’ve ever felt.

Now, my crate is like an actual bedroom and, between you and me, I think it’s nicer than Mom and Dad’s!

Sizes and Options

When we started shopping on the Kuranda website, we figured it would be like similar brands with one style and a few color choices. But it was a pleasant surprise to find out that a cot-type of dog bed doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all.

Kuranda offers different styles, including some surprises like a bunk bed!

Five Styles of Kuranda Dog Beds

  • Standard
  • Aluminum
  • Suite Bed
  • Crate Bed
  • Bunk Bed
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The Kuranda Standard Dog Bed is the original elevated version. It’s constructed with almond or walnut-colored PVC, and, as we mentioned, the color also determines whether it’s approved for outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a simple elevated model, this is ideal for pups up to 100 pounds.

Size Options:

  • 25” x 18”
  • 30” x 20”
  • 35” x 23”
  • 40” x 25”
  • 44” x 27”
  • 50” x 36”


  • Heavy-duty 40 oz Vinyl
  • Smooth Nylon (Ballistic)
  • Outdoor Mesh (Vinyl Weave)
  • Textured Nylon (Cordura)


  • Burgundy
  • Smoke
  • Forest Green
  • Royal Blue

Optional Accessories:

  • Canvas Bed Pad
  • Pillow Pad
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Ultra Plush Microsuede Cover (with foam insert)


You’re going to get the same color and fabric options as the standard dog bed with the aluminum model. However, if you’re looking for a sturdier style or your dog exceeds 100 pounds, you’ll need to go the aluminum route. Aluminum versions are also OK to use outdoors, like the standard model in almond.

Suite Bed

The Suite Bed comes in the silver aluminum and takes the standard bed to a new level by adding a headboard. This particular model resembles a tiny twin bed with a headboard but no footboard.

Kuranda slimline dog crate bed, Kuranda kennel bed

Crate Bed

We’re giving a big thumbs up to Kuranda crate beds and recommend them above the standard models.


…because you get two sets of legs with the crate bed.

You can use it inside or outside the crate. It’s a low-profile bed with 3” legs for crate use. But a few minor modifications, and you can take the small size bed to just under 5” high or the larger one to 7”.

It’s rare to find a crate bed that lifts your fur baby off the ground, so be sure to bookmark this one.

Bunk Bed

Yes, you read that right, as Kuranda has bunk-style dog beds. We were a bit skeptical about them because our little one wouldn’t be keen on hopping up that high. However, we went through quite a few customer reviews, and these bunk beds are a hit!

Uses for the Kuranda Bunk Bed

Some pups use the top bunk to play and the bottom for sleeping. In other homes, two dogs get their own space in tight quarters. Also, if you have a pup who likes to feel secure, the “roof” above the lower bunk does the trick.

The bunk bed comes in four sizes, with the lower sleep area situated 4” off the ground and an overall leg height of 12.5”.

Size options:

  • 25” x 18”
  • 30” x 20”
  • 35” x 23”
  • 40” x 25”

The Kuranda bunk bed is for dogs under 100 pounds.

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Dog Bed Add-Ons

We have to include an extra section in this Kuranda dog bed review because the accessories make this particular manufacturer stand out from the rest.

Instead of a plain cot bed with a simple canvas surface for your furry friend to curl up on, you can have the best of both worlds with a padded elevated bed.

Kuranda Accessories

  • Canvas Bed Pad – fits everything but the Slimline Crate model with six sizes corresponding to the six standard beds. It’s made of Cordura brand nylon fabric and comes in seven colors and patterns, including two types of camo.
  • Pillow Pad – is a cozier pad made of super soft cuddle fleece. It comes in six sizes and four colors, including a chocolate paw print pattern.
  • Fleece Blanket – the deep-pile sherpa fleece is enough to attract your attention. But, another selling point is the elastic fasteners on each corner that slip over the bed’s legs to stay in place. Kuranda’s fleece blanket is offered in 12 colors and patterns, including buffalo plaid, dog bones, and hedgehogs. This blanket is super soft and sure to be a winner, even for the most discriminating canines.
  • Ultra Plush Microsuede Slipcover – is an elegant, eye-catching addition that’s also comfortable because it comes with a hidden pad. The slipcover comes in smoke with tan piping and is available in every size but 40” x 25”.

Cleaning and Durability

It’s easy to clean a Kuranda dog bed. All you have to do is wipe down the basic bed (with the PVC or aluminum frame), hose it off, and let it air dry. To keep the blankets and pads clean, just pop them in the washing machine whenever they need a bit of love and care.

Kuranda promotes most of its beds as chew-proof. The fabric is held taut to the frame, so your pup would have to be very ambitious and flexible to do some damage. However, the outdoor mesh fabric isn’t entirely chew-resistant. So, we’d advise steering clear if you have a determined doggo.

We like that Kuranda has an entire line of accessories and replacement parts. You’ll find repair kits, extra legs, and fabrics. However, these beds are pretty darn durable. So, you might want to switch up the color, but you shouldn’t need to do any repairs for a long time.

Warranties and Policies

This particular retailer has a liberal warranty and return policy that varies depending on the situation.

  • Not the right size? You have seven days to make the switch for full product credit.
  • Your pup doesn’t like it? Give it a little time, as you have up to 60 days.
  • Worried about durability? Kuranda guarantees its dog beds for a year.


How Much Do Kuranda Dog Beds Cost?

Kuranda pricing is about the midpoint for dog beds. It’s not an inexpensive brand, but you’re also not dishing out $250 or more for a high-quality dog bed. The standard models run from $65 to $130 based on size. Suite and bunk beds are more expensive, ranging from $150 to $212.

Do Kuranda Dog Beds Come in Different Styles?

Kuranda offers a few different styles of dog beds, but they’re all elevated models. You can upgrade to an aluminum frame, a bunk bed style, or add a headboard, but even the crate beds are 3” off the floor.

What Are the Health Benefits of Kuranda Dog Beds?

Kuranda dog beds are considered orthopedic as they alleviate pressure points. Additionally, for dogs that suffer from allergies, you can buy a model without padding to avoid those sneezes.

How Do You Clean a Kuranda Pet Bed?

There’s no machine required to clean a Kuranda dog bed. So, you don’t have to worry about stuffing a frame into your high-end washer. Cleaning is as easy as giving it a good wipe down and then rinsing with a hose. They air dry quickly.

Are Kuranda Dog Beds Worth the Money?

A Kuranda dog bed is an investment with models starting at $65. However, they’ll last a long time as they can withstand quite a bit of doggie abuse. Additionally, you don’t have to replace the entire thing if there is some wear and tear. You can buy extra fabric, pads, covers, legs, or pretty much anything you need – one piece at a time.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.