Best Waterproof Dog Beds

If your dog likes to get wet and wild, you’ll need a bed to stand up to all the dirt and moisture. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your pup, but we’re here to make things quick and easy.

So, check out our list of top-rated waterproof dog beds, perfect for playful pooches, puppies in training, or even our aging fur babies who are suddenly accident-prone. 

Pros and Cons of Waterproof Dog Beds


  • Easy to clean
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
  • Helpful during puppy training
  • Come in various price ranges 


  • Material isn’t as soft as non-waterproof models
  • Some covers aren’t machine washable

1. PetFusion – Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed 

What We Like

  • Water-resistant cover with a waterproof liner
  • Sized from small to jumbo
  • 2” memory foam topper


  • Sizes: 25” x 20” x 5.5”  *  36” x 28” x 9”  *  44” x 34” x 10”  *  50” x 40” x 13”  
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

PetFusion’s Ultimate Lounge Memory Bolster bed is one of those rare models built for large as well as small pups. The jumbo size provides 40” of sleeping surface, uncommon in bolster-style beds. It has the additional benefit of being an orthopedic bed with a dual-layered mattress featuring 2” of memory foam on top.

The removable, machine washable outer cover is water-resistant instead of waterproof. However, we still include this model on our best-of list because it’s backed by a waterproof liner. So, you get double-layer protection against those little oopsies that come up from time to time.

Bottom Line – A water-resistant dog bed can be tricky because it can only hold off so much liquid before some seeps through to the mattress. But if you’re not shopping for an aging, incontinent fur baby, the Ultimate Lounger should more than suffice. For the most part, liquids and messes will wipe away. However, if there’s a “downpour,” the inner liner will preserve the mattress.

2. Carhartt – Coated Duck Canvas Water-Repellent Dog Bed

What We Like

  • Water-repellent-coated 12 oz firm hand cotton
  • Fully removable cushion
  • Heavy-duty seams and hidden extra-wide zippers


  • Sizes:  28” x 20”  *  35” x 27”  *  41” x 33”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty:  180-day return policy and extended warranty on manufacturer’s defects
  • Shipping: Free shipping and returns in the US

You might be familiar with the name as Carhartt is famous for its cotton duck outdoor jackets. The brand takes that same concept for pet parents to produce products for their fur babies. Carhartt has a straightforward mattress dog bed style using the 14 oz firm hand duck cotton but offers it with an optional Sherpa top.

We wouldn’t recommend the Sherpa top if you’re shopping for the best waterproof dog beds, but the plain canvas has many appealing features. Like the PetFusion Lounger, Carhartt’s is a water-repellent dog bed. So, if you take it outside in the middle of a rainstorm, you’re bound to end up with a soggy mess. But, for light wear and tear, including the occasional accident or spill, you’ve got a portable, easy to clean, simple dog bed that works inside, outside, and on the road.

Bottom Line – Carhartt is a rugged outdoorsy brand, as evidenced by its indoor-outdoor water-repellent dog bed. It’s sturdy and hard to damage, but we still recommend backing up that outer cover with an inner waterproof liner – just in case. 

TIP: When buying a water-resistant or water-repellent dog bed instead of a waterproof version, treat it with a spray-on Durable Water Repellent (DWR) as you would an outdoor jacket.

3. Snoozer Pet Products – Round Pillow Pet Bed

What We Like

  • Waterproof removable cover
  • Soft but sturdy
  • The combination of cedar and poly fill provides odor and pest control


  • Sizes: 36” x 36” x 4”  *  48” x 48” x 4”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Snoozer Pet Products designed its Round Pillow to test the limits of waterproof dog beds. It was specifically made for travel, camping, and potty training with an actual waterproof (not water-resistant) cover.

The soft and squishy round bed lets pups dig in and find their spot, with cedar and poly fill instead of a one-piece mattress. Plus, there’s the added benefit of odor control with that filling, which could be handy if you’re training your puppy or have an accident-prone aging dog.

Bottom Line – With two sizes and five colors, the Snoozer Pet Products Round Pillow dog bed will undoubtedly match your décor. But we particularly like that you can take it with you on the road and it’s not easily damaged – even the zipper is rust-proof!

4. Pet Adobe – Memory Foam Waterproof Covered Dog Bed 

What We Like

  • Waterproof cover and inner liner
  • Non-slip bottom
  • One of the more affordable options


  • Size: 30” x 21” x  3.5”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Why is Pet Adobe’s Memory Foam Waterproof Covered dog bed one of the best? Oh, so many reasons!

This particular product is as good as it gets for waterproof protection. It’s a straightforward mattress-style model with a removable waterproof cover AND a waterproof liner. Water, urine, mud, none of that will get inside and damage the memory foam mattress. 

Bottom Line – There’s not much more to say about the Pet Adobe waterproof bed. It’s a simple memory foam mattress topped with two layers of waterproof protection. Whether you’re potty training or need something that’ll withstand the elements on a camping trip, this dog bed is one of the best. However, it only comes in one size, which is unfortunate if you have an extra-large or jumbo fur baby.

What materials are best for a waterproof dog bed?

Waterproof materials are layered, starting with a fabric like nylon or polyester coated with a water-resistant treatment. But that fabric is combined with Teflon or Polyurethane to handle the heavy load. So, when shopping for a waterproof dog bed, don’t be deceived by the material, as nylon or polyester shouldn’t stand on their own.

How do I clean a waterproof dog bed?

It’s essential to clean your waterproof dog bed regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria. Most models that wick away moisture can be easily vacuumed and then wiped down with a damp cloth. But it depends on your particular dog bed. Many of today’s options have removable covers that are hand or machine-washable. Then, you can wipe down the inner liner, and it should be good as new.

What’s the difference between a waterproof and water-resistant dog bed?

The designations might sound similar, but there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant. A proper waterproof dog bed will protect the inside from any moisture, even when drenched. A water-resistant or water-repellent dog bed, on the other hand, can only take so much. There comes the point when some seepage might occur. 

Is a waterproof bed enough for a dog prone to nighttime accidents?

Any liquids should pool on top as long as you have an actual waterproof dog bed and not a water-resistant or water-repellent model. If you have an incontinent dog, we recommend covering all bases anyway. Purchase a big enough bed, so their little oopsies don’t run off the side. You could also double-up on the protection with an inner mattress liner and protect your floors or carpet with a plastic runner under the bed – just in case!

Tips for Buying the Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof is Better Than Water-Resistant – Waterproof and water-resistant (or repellent) are two different things. So, consider your needs. Waterproof is the way to go if you have a puppy in training, an incontinent dog, or are looking for a bed for ongoing outdoor use. On the other hand, water-resistant should be fine if you’re just seeking a little extra peace of mind. 

Purchase an add-on – Whether you opt for a waterproof or water-repellent dog bed, it’s always a good idea to protect the mattress. It’s easy to find dog bed liners that fit most, whether a plain mattress or a donut-style model.

Look for the Outdoor Designation – When in doubt, shop for outdoor dog beds as waterproof is a key feature. Pet providers with designed outdoor or indoor-outdoor products typically use removable covers that wipe clean. They’re also built to withstand a little rain, mud, or other abuse from the elements.

Read the Cleaning Instructions – Not all waterproof or water-resistant dog beds are alike. We’ve found plenty that feature machine-washable removable covers for a deep clean, but others are spot clean only. So, if you anticipate frequent messes, you might want to keep machine washing in mind.

Consider Upsizing – Whether you’re shopping for a puppy in training or an older accident-prone pup, a larger bed is best. If they have an accident, you want it contained on top rather than running off the sides and onto your beautiful floor.