Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

Do you have a big, lovable German shepherd? If so, you know that finding the perfect bed for your fur baby can be a challenge. Not all dog beds are created equal – some are too small, while others just don’t provide enough support.

So, what are the best dog beds for German shepherds? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for some of the best options and answers to your questions about dog bed shopping.

1. Carhartt Duck Cotton

What We Like:

  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Simple but sturdy pillow-style model
  • Generous return policy


  • Recommended Size: 33” x 41”
  • Machine Washable: Removable cover is machine washable
  • Warranty: 180 days to return or exchange regardless of the reason
  • Shipping: Free economy shipping when you buy direct

German shepherds are active dogs who love to spend time outdoors. So, if yours is a constant companion, accompanying you on camping trips, picnics, or road warrior excursions, the Carhartt dog bed is ideal.

If you’re familiar with the iconic Carhartt jackets, you already have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting, as it’s made from the same 12-ounce firm-hand cotton exterior. Plus, it’s sealed with a water-repellent coating, so a little rain or mud will wash off easily.

Bottom Line – We recommend the Carhartt dog bed for German shepherds on the smaller end of the size spectrum. As the length is 41”, larger pooches could be hanging off the side. This is an excellent choice for outdoor-loving dogs, as it’ll hold up to the elements. But you don’t need to keep it outside, as it’s comfy and supportive for indoor use, too.

2. Coolaroo Elevated

What We Like:

  • 8” of elevation
  • Cooling, easy-to-clean fabric
  • Provides joint relief


  • Recommended Sizes: 31.5” x 43.5”  *  52” x 37”
  • Machine Washable: No – wipe clean or use a hose
  • Warranty: One-year fabric warranty covers UV damage
  • Shipping: Calculated during the purchase process

Like Carhartt, Coolaroo also designs dog beds for German shepherds suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, Coolaroo takes a different approach, replacing the comfortable padding with elevation and cooling properties (hence the name!).

Coolaroo dog beds resemble military cots with mesh fabric stretched across powder-coated steel frames. You can easily hose the bed off to keep it clean, but it’s also UV, flea, mite, and mold-resistant.

Bottom Line – Elevated dog beds, like these Coolaroo models, accommodate larger dogs like your beautiful German shepherd. The height is particularly beneficial to older pups or those with arthritis or joint problems because the users don’t have to make uncomfortable trips on and off the floor. These Coolaroo beds are also relatively inexpensive and offer replacement covers in different colors.

3. K & H Elevated Bolster

What We Like:

  • Use with or without the pads
  • 7” height
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Recommended Size: 42” x 30”
  • Machine Washable: Yes – the cover is removable and machine washable
  • Warranty: through Chewy
  • Shipping: Free 1-3 day shipping through Chewy

We’ve got a natural segue from Coolaroo’s cooling beds to the K & H Elevated Bolster dog bed for German shepherds. That’s because this particular K & H model has a similar design with the metal frame and tight mesh sleeping surface. But, you could call this an upgraded version as it also has padded bolsters.

The padding is on three sides and secured with straps so you can easily remove them. Taking off the pillows is beneficial if you’re using this bed for travel or your pup needs more space to stretch.

Bottom Line – The K & H Elevated Bolster provides your German shepherd with more sleeping options, and it’s a rarer find as bolstered cot beds aren’t the norm. This model is about twice the price of the Coolaroo cot bed. But if you’ve got a German shepherd with some aches and pains, the price is well worth it for neck and leg support.

4. FurHaven Goliath

What We Like:

  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Generous sizing
  • Upholstery-grade stylish fabric


  • Recommended Sizes: “43.5” x 33.5”
  • Machine Washable: Yes – the cover is machine washable
  • Warranty: 60-day worry-free warranty
  • Shipping: Free shipping

The Goliath is FurHaven’s luxury line of dog beds, ideal for bigger dogs like German shepherds, and includes the chaise lounger and sofa bed.

