Coolaroo Dog Bed Review

It’s a quirky name, and the website greets you with images of gazebos and remote-operated roller shades. But this is a Coolaroo dog bed review, after all, so you know there’s something in the mix for your pup.

Coolaroo draws upon its expertise in producing outdoor shades and durable carryall bags to manufacture a single dog bed style, now a best seller. It’s a niche product and one you won’t find just anywhere. So, along with our resident expert tester, Scruff, we’ll fill you in on everything you could want to know about the Coolaroo elevated “cooling” pet bed.

Coolaroo Elevated Bed


  • Elevated model (8”)
  • Reduces stress on joints
  • Cooling properties
  • Four sizes
  • Accommodates up to 150 lbs
  • Relatively low price point
  • Choice of five colors
  • Replacement covers and parts available
  • UV, flea, mite, and mold-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Indoor or outdoor use


  • Some assembly required
  • No padding

The pros and cons list gives quite a bit away before we even get to our review of the Coolaroo dog bed. You’re not going to find donut, sofa, or loungers in the Coolaroo line-up. Instead, the company sticks to its original elevated-style bed using the same shade fabric you’ll find on its other outdoor products.

The Ideal Dogs for the Coolaroo Bed

While it’s fun to shop for a cute, cozy dog bed for our fur babies, sometimes we don’t get the luxury of choosing one based on how it blends with our décor. As our pups age, getting on and off the floor can be challenging, so their beds should make life easier.

Coolaroo models are wise choices for aging pooches who benefit from the joint support and raised platform. The frames give them an 8” head start, so it’s easier to lay down and get back up.

For Dogs Over 4’

You don’t need an aging dog to benefit from this particular style, though. It’s not easy to find proper beds for the largest breeds like St. Bernards or Great Danes. But the XL Coolaroo bed is 52” long and supports up to 150 lbs.

Do you camp, or does your doggo spend a lot of time outdoors? Coolaroo ticks that box as well. The canvas is fade, mildew, flea, mite, and mold resistant. And, if you have a hose standing by, clean-up is a breeze.

So, Coolaroo beds are best for:

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DOG BED Review – Table of Contents


Elevated beds don’t usually come with padding, and the Coolaroo models are no exception. They’re constructed with canvas stretched over a lightweight frame. And, while that might not sound too comfortable to us, but most pups are just fine curling up on the floor.

Coolaroo dog bed features include:

  • Light, powder-coated steel frame
  • High-density polyethylene canvas
  • Fade-resistant HDPE fabric
  • Washable
  • 8” rise
  • Tiny holes in the fabric allow heat to escape
  • Easy disassembly to replace parts
  • Five colors and four sizes

You can quickly take the bed apart for traveling or to swap out any of the pieces. Coolaroo sells replacement covers, frame parts, and hardware.

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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I had to jump up to try out this bed, but I didn’t mind too much. It’s not as comfortable as my snuggly donut bed that makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a marshmallow. But I’m like the King of the Castle sitting up high on the tall green Coolaroo.

Sizes and Options

You might be used to reading our other reviews, with the bulk of our information and impressions housed in the style section. Manufacturers like Kong or FurHaven offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. However, Coolaroo focuses on outdoor living, and its pet beds follow suit. There’s one and only one model.

If an elevated style doesn’t fit your needs, we’ve got plenty of other options and reviews.

You’re in the right place, though, if you’ve been looking for a sturdy and affordable cot-like style. Coolaroo might only offer one type of bed, but it’s a quality product.

Benefits of “Assembly Required”

Don’t the “assembly required” deter you. It’s not like buying a 1,000-piece dresser from Ikea. You’ve got four legs, four side bars, and some screws and washers to put them together. It only took us a few minutes as it’s a pretty straightforward process, even if you’ve never picked up a hammer or screwdriver (not that you need them as you get an allen wrench with the kit).

While the assembly process might frustrate you, it’s actually a good thing. We like this particular elevated model because you can swap covers and make minor repairs without the need to buy an entirely new bed. If you’re all about the optics, you can purchase additional covers in different colors and change the look on a whim.

