Best Dog Beds for Pugs

How can anyone not fall in love with a pug with those big eyes and adorably wrinkly face? Their fondness for people (and most other dogs!) makes them ideal family members, and, as one, they benefit from a comfy place to sleep, too.

Shopping for the best dog beds for pugs isn’t as challenging as some breeds suffering from severe joint and muscle aches. Instead of orthopedic assistance, more than 50% of pugs have narrowed nostrils and breathing problems and benefit from neck support and hypoallergenic materials.

Pugs also like to steer clear of heat and humidity. So, our top five list includes cooling options and low-profile bolsters to help with breathing, and we’ve also considered easy clean-up for shedding.

1. FurHaven Deluxe Oxford Cooling Gel Indoor/Outdoor Bed

What We Like:

  • Cooling gel in the mattress
  • Wipe clean
  • Sturdy orthopedic mattress


  • Sizes: 20” x 15”  *  30” x 20”  *  36” x 27”  *  44” x 35”  x 53” x 42”
  • Machine Washable: No – use a warm wet cloth to clean
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

It doesn’t get much simpler than FurHaven’s Deluxe Oxford Cooling Gel model, as it’s a mattress-style bed with an indoor-outdoor cover. That means all that pesky shedding isn’t going to stick, and if it does, whisk it away with a damp cloth.

With this one, your pup has a little hidden surprise, as a thick orthopedic mattress has a cooling gel-infused memory foam top layer. It’s activated by pressure – whenever your fur baby lies down, the power of the gel kicks in to keep her a few degrees cooler.

Bottom Line – FurHaven’s Deluxe Oxford Cooling Gel bed ticks all the boxes for pugs except low-profile bolsters that can be beneficial for neck support. However, most pups are happy just stretching out on something cushiony, and you can take this bed outside or on the road. It won’t trap fur and cleans up without a washing machine.

2. Nest Bedding – Bolstered Pet Bed

What We Like:

  • Raised sides for neck support
  • Cool cotton canvas 
  • Handmade


  • Sizes: 24” x 7”  *  29” x 8”  *  35” x 8” 
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 30-night trial and a 2-year warranty on defects
  • Shipping: Free on orders of $75

What pug wouldn’t love a handmade bed with a breathable cotton canvas exterior? Nest Bedding isn’t as well-known as some other brands. However, the eco-friendly company goes all-in on two luxurious models that’ll have your fur baby hitting the snooze button.

Nest’s Wool Dog Bed looks a bit plusher. But, as pugs like to be cooler, the cotton canvas is the way to go. Of course, you can always consult one of the “Nestologists” standing by, as Nest is one of the best for customer service. Either way, these pet beds are excellent choices as they’re supportive with bolsters that’ll keep the neck elevated for easier breathing.

Bottom Line – The Nest Bolstered Pet Bed is perfect for pugs as it’s softer and squishier than most but won’t sag or deflate in spots. Just a heads up, though, as this bed doesn’t have a removable cover. You have to pop the whole thing in the washer and, as it’s white, you’ll probably want to do it frequently.

3. Coolaroo – Elevated Cot-Style

What We Like:

  • Cooling from underneath
  • Easy to clean
  • Use indoors and outdoors


  • Sizes: 21.5” x 25”  *  25.5” x 35”  *  31.5” x 43.5”  *  52” x 37”
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Warranty: One-year fabric warranty
  • Shipping: Shipping is calculated at checkout

Coolaroo produces a raised dog bed for pugs that’s different from the rest on the list. Instead of a mattress or any type of fill, this model features canvas stretched over a powder-coated steel frame.

Between the tiny pinholes in the canvas and the airflow from below, it’s one of the best and most affordable options to keep your pup cool all night. It’s UV, mite, flea, and mold-resistant, so it’s also helpful for those beautiful fur babies with breathing issues.

Bottom Line – We usually recommend elevated, cot-style dog beds to help with joint problems. But Coolaroo is excellent for pugs as it’ll keep them cool. Plus, you can quickly whisk away fur and allergens with a damp cloth or hose.

