The team at Restful Dog is all about helping dogs across the US and the world get the quality sleep they deserve. Whether that’s through offering honest dog bed reviews, sharing tips to help them sleep better, or even looking at the latest and greatest resources available to help our four-legged friends get into dreamland.

We’re driven by our love for dogs and our passion for giving them the best life they can possibly get. We’re dog owners with expertise in sleep and relaxation.

And the star of our team? Well, it’s none other than Scruff! Scruff is a rescue pup who we believe to be some form of terrier mix. He’s high-energy but still a lover who every now and then likes to cuddle up.

Where Scruff shines, though, is his ability to nap and sleep like a champion. All of the dog beds we review are also tested and reviewed by Scruff! We observe how he interacts with each bed, which beds he likes more, and any concerns he might uncover.

Scruff is a dog who likes to chew, thrash, and do what terriers do best, which makes him the perfect candidate to test the durability of these dog beds. He’s also a bit of a diva when it comes to getting comfortable. So, again, perfect for testing out these options!

We’ve included some pictures of Scruff at the bottom of this page for your enjoyment. We think he’s just the cutest!

Restful Dog’s Donation Process

At Restful Dog, we want to do more than just bring you the information you need to pick out the best dog bed. We also love finding unique ways to give back to our local dog community. Every bed that we purchase to test is donated to a local, no-kill animal shelter after we’ve completed testing (with the exception of one that we let Scruff keep for payment for his amazing work).

Additionally, Restful Dog may earn a small commission on some of the beds that we recommend. However, we never let this influence any of our rankings or recommendations. But it’s something we want to be fully transparent about. You’ll never be charged more when you use our links (in fact, you usually get the best deal). And it does help support Restful Dog and allow us to keep bringing you awesome content.

The reason we share that in this section is that a percentage of the proceeds we receive are donated back to several of our favorite dog charities locally and around the US. We also have some suggestions for donating dog beds if you’re interested, too.

Our Lead Reviewer – Scruff