Canvas Colors

  • Brunswick Green
  • Grey
  • Nutmeg Brown
  • Terracotta
  • Desert Sand

Four Purchase Options

Another benefit to the Coolaroo bed is the variety of sizes. And, instead of just listing dimensions, the company’s website provides examples of the best option for different breeds.


  • For pets up to 50 lbs, including Chihuahuas and Terriers (cats, too!)
  • Dimensions – 21.5” x 25”
  • Colors – Brunswick Green, Grey, Nutmeg Brown, Terracotta


  • For pets up to 75 lbs, including Border Collies, Bulldogs, and Pointers
  • Dimensions – 25.5” x 35”
  • Colors – Brunswick Green, Grey, Nutmeg Brown, Terracotta


  • For pets up to 100 lbs, including Boxers, Greyhounds, and Labrador Retrievers
  • Dimensions – 31.5” x 43.5”
  • Colors – Brunswick Green, Grey, Nutmeg Brown, Terracotta, Desert Sand

Extra Large

  • For pets up to 150 lbs, including Afghan Hounds, Great Danes, and St. Bernards
  • Dimensions – 52” x 37”
  • Colors – Brunswick Green, Grey, Terracotta

Regardless of the size, the sleeping area is about 8” off the ground. So, it’s not too high for the little ones who can jump and is enough for larger dogs who need a bit of help getting comfortable.

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Cleaning and Durability

Our coverage of dog bed care and maintenance typically revolves around whether or not there’s a removable cover and if the bed is machine washable. But that doesn’t wash with Coolaroo beds. They’ve got the metal frame and canvas sleeping surface. Your washer can take a lot, but metal poles are pushing it!

Instead of using electricity, all you need is a hose and some water. These beds are already giving the boot to fleas, mites, mold, and mildew. So a good once over with a powerful stream of water is all it takes.

Even though the frame is lightweight, it can take some abuse. After all, the extra-large model accommodates up to 150 lbs. So, you shouldn’t have to take advantage of available replacement parts, but it’s good to know they’re an option – just in case.

Warranties and Policies

Coolaroo products are made to withstand the elements, so the warranty covers abuse from the great outdoors.

In addition to any manufacturer defects, there’s a one-year fabric warranty on any UV degradation. That means if your canvas fades or is damaged after spending some time in the sun, you can get a no-cost replacement.


How Much Do Coolaroo Dog Beds Cost?

Coolaroo dog beds are relatively affordable compared to similar brands and styles. Pricing ranges from $32 to just over $50, based on size.

What Makes a Coolaroo Dog Bed Unique?

Instead of a wide variety of dog bed styles, Coolaroo sticks to what it does best – beds for outdoor living and pups needing a little extra care. The elevated model looks like a camping cot. It’s built on a lightweight steel frame with a canvas sleeping surface. It’s ideal for pups who sleep outside or share a tent with you. Additionally, though, elevated beds are the best for older dogs with arthritis or joint problems. Coolaroo’s gives these fur babies an 8” head start, so they don’t have to endure pain as they inch themselves down to the ground.

Do Coolaroo Dog Beds Come in Different Styles?

Coolaroo dog beds come in only one style, and that’s “elevated.” While there are four sizes (small – extra-large) and five color options (green, grey, brown, terracotta, and sand), every bed consists of canvas stretched over an 8” high lightweight steel frame.

How Do You Clean a Coolaroo Dog Bed?

You’ll find that Coolaroo dog beds don’t need very much maintenance. The canvas is mildew, mold, flea, and mite resistant. You can vacuum up hair or dirt, and that should suffice. But when you need a more thorough cleaning, just grab the hose. A good power wash will make it look new again.

Are Coolaroo Dog Beds Worth the Money?

For what you get, we think Coolaroo dog beds are well worth the investment. They’re comparatively affordable in the $30 to $50 range. Plus, the company sells replacement parts. So, if you need a new cover or one of the legs has seen better days, you don’t need to buy a whole new bed.

Disclaimer: While it never affects our rankings or which products make the list, we might make a few bucks from some of the links posted on this page. It’s how we keep the lights on and how we’re able to keep buying yummy treats for our pups. It never affects our integrity or what you pay for a purchase.