Do Dogs Actually Like Dog Beds?

Just like a parent shopping for a crib or baby toys, it can be fun to pick out a dog bed for your lovable arrival. These days there are so many. You’ll find round or rectangular. Then, you have your choice of thick mattresses, platforms, and bumpers.

But do dogs actually like dog beds, or do doggie mommies and daddies just want pets to use them? We’ll fill you in on the inner workings of your dog’s mind and how to get a dog who poo-poos his bed to start loving it.

  • Reasons Why Dogs Like Dog Beds
  • Why Some Dogs Don’t Like Their Beds
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Black dog in a bed

Reasons Why Dogs Actually Like Dog Beds

The dog bed industry is enormous, and it continues to expand. Did you know there was a 20% increase in pet furniture sales during COVID lockdowns in 2020?

Dog beds can be cute and appealing. However, there wouldn’t be so many sales if our furry little friends didn’t use them as well. Instead, you’d see that same growth in household décor.

So, there are plenty of dogs who like dog beds but not necessarily for the same reason. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Habit
  • Temperature
  • Possessiveness
  • Pain Relief
dog sleeping soundly, comfortable dog bed

Dog Beds are Comfortable

One of the main reasons canines gravitate to dog beds is that it’s more comfortable than the floor. Of course, it depends on the dog and the bed, as they need to be compatible.

Just like Goldilocks and her search to fall asleep on a mattress that’s “just right,” your fur baby is on the same quest. Dogs like dog beds that provide support. If not, those expensive sleeping spots just turn into chew toys or are cast aside with those toys that don’t live up to their standards.

A Secure Spot

Everyone has an innate desire for safety and security, and that includes your doggo. When your pet has a bed that’s the perfect size and is snuggly and cozy, it’ll probably get a “paws up”!

A Habit is Tough to Break

If you brought home a puppy who slept in a dog bed from day one, they’ve formed a habit. It’s not likely that one day they’ll just start sleeping on the floor unless they’ve outgrown their bed or their body is telling them something different.

Keeping Cool or Warm

Another reason why dogs like dog beds is because of their material.

A bed with cooling material is like heaven to a pet that overheats at night. The same applies in reverse. If the house is cold or your dog tends to be, then a warm, blanket-filled dog bed is just the ticket.

The Territorial Aspect

Just like a dog bed can provide physical comfort, it can provide some mental contentment as well.

If you have other pets in your home, one might like their dog bed almost out of spite. It’s their property, their spot, and no one else can use it.

Dogs Like Dog Beds for Pain Relief

While any pet might prefer to sleep in a bed because it’s more comfortable than the floor, others need the support. This is particularly true for older and larger dogs.

Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds are just a few breeds prone to joint problems. So, they love dog beds, primarily when they’re raised. Platform beds or mattresses on metal frames make it so much easier to lay down and get up, which can be pretty painful.

Want to see the best dog beds?

If you’re not convinced that your four-legged friend needs a special place to sleep, why not check out our list of the best dog beds to find the perfect match.

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Why Some Dogs Don’t Like Dog Beds

There are quite a few reasons why dogs like dog beds, but only a few top explanations for why they don’t.

  1. Location
  2. Temperature
  3. Padding

Location Matters

If your little fur baby likes to be near you all of the time (and most do!), then bed placement matters. So, if you designate their sleeping spot in another room or far away from your bed, then they might turn up their nose simply to be with you.

Or, let’s say you have other pets and you put a few beds in the same area. Your doggie is territorial and could go off to find a space of their own – bed or no bed.


Just as the temperature is one of the main reasons dogs like dog beds, it’s also a deterrent. You need to make sure you have the right mattress and blankets for your breed.

A dog like a Siberian Husky is a cold-weather dog, even sometimes preferring to sleep outside. Therefore, a cooling mattress is preferable to blankets or a bed covering that generates heat. So, they’ll most likely have nothing to do with a bed designed to keep them warm but could fall in love with a spot that keeps them nice and cool.

The same applies to breeds, like Yorkshire Terriers, that like to snuggle up in a cozy dog bed. They may even want some blankets on top.

You can see where we’re going with this. If you put dogs that tend to be cold on beds with cooling pads, they’ll head off to find warmth and vice versa.


We covered cooling and heating properties, but there’s more to the cushioning, and that’s its firmness.

There’s a reason why some dogs prefer the floor, and that’s for the support it provides. When you give a dog who’s used to the floor a smushy soft dog bed, they probably won’t like it. And, that’s the case for most pets.

Unless we’re talking about a puppy who is more interested in a little snuggly space, dogs prefer supportive places to rest.

FAQs About Whether Dogs Actually Like Dog Beds

Is there a dog breed that likes dog beds more than others?

No. Dog bed preference isn’t necessarily tied to breed but more to catering to the breed. For example, a small dog that wants to be warm and cozy will love a small bed with bumpers that will keep them toasty at night. Larger dogs with joint problems will benefit from raised orthopedic beds.

My dog doesn’t seem to like his dog bed. Is there a way to change his mind?

There are a few things you can do to make dog beds more appealing.

  1. The first is an easy one. Change the location of the bed. Try a spot that’s closer to you, a place that warmer (or colder), or a place that feels special as dogs are territorial.
  2. Another thing to consider is to add blankets if it’s not warm enough. Alternatively, you could top the mattress with a cooling pad.
  3. The third recommendation we have is to try a dog bed cover. Your little fur baby might not like the feel of the dog bed mattress or material or may even be allergic to it.