YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Review

Rugged, outdoorsy, and two, two, two beds in one!

We’re referring to YETI’s Trailhead, a unique two-part dog bed like nothing you’ve seen before. A removable core is for the adventurous pup, giving you a new mattress to take on the road – on boats, in tents, or on the trail. 

However, are the uniqueness and versatility enough to justify the relatively high price? You’re about to find out as we break it all down in this YETI Trailhead dog bed review.

YETI Trailhead dog bed, YETI dog beds


  • Two beds in one
  • Use with or without the travel pad
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Hidden zippers
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Water-resistant material on top
  • Triple-layer foam core
  • Removable bolsters encircle the outer edge
  • Optional waterproof travel pad bottom


  • Only available in one size
  • A relatively expensive dog bed

YETI made a name for itself with its recognizable and in-demand coolers. Now, the pioneering brand puts its same label on one-of-a-kind dog beds. The YETI Trailhead is like the Swiss Army knife of pet products. When you separate the innovative two-in-one design, you get a bolster-style bed for at-home use and a mattress-style model to take on the road. 

Snap on the optional rubber bottom, and the pad is waterproof and anti-slip. When you remove the travel base and put the pieces back together, it’s a luxurious, bolster-surrounded sleeping area for small to large breed pups.

The Ideal Dog for YETI Trailhead Dog Beds

We don’t like to leave any pup out of consideration. But to justify the price of the YETI Trailhead, you really want to put it to good use. 

YETI refers to the Trailhead as “Built for Snoozin’ and Crusin’.” While it’s a perfectly fine bed to use at home for snoozin’, it’s made to be put to the test – cruisin’ on boats, campsites, and other outdoor excursions. And, you don’t have to lug a big bed around because the removable pad is smaller and easier to pack

But, it’s not a perfect fit across the board for adventure-seeking pups and pup parents. Unfortunately, YETI only offers the Trailhead in one size. Extra-large and giant breeds will be hanging off the edge of the 40” base. 

YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Review – Table of Contents


YETI combines some of the best dog bed features, like a thick, supportive mattress, water-repellent cover, and solid base, with the unexpected. 

Many pet beds come apart for cleaning, but this one does that and more. You can pop out the mattress with this model, leaving behind a lower-profile bolster bed. Take that mattress, add an optional waterproof travel pad bottom, and you’ve got a travel bed that’ll stay in place even if the boat is rocking or the wind is gusting. 

YETI Trailhead Features Include:

  • Combination of a home base and removable travel pad
  • Machine washable and dryable covers
  • Quilted sleeping area
  • Hidden zippers
  • Triple-layer mattress with lighter weight foam and a high-density foam core
  • Non-slip bottom on the home base
  • Pillow bolsters
  • Waterproof base
  • Water-resistant cover

Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

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It was hard for me to conduct my review because I had to wrestle the Trailhead away from my Mom and Dad. They were fascinated with it – taking it apart, putting it back together, and doing it all over again. But I finally got my shot and gave it a good old Scruff test by running across the room and jumping in it to see if it would slide for me. Unfortunately, the rubber bottom was almost like a suction cup, and I couldn’t budge it. So, I eventually gave up and snuggled into the soft cushiony corner for a bit of shut-eye.


Overview of the YETI Trailhead Dog Bed

The YETI Trailhead is a rugged dog bed that can withstand some abuse from the elements (or its user!). It’s not chew-proof. But it is constructed with heavyweight fabric and an EVA-molded base with a big YETI logo (just in case you forgot!). 

It’s a favorite of adventure-seeking pet parents who include their fur babies as the home base stays and the travel pad goes. Everything comes apart for easy clean-up. So, the bed will look like new, even after the muddiest of journeys!

Different Types of YETI Dog Beds

You’re at the part of our review where we typically break it all down for you, with different models, sizes, and colors. But you don’t need a guide for any of that, as there’s one YETI Trailhead dog bed, period. 

While you can buy a few optional accessories, which we’ll highlight below, your primary decision is whether or not to buy this particular pet bed.

