Best Dog Beds for Arthritis

There’s no question that dogs are a part of the family. When we need them, they’re there for us, and we want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible. So, if your dog is diagnosed or showing symptoms, finding the perfect dog beds for arthritis is essential.

Check out our list of the best dog beds for arthritis below and learn more about the essential features that’ll make sure they get restful sleep.

1. FurHaven – Indoor/Outdoor Elevated Model

What We Like:

  • Elevated 6” so it’s easy to get on and off
  • The sleeping surface is allergy resistant with a mesh surface for cooling
  • Options for padding and warmth


  • Sizes (sleeping surface): 23.7” x 21.5”  *  27.5” x 24.5”  *  35.25” x 31.5”  *  35.5” x 43”
  • Machine Washable: No. Hand wash or use a hose to clean the mesh fabric
  • Warranty: 60-day worry-free warranty (registration required)
  • Shipping: Free through the FurHaven website

You might refer to it as a cot, but FurHaven considers it a “hammock-style” dog bed ideal for fur babies with arthritis.

A 6” elevation makes it easier for larger breeds to get on and off the bed. And while there are plenty of other brands producing similar-style options, you can easily adapt FurHaven’s with its line of accessories. For example, if your pooch runs cold, there are pads with warming inserts.

Bottom Line – FurHaven’s affordable indoor/outdoor elevated model might not be number one on the list for all-night comfort. However, it’s one of the best dog beds for arthritis for larger breeds like Great Danes or German Shepherds. It eases the pain of laying down and getting up, as it provides a half-foot head start. For smaller breeds, though, you might want to consider an orthopedic mattress with lower elevation, so they don’t have to jump.

2. Casper – Double-Layer Mattress

What We Like:

  • Double-layer CentiPUR-certified foam mattress
  • Sturdy and stable for dogs up to 90 pounds
  • Bolsters on every side


  • Sizes: 26” x 19” x 6”  *  33” x 25” x 6”  *  45” x 35” x 7”
  • Machine Washable: Yes – removable cover
  • Warranty: One-year guarantee against manufacturer defects
  • Shipping: Free shipping and returns

Amongst Casper’s line of human beds, you’ll find only one model tucked away for your fur baby. But it really should be front and center, as it’s a good one. You’ll discover Casper ticks most boxes with features specifically for pups with joint problems or arthritis.

Let’s start with the double-layer foam mattress that’s supportive and comfortable. Then, factor in the bolsters on every side that’ll cushion necks or legs. Your precious pooch can figure out a position that feels the best. Additionally, if you look at the sizes, you’ll see that this particular option is also elevated compared to similar products with a minimum of 6” off the ground.

Bottom Line – We typically recommend Casper for puppies or doggos that like to paw and scratch because the cover is designed with those habits in mind. However, Casper’s is tough to beat when it comes to the best dog beds for arthritis. You’ve got to be willing to dish out a bit more, though, as it’s not an inexpensive pick. But we think you’ll agree that you get what you pay for with a quality mattress, support bolsters, and elevation.

3. Frisco – Plush Orthopedic Pillowtop

What We Like:

  • Convoluted foam base mattress with pillowtop
  • Sizes Large to XXL to accommodate arthritis-prone breeds
  • Up to 8” off the ground


  • Sizes: 36” x 27” x 8.5”  *  40” x 30” x 8.5”  *  48” x 36 x 8.5” 
  • Machine Washable: The cover and pillowtop are machine washable
  • Warranty: Through Chewy
  • Shipping: Free 1-3 day shipping through Chewy

Like FurHaven, Frisco has a line of orthopedic dog beds for arthritic pups. But the pillowtop says it all with this particular one. We like the extra cushioning and additional height provided by the mattress topper. You’ll also appreciate that everything is washable except the removable foam from the base.

Frisco’s Plush Orthopedic Pillowtop is a simple mattress-style model. That means you don’t have the side bolsters for neck support. But if your furry family members like to stretch out, it’s soft and roomy.

Bottom line – This particular Frisco bed is suitable for dogs with mild arthritis. For more severe cases, we’d recommend a sturdier mattress.

