Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Room to sprawl out? Elevation? Those are helpful dog bed features for most breeds. But, for dog beds for Chihuahuas? Not so much.

A pup weighing between just two and six pounds isn’t looking for a jumbo mattress or to figure out how to climb into a raised, intimidating-looking bed. Instead, Chihuahuas want to be warm, snuggly, and cozy. So, donut styles or cuddlers are more to their liking, especially if they’re faux fur lined or come with a blanket.

We’ve got an entire page dedicated to small dog options. But here, we’re focusing specifically on your pup with five of the best dog beds for Chihuahuas and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

1. Nest Bedding – Bolstered Pet Bed

What We Like:

  • Eco-friendly brand using recycled materials
  • Cotton canvas cover
  • 30-night trial


  • Sizes:  24” x 7”  *  29” x 8”  *  35” x 8”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-night trial and a two-year warranty on defects
  • Shipping: Free on orders of $75

It’s soft and squishy. But, unlike most donut models, Nest Bedding’s pet bed uses a breathable cotton canvas material. So, it will not generate as much heat, but it’s an ideal option for Chihuahuas with allergies and sensitivities to some materials.

Nest’s Bolstered pet bed provides up to 8” of cushioning with soft bolsters encircling the sleeping area. There’s plenty of room for your pup to stretch out, but, more than likely, they’ll be curled up in a ball resting against the soft, supportive sides.

Bottom Line – The Bolstered Pet Bed gives you a green option you can feel good about, and it’s also good for your dog. You’ve got joint support, eco-friendly materials, and the calming environment that Chihuahuas love.

2. Kirkland Signature – Nest Pet Bed

What We Like:

  • Removable pillow and cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive price point


  • Size:  24” diameter
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Costco
  • Shipping: Included

Nest does not make it, but it’s in the name. Kirkland Signature, Costco’s brand, produces a similar type of bed for Chihuahuas that’s about half the price. It’s a plush version with soft light gray inner walls and a green chenille patterned outer cover.

Even though the materials are soft, the bed is sturdy. When your fur baby curls up in the middle, she’s supported from every angle. And the occasional accident or accumulation of shedding is easy to deal with, as the zippered cover comes off and the pillow (aka mattress) is removable.

Bottom Line – The Nest Pet Bed comes in one size only, but it’s perfect for Chihuahuas. While the 24” diameter might seem too large, most of that real estate goes to the bolster-surround. Keep in mind that Kirkland Signature products rotate frequently. So, if you can’t find this particular model, take a peek at the collection, and you’re bound to find something similar.

3. L.L.Bean – Plush Cuddler

What We Like:

  • Super-soft faux fur cover
  • Heat retention – ideal for winter months
  • Machine washable and dryable cover


  • Sizes:  23” x 23” x 7”  *  30” x 30” x 8”  *  36” x 36” x 9”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 100% one-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Free over $50 when you buy direct

If you’ve read some of our other “best dog bed” lists, you may have noticed that the L.L.Bean Plush Cuddler appears frequently. All you have to do is take a peek at it, and you’ll understand why.

This bed looks like (and is!) one of the warmest and coziest pet beds you’ll find. It has the same donut/cuddler crossover style used by Nest Bedding and Kirkland Signature, but the faux fur is longer and softer. Your pup will be hitting the snooze button nonstop!

Bottom Line – L.L.Bean is a premium brand. However, the small Plush Cuddler for Chihuahuas is more in the affordable range (the pricing falls between Kirkland and Nest). And you get what you pay for, as this pet bed is well-made, easy to clean, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4. Serta – Quilted Couch

What We Like:

  • More structured bolsters
  • Pressure-relieving orthopedic foam mattress
  • CertiPUR certified


  • Sizes: 28” x 21”  *  38” x 27”  *  46” x 34”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  14-day return policy
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout

Serta’s Quilted Couch departs from our top picks of cuddlers and donut-style dog beds. But, even though most Chihuahuas love those cozy picks, some like to stretch out more, especially if they have a blanket to keep them warm.