4. Casper Dog Bed 

What We Like:

  • Lower bolsters for neck support
  • A play area
  • Double-layer mattress


  • Sizes: 26” x 19” x 6”  *  33” x 25” x 6”  *  45” x 35” x 7”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

You might be sleeping on a Casper mattress and not even realize that the same brand is available for pets.

Casper offers one dog bed model for pugs, and it’s a good one. It features a dual-layer mattress providing orthopedic support and low-profile bolsters that your fur baby can actually use. But there’s also a little element of fun built into this one, as Casper has designed a unique cover. The sleeping area resembles loose earth and is perfect for pawing and digging – better there than on your furniture, right?

Bottom Line – The Casper dog bed is one of our most recommended because it covers the bases with a quality mattress, washable cover, and bolsters that are relatively low. Instead of just eye candy, your pup can use those bolsters to prop the back or stabilize the neck. Any pug would love a Casper!

5. K & H Products – Coolin’ Comfort Orthopedic Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Water cooled
  • Wipes clean
  • Doubles as a bed topper


  • Sizes: 24” x 17”  *  32” x 22”  *  44” x 32”
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Like the FurHaven model, the Coolin’ Comfort Orthopedic dog bed by K & H Products is a simple mat. But instead of cooling gel, this one does the job by filling it with water.

Coolin’ Comfort has a nylon vinyl cover that you can pretty much shake clean to get rid of fur, but a wet cloth will finish the job in seconds. K & H promotes this product as an orthopedic dog bed that aids in medical recovery, including skin conditions and excessive panting.

Bottom Line – There are quite a few benefits to this dog bed for pugs. However, you might also appreciate the versatility. You can take it outside, on the road, or even use it as a bed topper if your fur baby sleeps with you.

What Are Some of the Best Dog Beds for Pugs?

The best dog beds for pugs address the issues common to the breed, like breathing problems, allergies, and intolerance to heat. Cooling beds using water or gel are helpful, as are raised, cot-style beds that allow the air to flow from below. Models with low-profile bolsters providing neck support, like Casper’s pet bed, are also wise choices.

Are There Cooling Beds for Pugs That Don’t Require Electricity?

Yes. Today’s pet product manufacturers tend to shy away from electric models. Instead, they get creative with ways to keep pups cool. For example, FurHaven offers a cooling gel mattress option that you can select with several of its models. K & H Pet Products has a water-cooled mattress that doubles as a bed or bed topper. Coolaroo and Kuranda also specialize in elevated dog beds with pinhole fabrics allowing air circulation from below.

Do I Need an Orthopedic Pet Bed for My Pug?

Unlike larger breeds that benefit the most from orthopedic dog beds, joint support isn’t at the top of the list for pugs. However, you can’t go wrong with a quality mattress for any pet. Even if they don’t have joint or muscle pain, orthopedic mattresses are preventative.

What Dog Beds for Pugs Are Easiest to Clean?

An easy-to-clean pet bed for pugs is helpful as they tend to shed frequently and have breathing problems exacerbated by allergens trapped in their beds. Indoor-outdoor models are always some of the best, as you can hose them off or wipe them clean with a damp rag. If you’re worried about those allergens, steer clear of the softer, squishier beds or bolsters with crevices below. There are way too many hiding spots for tiny irritants.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Pugs

Allergies? Breathing problems? – More than 51% of pugs have narrow nostrils, creating breathing challenges. So, the best dog beds are easy-to-clean, hypoallergenic, and have at least one low-profile bolster that’ll support your pup’s neck.

Consider shedding  – Despite their short coat, pugs shed frequently. So, if you notice that fur flying, it’s sure to settle into any little nooks and crannies in their beds. Therefore, a model that you can hand vac or wipe clean is helpful. Dog beds for pugs with fiber fill instead of solid mattresses are also more challenging.
Keep ‘em cool – Pugs don’t like the heat, so a pet bed with a cotton cover instead of faux fur is preferable. You might want to peek at some cooling beds or cot-style models, as they’ll lower the body temperature by a few degrees.