Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds

They’re elegant and lean, average shedders, and they don’t bark, drool, or dig much. So it’s easy to see why Greyhounds are ideal family members.

Even though Greyhounds can run up to 40 mph, they can sleep most of the day. All that lying around can take a toll, as body fat is almost nonexistent in this breed. So, to prevent pressure sores from developing, a soft place to sleep is a must.

Cushioning is number one for this breed, but Greyhounds can also be prone to allergies and don’t tolerate the cold very well. So, our top picks for best dog beds for Greyhounds consider everything your large fur baby needs to be comfortable and, hopefully, pain-free for many years to come.

1. FurHaven – Water-resistant Kennel Pad

What We Like:

  • Inexpensive
  • Available in sizes up to extra-large
  • Basic pad for in and out of the crate


  • Sizes: 19” x 12” * 27” x 20” * 32” x 22” * 36” x 24” * 42” x 24”
  • Machine Washable: No
  • Warranty: 60-day worry-free warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

One of the most important things you can do for your Greyhound is provide a dog bed to avoid pressure sores from sleeping on a hard floor. Even a simple, inexpensive mat like FurHaven’s Water-resistant Kennel Pad is enough to keep your large pup in good shape.

The reversible gray and green mat is only 1.25” thick, but it’s enough to protect Greyhounds from the uncomfortable wiry bottom of kennels or crates. And, who’s to say you can’t use it out of the crate as well?

FurHaven’s Kennel Pads feature medical-grade polyurethane foam covered in water-resistant coated poly-canvas. A damp cloth is all you need to keep it good as new.

Bottom Line – If your Greyhound is used to sleeping on the floor, this Kennel Pad is a helpful transition. While we’d prefer a bit more height, it’s still enough to prevent sores. And, go ahead and throw a blanket on top, and your big pup has everything he needs for a solid eight (or 18!).

2. Serta – Quilted Pillowtop

What We Like:

  • Orthopedic foam
  • Soft, quilted cover
  • Stylish, with two-toned muted colors


  • Sizes: 36” x 27” * 47” x 39”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 14-day return policy
  • Shipping: Calculated at checkout if you buy direct

If you take the FurHaven Kennel Pad, crank it up a few more inches in height, add some pressure-relieving foam and a quilted top, you’ve got Serta’s Quilted Pillowtop. It’s a basic mattress-style pet bed with up to 5” of cushioning.

Serta is a U.S. brand, so the Quilted Pillowtop dog bed is made with CertiPUR-US foam and assembled in the states. The fill is a combination of polyester fiber and polyurethane foam with a polyester cover – something to consider if your Greyhound has allergies.

Bottom Line – You know the Serta brand for its line of human beds, and this model is like a mini version of those people-sized mattresses. It’s well-made and ideal for dogs, like Greyhounds, who value cushioning above all else.

3. PetFusion – BetterLounge

What We Like:

  • L-shaped bolsters
  • Available in large and extra-large
  • Waterproof liner


  • Sizes: 36” x 28” * 44” x 34”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Shipping: Free with Amazon Prime

Instead of a plain mattress, PetFusion’s BetterLounge offers its users two low-profile bolsters in an L-shape, creating a higher corner. Your dog can hang her neck or legs over the edges or use the bolsters to support the back.

The BetterLounge has some other little extras, too. It features a memory foam mattress with a waterproof cover, non-skid bottom, and dual zipper compartments.

Bottom Line – PetFusion is known for its ortho-friendly memory foam mattresses that won’t sag in the middle. But we like the addition of the relatively low bolsters on two edges, as they provide more sleeping options and add just a little something-something that your Greyhound will appreciate. The BetterLounge costs a bit more than our first two picks but is still in the two-figure price range.

4. K&H Pet Products – Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Dog Bed

What We Like:

  • Orthopedic foam
  • Low-wattage heat
  • Automatically warms to the user’s temperature


  • Sizes: 18” x 14” * 24” x 19” * 36” x 25”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Through Chewy

Don’t let the “outdoor” designation throw you, as the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Heated Dog Bed is just as beneficial in the house – especially when you have a Greyhound.