4. Kong – Orthopedic Mat or Durable Lounger For Smaller Breeds

What We Like:

  • Bolsters on opposite ends of the Lounger
  • 5” of height with the orthopedic mat
  • Reinforced ripstop fabric


  • Sizes: Lounger – 30” x 40” x 9”  *  Mat – 38” x 30” x 5”
  • Machine Washable: Yes – the cover is machine washable
  • Warranty: 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping: Varies

We’re going with a twofer with our next pick for the best dog bed for small breeds with arthritis with a pair of options from Kong.

Even though larger breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia and arthritic problems, smaller breed dogs have their own needs as they age. So, Kong isn’t necessarily considered an orthopedic provider, but its beds are affordable and super-durable.

You might have noted that the orthopedic mat is only 5”, which is ideal for your tiny fur babies. It’s in the “just right’ category. Plus, the ripstop fabric will withstand biting and chewing from all but the most determined. You can see and feel the difference immediately (and we’ve expertly tested the durability!).

Kong’s Lounger gives pups more of a lift plus the benefit of bolsters on opposite ends for neck or leg support.

Bottom Line – Kong is a brand that might not be top of mind for dogs with arthritis. But, for small breeds who need just a bit more support, it’s an ideal and affordable option and should last for quite a few years.

What breeds benefit the most from dog beds for arthritis?

Some dog breeds are more at risk of getting arthritis, especially those who are very large or overweight. They include Great Danes, St. Bernards, Scottish Terriers, Bloodhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, and German Shepherds. If your dog falls into these categories, then it’s especially important to look for dog beds that are sufficiently supportive for them.

Why is a quality dog bed for arthritis essential?

Arthritis is a pain in the dog’s joints and can make it really challenging for an older dog to get a comfortable sleep. When dog beds are used appropriately, meaning providing the right height, mattress, and neck or leg bolsters when needed, many owners have seen a considerable improvement in their fur baby’s quality of life.

Should I spend a lot when I buy a dog bed for arthritis?

It’s unnecessary to spend a lot on a bed for a pup with arthritis if you’re a discriminating shopper. Plenty of low to mid-priced brands provide at least some of the features you’re looking for, like elevation or bolsters. Cot-style beds, which also offer cooling properties, are some of the most affordable in the marketplace.

I’ve read that placement matters for dog beds for arthritic dogs. Is that true?

It is true that where you situate a bed for a dog with arthritis matters. First, consider the temperature. We wouldn’t advise setting it up near a heat vent if your pup is running hot. Also, keep in mind that larger breeds can run into issues getting on and off their bed. In that case, you need to provide plenty of room around the sleeping area. That way, your pooch has room to maneuver themselves comfortably. If they require special assistance, moving the bed into your room could be a wise move.

Tips for Buying the Best Bed for Dogs with Arthritis

Focus on a Few Features – Style isn’t the priority when you’re buying a dog bed for arthritis. Depending on the breed and areas that are providing the most discomfort, keep in mind three things:

  1. Height
  2. Stable mattress
  3. Support for neck and legs

A bed with a bit of elevation will help larger dogs get on and off much more effortlessly. But we wouldn’t recommend going too high for smaller pups with joint problems.

The mattress should have a little give but should bounce back quickly. Shredded foam fill isn’t going to be your arthritic dog’s best friend. And, consider bolsters if your fur baby needs that additional support for their neck or legs. But, if they’re more prone to stretching out, then forego the pillows and opt for a simple orthopedic mattress-style bed.

Inexpensive? Yes. Cheap? No. – It’s possible to find a quality bed for dogs with arthritis without breaking the bank. Again, most brands of elevated cot-style beds are relatively affordable. You can even find some in the $20 range. But don’t deviate from your list of mandatory features. We recommend a good sturdy foam mattress above a fluffy fiberfill that doesn’t bounce back.

Add Accessories for Dog Beds for Arthritis – Even if you opt for a simple cot or orthopedic pad, you can always customize it for your fur baby’s needs. Some of the top pet provider brands now have expansive lines of sleeping accessories. You can buy blankets for pups who run cold. It might also be easier to bunch up a blanket as neck support than find the right-sized pillow. There are also heating and cooling orthopedic mats ideal for topping a plain elevated bed.

Height Isn’t Always a Benefit – An elevated dog bed is helpful for large breeds more prone to joint problems. They might have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, and even six inches can provide some comfort. But for the little ones, height isn’t everything. In that case, a low-rise orthopedic mat or firm cuddler bed are better options.