The Trailhead

When the Trailhead is assembled, it looks like a standard rectangular bolster-style dog bed with a relatively thick mattress surrounded by a medium-profile pillow on all sides. It’s a stylish gray color with an EVA-molded base for sturdiness, support, and no-slip. 

Your pup will appreciate the triple-layer mattress, featuring lighter-weight foam sandwiching a high-density foam core. The hefty middle provides joint support and allows the entire sleeping area to bounce back after use.

When it’s time to hit the road, just grab the quilted cover and pull from the middle, and you’ve got a mat-style travel bed. Or maybe your pup has an overnight guest and needs an extra bed? After removing the mat for the second sleeping area, you’re still left with a bolster-style bed, just not as cushy as before.

YETI Trailhead dog bed, 2 in 1 dog bed

Size:  39.4” x 29.1”

Color: Charcoal

Style: Bolster-style, with a removable mattress pad that doubles as a second bed


There aren’t too many options to jazz up YETI’s Trailhead, but there’s one that we highly recommend if you plan to use this dog bed as intended. 

Travel Pad Bottom

When removing the mattress pad for travel, you leave the molded base behind. That base is the sturdy, waterproof bottom you want, especially on a boat. So, we recommend buying the travel pad bottom. 

It’s optional but serves two purposes:

  1. Waterproofs the base
  2. Keeps the travel pad from sliding around (something you definitely don’t want to happen on a boat!)


YETI also sells both travel pad and bolster covers. So, if there’s an oopsie or heavy wear and tear, you don’t have to replace the whole thing.

Cleaning and Durability

Durability is something YETI prioritized when designing the Trailhead. It’s an indoor-outdoor dog bed by a premium brand. So you’ll find quality materials, hidden zippers, and a waterproof bottom.

As we mentioned, it’s not chew-proof, nor is the top waterproof, but there are enough deterrents to make it pretty darn hard to damage.

When it’s cleaning time, remove the pads and the circle of bolsters, and the covers are machine washable and dryable. We always recommend buying an inner liner, though, especially when spending so much on a dog bed. As the cover is water-resistant, it can only take so much, and you don’t want any leaks to ruin the triple-layer foam core.

Warranties and Policies

Buying direct from YETI gets you a few buying perks, starting with free shipping. You can also take advantage of free returns if your outdoorsy fur baby is too big for the bed or just not interested.

Additionally, YETI provides a three-year limited warranty on the Trailhead dog bed.


What Is the YETI Trailhead?

The YETI Trailhead isn’t another cooler. It’s the name of a one-of-a-kind dog bed that splits into two for indoor and outdoor use.

Why Is the YETI Trailhead Dog Bed Marketed as a Two-in-One?

YETI has designed an innovative dog bed with plenty of versatility. As a single unit, it’s a rectangular bolster-style bed with a triple-layer mattress providing plenty of depth. But when you remove the top mattress pad, you get a quality travel bed. At the same time, you’re leaving behind a lower-profile bolster bed that’s still usable.

How Much Do YETI Trailhead Dog Beds Cost?

As YETI is a premium brand, the Trailhead dog bed isn’t one of the most inexpensive options. The package, which includes the indoor and outdoor options, will run you somewhere in the $300 range.

Are There Different Types of YETI Dog Beds?

No. YETI produces one dog bed called The Trailhead. It comes in one size (39.4” x 29.1”), one color (charcoal), and one design (bolster-style with a removable mat-style bed). 

What Types of Dogs Are Ideal Users of YETI Trailhead Dog Beds?

The YETI Trailhead is ideal for on-the-go pups who accompany their parents on boating or camping trips with its two-in-one design. However, it won’t work for all breeds, as the Trailhead is one-size-fits-all. With just under 40” in length, it’ll accommodate small, medium, and large breeds. But it’s too small for extra-large and giant fur babies like Great Danes.

Are YETI Trailhead Dog Beds Easy to Clean?

Yes. Not only can you detach the mattress pad to use it as a travel bed, but it has a removable cover. The base also has changeable parts and pieces. For example, the entire bolster comes out when it’s cleaning time, and all of the covers are machine washable and dryable. The base can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and the foam core spot-cleaned.