How Much Should You Spend on a Dog Bed?

The market for dog beds in the world is expanding quickly. Years ago, we only had a few options to choose from. Now we have hundreds of options to choose from—at all different price points. So, how do we know how much we should spend on a dog bed?

Should we automatically get the nicest and most expensive bed out there? Or are the cheapest options out there just as good as the pricier ones?

Let’s get to the bottom of it, so you can move forward with the right information to make the smartest purchase for your purse or wallet and your four-legged friend.

Dog on a bed

How Much Do Dog Beds Cost?

Before you can make a decision on how much to spend on a dog bed, it’s probably important to know just how much they cost! Here’s your answer.

On the bottom end of the spectrum, the least expensive dog beds will run you around $20 for a small option (ideal for dogs from about 1-25 lbs.). For a medium to large-sized dog bed, the pricing jumps to around $40-$50.

And then you have plenty of great dog beds that are somewhere within the middle of those two ranges.

Should you get the cheapest dog bed option?

It may be tempting to try and save a few bucks by getting the cheapest dog bed out there. And while there are some occasions where a less expensive option is ideal, you are going to be giving up on features.

If you’re unable to afford anything other than the cheapest options, then go for that. Putting yourself into a bad financial situation could impact your ability to afford other things for your dog in the future like food and medical treatment. While it would be ideal to try and save up for a better option, you can see how a smaller problem could turn into a bigger one.

One other situation where getting the cheapest dog bed might be the right fit is if you’re looking for a second dog bed option to supplement a nicer main one. Having multiple dog beds might be a good idea if your dog sleeps in multiple areas in the house, loves to hang out in different rooms, or spends considerable time outside. If you’re putting a bed out in the elements, it might not be wise to spend a lot of money on it.

Reasons to Spend More on a Dog Bed

As you can already tell, we’re not advocates for getting the cheapest dog bed out there. Is it because we don’t like money? Of course not! Here are some of the reasons that spending more on a dog bed might be the right move for you and your four-legged friend.

Before we share, we do want to point one thing out. You’ll notice that each of these reasons says, “it may.” Just because you spend more on a dog bed does not automatically mean that you’re getting a higher quality. There are some less-expensive beds that are amazing, and there are some more expensive dog beds that miss the mark.

It May Protect Their Joints

Nicer dog beds generally come with more padding and support. What this means is that your dog is going to get more joint support. This is incredibly important if your dog is older, but it’s also important for healthy dogs. A nice bed that keeps your dog off the floor can help prevent them from developing joint and bone issues as they get older.

It May Be More Durable

Not only will the higher quality material offer more support, but it offers durability. If you spend $100 on a dog bed that’s going to last you 10 years, that is actually less expensive than if you have to get a new $20 bed every year.

It May Be Easier to Clean

One of the reasons that more expensive or better-crafted dog beds are more durable is that they’re easier to clean. They may have antimicrobial properties, stain-resistant materials, or be machine washable. The cleaner you can keep things, the longer they’re going to last and the happier your dog is going to be sleeping there.

It May Protect Your House

Higher-quality dog beds also have features that can protect your house. For example, some options come with built-in flaps that protect zippers from scratching your floor. Additionally, dog beds that are easier to clean are less likely to smell bad in your house or produce a dirty dog that might take that mess around the house.

It May Give Them a Higher Quality of Life

Here’s the biggest reason to spend a little more money when purchasing a new dog bed—it makes your dog happier. When you sleep on a nice mattress, how much more refreshed are you in the morning? How much more comfortable is your time in bed?

Remember, dogs sleep a lot more than we do, which means they’re going to get even more utility out of a nicer dog bed. If you have it in the budget and want to give your best friend the best place to sleep and take naps—look into spending a few bucks more.

Don’t Assume More Expensive Beds Are Better

We mentioned this earlier but just wanted to say it one more time. Just because a dog bed is more expensive doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to be better. Generally, more expensive beds do have nicer material and more features, but it’s not always true. This is just something to be aware of in your search!