You might find that the chaise lounger is a better option for your fur baby. It provides a built-in pillow on one end and plenty of room to spread out in every direction. While every pup appreciates an orthopedic mattress, larger dogs like yours will find even more benefit as it’s supportive and soothing on aching joints.

Bottom Line – FurHaven’s Goliath beds are made specifically for larger breeds, so either one is an excellent choice for your German shepherds. Expect to pay more for these models, but they’ll last for years. And, as German shepherds are prone to arthritis, either will go a long way toward relieving some discomfort.

Are some dog beds better than others for German shepherds?

Shopping for a dog bed for a German shepherd is easier when they’re younger, as you could potentially go with any model for larger dogs. That means mattress-style, cots, cuddlers, or even mats will provide your pup with a relaxing place to rest. However, if your dog develops any of the conditions common to the breed, like hip or elbow dysplasia, it’s time to switch to something more supportive. For example, instead of a cuddler, consider a lounger with an orthopedic mattress.

What’s the best dog bed for German shepherds who like to chew?

When you’ve got a German shepherd or any dog who likes to chew, you don’t want to waste money on cloth dog beds that won’t put up a fight. Some brands like Kong, Carhartt, and Brentwood have relatively indestructible models. However, consider an elevated dog bed with mesh fabric stretched over a metal frame if you have a very determined pup. Your fur baby might be frustrated but will sleep soundly.

Can you recommend a few beds for older German shepherds?

A few conditions might arise as your German shepherd gets up there in years. Arthritis is one of the most common, but your fur baby could face arthritis, degenerative disk disease, or even incontinence. Orthopedic mattresses or supportive bolster-type dog beds work well for dogs with joint problems. But, if you throw incontinence in the mix or have a pup who has a challenging time laying down or getting up, a cot-style bed is beneficial for both of you. It provides the elevation they need and easy clean-up for you.

Do I really want to buy a dog bed for my German shepherd who sheds nonstop?

Shedding is a concern when buying any dog bed, as some grab on to that fur like a magnet. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have some options. A few of the best dog beds for German shepherds who shed include simple mattress-style models, with or without a pillow top, and elevated beds without any padding. Kong’s dog beds are covered with coated fabric that you can wipe down with a wet rag. Or, you could try a Coolaroo or Kuranda elevated bed with a mesh instead of a traditional fabric sleeping surface.

Tips for Buying the Best Bed for German Shepherds

Dog Bed Size for German Shepherds – Regardless of whether you buy a cuddler, cot, or cushion, you’ll need to know what size of bed to buy for your German shepherd. These types of dogs are considered large, not giant. And, sometimes, you can even get away with a model labeled for medium-sized pups. To determine your options, you’ll want to know your dog’s height, length, and weight. Most German shepherds are in the 60 to 90 lb. range, with a length between 36” and 42.5”. Keep in mind that your dog is also relatively tall, most likely around 30”. So, look for beds that accommodate both length and width.

Pricing – Don’t be deterred if you come across dog beds for large dogs in the three-figure range. Yes, there are plenty of high-quality options that are more expensive, but you can find lower-priced models that are still suitable for German shepherds.

Beds For German Shepherd Puppies – It’s exciting when you’ve got a new little fur baby, and you want to do some shopping. But keep in mind that your pup will grow out of a tiny bed pretty darn fast. German Shepherds’ most significant growth spurt is between two and five months. So, those cute little cuddlers might only work for a few weeks. Unless you just enjoy dog bed shopping, you might want to go bigger, so your fur baby grows into their bed instead of vice versa.

Rely on Accessories – If you don’t stay on top of the pet product industry, you might not be aware of all of the fantastic products on the market these days. For example, a brand like FurHaven, which has an extensive line of dog beds, also has a full line of dog blankets. An option with elastic ties in the corners transforms a standard elevated cot-style bed into something cozier.