Best Dog Beds for Trucks

Are you the kind of pet parent that takes your dog everywhere with you? We get it, as the team here at Restful Dog likes to keep our fur babies nearby. Fortunately, quite a few dog beds are two-for-ones, doubling as car seats and travel beds.

We’ve already reviewed some of the best dog beds for travel. However, we’ve discovered some exciting new products, so we’re narrowing the focus to the best dog beds for trucks.

As a responsible pet parent, you would never put your furry friend in the cargo bed while traveling, but we have other ideas. Several options are available for the rear of the cab. Additionally, dog beds are available for truck beds – but only when the ignition is off.

1. Big Barker – Backseat Barker

What We Like:

  • Shock-absorbing
  • Pillow wings for the sides
  • Orthopedic foam


  • Sizes: 55” x 25”  *  58” x 35”  *  61” x 45”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 10-year “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” warranty
  • Shipping: Free ground shipping

Big Barker is a brand known for its orthopedic benefits. A clinical study concludes a Big Barker bed can improve a dog’s health in just 28 days. And, while the Backseat Barker doesn’t have the triple-layer orthopedic mattress from the standard line, it still offers dual-layer joint support and shock absorption.

The Backseat Barker is a long rectangular bed with wings on the sides. Those wings fold up to protect your pup from hitting the sides, hold the mattress in place, and double as pillows. You get your choice of two colors and three sizes, and it’s for little barkers, too, as you consider the size of the truck, not the user.

Bottom Line – The Backseat Barker is one of the most versatile options when it comes to dog beds for trucks. It’s an excellent “bed for the bed” on overnight stops but works equally well in the cabin. This model is an investment. However, if you and your pup are road warriors, it’s one you’ll want to make.

2. YETI – Trailhead Convertible Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Two-in-one
  • Water Resistant
  • Machine Washable


  • Sizes: 39.4” x 21.1”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Three-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free over $50 when you buy direct

The YETI Trailhead is a twofer with a bolster-style bed (aka the home base) featuring a removable travel pad. YETI promotes it as built for “snoozin’ and crusin,” so it’s an ideal dog bed for trucks.

While the home base has a water-resistant bottom, the bottom of the travel pad is waterproof, which is handy when you’re on the road or using it in the back of your truck. It’s also skid-resistant so that you won’t see any flying across your backseat. And, if it hits a rough patch, it cleans up with a quick trip to the washing machine.

Bottom Line – YETI is another premium brand, so the Trailhead isn’t cheap. However, you’ll save a bit with the two-for-one concept and appreciate how easy it is to use and maintain. The only downside is that it’s one-size-fits-all. So, if you have a jumbo breed, you might want to turn to Big Barker.

3. Precious Tails Seat Belt Compatible Travel Bolster Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Adjustable leash strap
  • Odor and water-resistant
  • Doubles as a bed and car seat


  • Sizes: 20” x 14”  * 26” x 24”  *  30” x 22”
  • Machine Washable: It says yes, but wiping clean is all that’s needed
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Precious Tails’ Seat Belt Compatible Travel Bolster Bed is an affordable dog bed-car seat combination. It cleverly modifies a simple bolster bed with a high back and a two-point safety system that locks the bed and its user in for a safe ride.

Things can get messy on the road, but this model cleans up like a breeze. The cover is durable polyester with a PU coating. You get the trifecta of protection, as it’s odor-resistant (whew!), water-resistant, and chew-resistant.

Bottom Line – The Precious Tails Travel Bolster Bed is an excellent choice for dogs riding in the backseat. The cushion is thick and comfy for sleeping, but it also has some safety features so you can focus on the road instead of your precious cargo.

4. Carolina Pet – Solid Shebang Indoor & Outdoor Pillow Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Three sizes
  • Memory fiber fill
  • Scrunches up to fit into tight spaces


  • Sizes: 36” x 27”  *  44” x 35”  *  54” x 44”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Carolina Pet has taken a pillow-shaped mattress and turned it into one of the best dog beds for trucks. The Solid Shebang is filled with memory fiber fill and covered with an easy-to-clean, water-resistant synthetic fabric that can take a beating.

This indoor-outdoor dog bed will fit anywhere within the truck as you can scrunch it up to fit nicely. However, you can also use it in the truck bed if you plan to stop and do some camping, or squish it under your arm and bring it in a hotel, tent, or anywhere else you’re heading. If it gets a little dirty, pop the whole thing in the washer or give it a good spray with the hose – easy, peasy!

Bottom Line – You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Carolina Pet pillow dog bed for trucks. As it’s an indoor-outdoor bed, you can throw it on the patio or balcony or use it inside as your fur baby’s every night bed.

5. Carhartt – Duck Canvas Mattress

What We Like:

  • Portable
  • Thick mattress
  • Sturdy and well made


  • Sizes: 20” x 28”  *  27” x 35”  *  33” x 41”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 180-day return policy and extended warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

Whenever we’re talking about taking a dog bed on the road, we typically turn to Carhartt. You probably know the brand from its heavyweight duck cotton jackets and recognizable yellow and white logo. However, you might not be aware of its line of pet products.

Carhartt offers two dog beds – one with a plain canvas cover and the other with a Sherpa top. Both are simple rectangular mattress-style models that are plenty thick and outdoor-ready. The duck canvas is coated for water resistance and is tough to damage, so throw it in your truck and forget about it.

Bottom Line – Carhartt’s Duck Canvas Mattress is one of the sturdiest dog beds for trucks. Like most others on the list, it does double or even triple-duty as a bed for camping, traveling, the backyard, or the corner of your living room.

What are some of the best dog beds for trucks?

Some of the best dog beds for trucks are either made explicitly for vehicle travel or are indoor-outdoor models. For example, Big Barker has a product called the Backseat Barker with shock-absorbing foam and wings that flip up to cushion from two sides. Other options include simple indoor-outdoor pet beds that fit on the seat of the floor of the cabin. You can also use them in the cargo area – but only when the truck isn’t in motion.

Are dog beds for trucks for the inside cabin or the cargo area?

It’s rare to come across a dog bed specifically made for trucks. Instead, you’ll find pet beds that double as car seats or outdoor models you can situate in your back seat area or use in the cargo area when the vehicle stops. It’s never a good idea to have your dog ride in the truck’s bed while it’s in motion (and illegal in many states). However, it’s a great spot to use if you’re camping, especially with a cushiony mattress to keep your fur baby comfy through the night.

Do I have to install a dog bed like a car seat in my truck?

It’s pretty easy to set up dog beds for vehicles that also function as car seats, as they stay in place with a seat belt. But most pet beds for trucks are simple mattress or pillow-style models that rest on top of the seat in the back of the cab. Even the Backseat Barker by Big Barker, specifically designed for vehicles, doesn’t require any installation, but it has flip-up cushioned wings that help hold it in place.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Trucks

Location Matters – Before you shop for the best pet bed for your truck, figure out where you’re going to put it first and measure the area. It’s usually somewhere in the back of the cab (not the open cargo area!).

Safety Features – If you’re heading out on a long journey and have a small dog who jumps around a lot, you might consider getting a dog bed-car seat combination product, like the travel bed by Precious Tails. You use your seat belt to keep it in place, and it even comes with an adjustable leash strap for extra peace of mind.

Easy Clean-Up – You know what your truck looks like when you’re on a road trip, so expect your dog’s bed to get a little messy, too. Some of the best dog beds for trucks are outdoor models, as they clean up with a wet rag or a hose.