This sofa-style dog bed features an orthopedic mattress and plush quilted cover. So, it feels great next to the user’s skin and holds in the heat. And, even if your fur baby has no aches and pains, the pressure-relieving ortho foam is always a plus.

Bottom Line – You get a few more sleeping options with a sofa-style bed. The Serta model has a higher back and graduated arms, both ideal for neck and leg support, even for the tiniest of doggos. It’s easy to keep Serta dog beds clean, too. All you have to do is remove and spot-clean the foam and pop the cover in the washer – good as new!

5. Koolaburra by UGG – Sacha Faux Fur Pet Bed

What We Like:

  • Faux fur cover inside and out
  • Certified nontoxic
  • Anti-slip bottom


  • Size: 30” x 30” x 9” 
  • Machine Washable: No – spot clean
  • Warranty: Through Kohl’s
  • Shipping: Through Kohl’s

Koolaburra by UGG’s Sacha Faux Fur Pet Bed closely resembles L.L.Bean’s Plush Cuddler. But we wanted to include it as you might be able to get same-day shopping satisfaction. This particular dog bed is available online and in some stores through Kohl’s.

It’s the same donut-cuddler type of bed but with longer animal-friendly faux fur and a nylon non-slip bottom, so your little one won’t be sailing across the floor! It comes in three colors and has a cute Koolaburra by UGG dog bone embroidered label.

Bottom Line – The Sacha Faux Fur Pet Bed is slightly less expensive than the L.L.Bean version. However, it’s a spot-clean-only bed. So, if you anticipate any little accidents, you might want to pay a bit more for the machine washable option.

What is the best type of dog bed for Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas like to sleep in small, cozy, snuggly areas. So, some of their best dog beds are cuddlers and donut-style models. They generate warmth and are great for snuggling and burrowing.

Do Chihuahuas prefer to sleep warm or cold?

Chihuahuas don’t tolerate the cold very well. So, they appreciate a warm, cozy bed with plush materials and maybe even a blanket for good measure.

Is it a good idea to buy a dog bed for my Chihuahua?

Unless your fur baby sleeps with you in a nice warm bed, it’s an excellent idea for him to have his own. Unlike the benefits of orthopedic support that other dogs need, one of the primary reasons for dog beds for Chihuahuas is warmth.

Are there small orthopedic dog beds for Chihuahuas with arthritis?

Yes. Today’s pet product manufacturers recognize that all dogs benefit from a supportive sleeping surface. The proper mattresses can extend the lives of our beautiful fur babies, regardless of size. So, finding a small bed (ideal for a Chihuahua!) with an orthopedic or memory foam mattress is not difficult. L.L.Bean, Serta, and Casper all have excellent products that are still comfy and cozy for little pups who get cold.

Why do Chihuahuas sleep curled up in a ball?

The primary reason Chihuahuas sleep in tiny balls is to keep warm. This particular breed doesn’t tolerate the cold very well. So, unless they’re snuggled under blankets, you’ll typically find them curled up tight.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Chihuahuas

Cozy is better than roomy – We recommend sizing up when we provide shopping tips for dog beds for medium and larger breeds. That’s because larger breed dogs aren’t curling up to keep warm, like miniature pups. But Chihuahuas like to feel snug and supported (and warm!), so stick to the appropriate size unless you use a blanket topper to keep in the heat.

Accessories are helpful – Blankets and attachable bed covers are excellent additions to sleeping areas for Chihuahuas. They like to burrow and snuggle, so if the bed isn’t doing the trick, consider some accessories. If you’re worried about adding a blanket, consider a non-electric warming pad.

Donuts and cuddlers are excellent choices – A donut or cuddler bed is one of the best options for nine out of ten Chihuahuas. They provide support from all sides, cushioning underneath, and they hold in the heat – which is priority number one.

Consider longevity – Chihuahuas have a relatively long life expectancy compared to some other breeds. So, you might want to spend more on a quality, orthopedic-type dog bed that’ll last a long time. Making the initial investment should save you money in the long run, and a premium dog bed can add to your pup’s quality of life.