With a short coat and no body fat, Greyhounds run cold and appreciate the warmth generated by this low-voltage bed. It’s only 1” high, so it’s more like a mat. However, it still features an orthopedic foam base to keep those floor sores at bay.

This bed has a plush fleece cover, is waterproof, and comes with a 5.5’ outdoor, steel-wrapped cord. The mat adapts to his ideal body temperature when your fur baby lays down.

Bottom Line – We always recommend caution with electric warming pads or beds. Even though it’s a low-voltage connection, you don’t want to leave it on when you’re not home. But, with care, these heated beds are excellent choices for Greyhounds.

5. Carhartt – Heavy Duck Canvas Bed

What We Like:

  • 4” thick
  • Indoor-outdoor bed
  • Sherpa top option


  • Sizes: 20” x 28” * 27” x 35” * 33” x 41”
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 180-day return policy and extended warranty
  • Shipping: Free when you buy direct

Does your Greyhound spend a lot of time outdoors? Maybe you take your fur-covered family member camping with you? Or do you have a patio or deck ideal for your fur baby to soak up some vitamin D?

If you need a heavy-duty dog bed for Greyhounds that’ll hold up to a bit of rain or mud, then Carhartt is your go-to. Yes, that Carhartt – the one with the recognizable jackets favored by outdoor enthusiasts.

Carhartt produces a simple mattress-style dog bed made of that same 12 oz firm-hand cotton with a water-repellent coating. It’s more than 4” thick, so it’ll absolutely keep your pup away from the cold, hard ground. And, if you want to use it as an indoor bed, there’s a Sherpa top option for warmth.

Bottom Line – It might not be fancy, but Carhartt’s pet bed does the job. With its super thick fabric and extra-wide hidden zippers, this is a bed that’ll last. And, when it gets a little dirty, pop out the cushion and machine wash the cover – good as new.

Do Greyhounds Benefit from Sleeping in a Dog Bed?

Greyhounds benefit from dog beds more than most other breeds. As they don’t have much (or any) body fat, they’re susceptible to pressure sores from sleeping on the floor. So, even a thin mat can keep them wound-free and feeling great.

What Size Dog Bed is Best for Greyhounds?

Greyhounds are typically in the 60-70-pound range and are considered a large breed. So, for the most part, a large dog bed should suffice. But, if you’re on the fence, it’s better to size up to an extra-large.

Do Greyhounds Prefer to Sleep Warm or Cool?

As Greyhounds lack the body fat needed to keep them warm, they’re not fans of cold conditions. Instead, these dogs benefit from blankets, warming pads, or pet beds with sherpa or self-warming features.

What Are Some of the Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds?

The best dog beds for Greyhounds have plenty of cushioning to keep their bodies off the hard floor and are sized large enough for the user to roll around and stretch. Mattress-style, sofa-style, and models with a bolster or two are excellent choices. If you have a Greyhound with allergies, consider dog beds with cotton or tight-weave microfiber covers.

How Much Do I Have to Spend on a Dog Bed for a Greyhound?

You don’t need to pay much to get a decent dog bed for Greyhounds, as simple mats, like crate mats with blanket toppers, are enough. Mats or Kennel Pads run anywhere from $10 to $100+. However, investing in a quality bed with a thicker orthopedic mattress could save you money in the long run, as it should last several years. And the thicker, the better for Greyhounds who benefit from cushioning for comfort.

Tips for Buying the Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds

Cushioning in key – The number one feature to look for in the best dog beds for Greyhounds is cushioning. Remember that the purpose is to prevent pressure sores from floors or other hard surfaces, so memory or orthopedic foam is ideal.

Are you dealing with allergies? – Greyhounds are prone to allergies. So, if you’re shopping for a sensitive pup, look for cotton or microfiber covers. Another option is to buy an elevated dog bed with canvas stretched over a steel frame. You can wipe it daily or hose it off as needed to keep mold, mildew, and other allergens at bay.

Consider the winter months – Greyhounds need a little help to stave off the cold. So, dog beds with fleece or sherpa toppers, built-in blankets, or built-in warming are excellent choices.