Best Dog Beds for Boxers

Almost anything goes with the best dog beds for boxers. They’re medium to large dogs, medium shedders, and best with moderate temperatures. If you’re a boxer parent, you’re familiar with these traits and can use them to your benefit on your quest for a new fur baby bed. 

Or, better yet, you could just read on, as we’ve already considered them and compiled a list of the best dog beds for boxers.

1. Carhartt – Indoor-Outdoor Rugged Mattress

What We Like:

  • Water-repellent material
  • Simple pillow-style model
  • Rugged and heavy-duty


  • Sizes: 20” x 28”  *  27” x 35”  *  33” x 41”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 180-day return policy and an extended warranty for manufacturer defects
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

Carhartt dog beds are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They’re simple mattresses just under 5” thick and covered in the heavy-duty duck canvas used in the familiar jackets. The fabric is water-repellent and tough to damage. So, if you take your boxer camping or use this bed in an outdoor doghouse, it should withstand the elements.

Even though there’s nothing fancy about Carhartt dog beds, they’re sturdy and well-made with extra-wide hidden zippers, durable fabric, and removable cushions. So, this is a bed that’ll cost you a bit more upfront but will last for years.

Bottom Line – If you’re looking for a simple bed without bolsters or add-ons, Carhartt is an excellent choice. However, the cover tends to hold onto fur. So, you might want to keep a lint brush nearby.

2. Serta Quilted Couch

What We Like:

  • Quilted cover that’s soft and comforting
  • Pressure-relieving orthopedic foam
  • Graduated-height bolsters


  • Sizes: 28” x 21”  *  38” x 27”  *  46” x 34”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 14-day return policy
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the Serta brand. But you might not realize that Serta has a line of dog beds in addition to its “people mattresses.”

Serta dog beds for boxers are moderately priced and have quite a few features that your fur baby will appreciate. From the graduated bolsters to the sturdy back and orthopedic mattress that are both super-supportive, the Serta Quilted Couch promotes a good night’s sleep. The bolsters and mattress pop out so you can machine wash the cover and everything is good as new.

Bottom Line – If you have a boxer struggling with hip dysplasia or other aches and pains, the Serta Quilted Couch might be just the ticket. It provides many comfortable sleeping positions and includes an authentic orthopedic mattress.

3. Kirkland – Signature Round Orthopedic Napper

What We Like:

  • 8” high between the orthopedic base and tufted topper
  • Plenty of room to roll around
  • Upholstery grade fabric


  • Size: 40” (diameter) x 8” tall
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

Kirkland Signature is a Costco brand, and many of its dog beds come and go. However, you should be able to find some variation of this stylish and functional blue plaid round orthopedic napper, as it’s also available in faux leather and other materials.

This particular model is a simple circular bed with a 40” diameter, providing plenty of room for your boxer to roll around. It’s one of the higher profile options with an 8” height provided by an orthopedic base and light gray soft tufted topper.

Bottom Line – Boxers tend to be full of energy and move more than some breeds. So your fur baby should like to roll around on this big round bed. The only downside is that it takes up more room than rectangular models, which might not be ideal if you use it in your bedroom or tight quarters.

4. K & H Pet Products – Self-Warming Elevated Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • 7” elevation
  • Self-warming Sherpa center
  • Additional cooling properties


  • Sizes: 32” x 25”  *  42” x 30”
  • Machine Washable: Fleece mat is machine washable
  • Warranty: Through Chewy 
  • Shipping: Free shipping through Chewy

Boxers like moderate temperatures and, despite the name, the K & H Self-Warming Elevated Dog Bed addresses heating and cooling. A fleece pad in the middle of the elevated cot-style pet bed takes care of circulating warmth from your pup’s body, and the cot itself circulates air from beneath for instant cooling.

It’s another indoor-outdoor dog bed for boxers providing plenty of flexibility. Clean-up is a breeze as the fleece pad is machine washable, and the rest can be wiped down or hosed off, also washing away any fur left behind. 

Bottom Line – The K & H Pet Products elevated dog bed isn’t a soft and squishy option like the others we’ve covered. But it’s an excellent alternative for older boxers who find getting up and down from the floor painful. It’s also one of our top picks for dogs who find it fun to gnaw on their beds, as it’s nearly indestructible. 

5. L.L.Bean – Rectangular Therapeutic Dog Bed 

What We Like:

  • Denim fabric and optional monogramming
  • Open-cell memory foam mattress
  • Antimicrobial treatment to minimize odors 


  • Sizes: 25” x 20” x 3”  *  36” x 28” x 4”  *  44” x 34” x 5”  *  52” x 42” x 6”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 100% one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

The L.L.Bean Rectangular Therapeutic dog bed for boxers is the stylish pick when you want something eye-catching. It comes in four colors, but the Vintage Indigo is the most unusual. A combination of denim and monogramming will look great in your home.

While the design is similar to Carhartt, as this is a simple rectangular mattress-style option, the mattress takes it over the top for pups with its open-cell memory foam cushion. It provides both orthopedic support and a bit of cooling for its user. 

Bottom Line – L.L.Bean’s Rectangular Therapeutic dog bed is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for an indoor bed with some style. It cleans easily and has an antimicrobial treatment that keeps it smelling fresh (or at least fresher than most), and you can buy replacement covers and inserts to switch things up from time to time.

What’s the best dog bed for a boxer?

There are quite a few options for the best pet beds for boxers as pet product brands produce seemingly endless models for medium to large breed dogs. We’d steer clear of small donut-style beds. But sofa, mattress, and cot-style beds are all excellent options.

Are there elevated beds for boxers with hip pain?

Yes. You’ll find plenty of elevated bed options at all price points online and in stores. Kuranda has a line of cot-style beds that are a bit more expensive but come with all kinds of accessories and options. Coolaroo is another brand to check out as it offers a simple line of elevated beds that are relatively affordable.

What size pet bed should I buy for my boxer?

Boxers are considered medium to large dogs. Males are typically larger, weighing about 10 pounds more than females. While you could get away with some medium-sized dog beds, we suggest you size up to a large. As boxers have a lot of energy, they appreciate the room to stretch out and roll around.

Can you recommend a dog bed for boxers who like to chew and scratch?

You can’t go wrong with an elevated cot-style bed when you have a boxer or any pup who likes to seek and destroy for fun. It’s got canvas stretched over a PVC or aluminum frame, so it’s chew-deterrent if not chew-proof. But if you’re looking for something a bit plusher, Big Barker has a line of dog beds with tough microsuede covers that’ll stand up to some abuse.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Boxers

Don’t shop by breed alone – The size of boxers can vary as much as 20 pounds. Males are typically larger than females. So, the best way to ensure you buy a large enough bed is to measure your pup’s length and height and match it to the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. If you’re considering a sofa or bolster-style bed, focus on the sleeping area, not the overall size.

Shedding is probable – Boxers are medium-shed dogs regardless of the season. So, purchasing a pet bed that cleans up easily will keep you from pulling your hair out. We’d steer clear of sherpa tops or similar materials and stick to fabrics with a coating so you can wipe them clean. Elevated beds are also great options as fur doesn’t tend to collect on them, and you can use a hose for a good cleaning.

Allergies are possible – Boxers aren’t known for severe medical conditions but could have allergies that could be worsened by the materials used in their beds. It’s best to steer clear of synthetic materials and look for natural fabrics or a hypoallergenic designation. And, look beneath the cover, as the mattress could be a culprit.