Where Do You Put a Dog Bed?

It might seem like an easy question. But when it comes to “where do you put a dog bed?” there’s never just a straightforward answer.

We can share one definitive response, though – it depends on your dog. Most pets prefer indoor sleeping, but some want to be outside under the stars. Some pups like to be as close to you as possible, while others want to snuggle up with their furry brothers and sisters.

So, we’ve got a few tips that ensure that little Rex gets a good night’s sleep – and you do, as well!

  • Where to Put a Dog Bed in Your Room
  • Finding Favorite Spots for Your Dog to Sleep
  • Outside Spots for Dog Beds
  • Places You Don’t Want to Put a Dog Bed

Where to Put a Dog Bed in Your Bedroom

Each dog is different. However, when given a choice, most want to be as close to you as possible.

Now, not everyone feels the same about this issue. There are puppy parents who have their fur babies in bed with them and wouldn’t have it any other way. In contrast, other equally loving humans prefer to keep sleeping areas separate. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, as long as everyone is resting comfortably and soundly.

If you end up somewhere in the middle of the pack, you could use a dog bed in your bedroom and place it right next to yours. That way, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

When Your Dog Prefers Your Bed

The side-by-side approach works in most cases. But some very determined pups will hop up with their parents every chance they get.

If that’s the situation in your home, how about putting a dog bed on your bed?

Designate someplace at the foot where your pup won’t get kicked or nudged through the night and call it theirs.

Finding Favorite Spots to Put Your Dog Bed

If you’ve vetoed the idea of a dog bed in your room, then it’s time to move to plan B, finding a quiet spot elsewhere.

One of the best places to put a dog bed is in their favorite spot. Now that might seem obvious, but you might not choose it because it’s not ideal during the day.

Day and Night Spots

Let’s say that little Bella loves to curl up in the corner of the kitchen. If you put her dog bed there, then you run the risk of tripping over it, or worse. After all, it’s the kitchen – lots of activity with knives and boiling water!

But, who’s to say you have to leave the bed there all day?

The bed is portable, so move it to the next room where it’s out of the way or in another preferred location, and then get her ready for bed at night like you would the kids.

Now, we’re not saying you make the kids sleep in the kitchen, but you get the gist. Put the dog bed in the kitchen at night and move it in the morning – portable bed, portable bedroom.

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Crates and More

You’ve got plenty of other options, too. But the one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that quieter is better. Your doggo doesn’t mind being tucked away in a cozy corner.

Another option is to use their crate if your pup doesn’t mind it. Some of our furry friends turn to their containers when they want some alone time or to feel secure. So, putting a dog bed in their crate works well, as long as there’s enough room to be comfortable through the night.

Can You Believe Some Dogs Prefer Outdoor Beds?

If you’ve got a tiny little Chihuahua or Maltese living with you, you probably can’t imagine how some doggy parents could have their pets sleep outside. Well, they might not have believed it, either. However, some canines just prefer the great outdoors.

That doesn’t mean that you have to put them out at night and let them figure things out. After all, pet products are a huge industry!


Beds Designated for the Great Outdoors

So, if you’ve got one of those nature-loving sleepers, you can still make them comfy with an outdoor dog bed. Yes, it’s a thing! Outdoor beds are waterproof and weatherproof. Plus, they clean up easily.

We might also recommend some kind of shelter or doghouse. If it’s good enough for Snoopy, it’s good enough for Bailey! You could put a dog bed in the tiny house, and it’s the closest thing to home.

Places You Don’t Want to Put a Dog Bed

When it comes to spots to avoid putting dog beds, most are pretty obvious. Once again, though, it depends on your pup and your household.

The following are dog bed spots to avoid:

  • Near the window – because of heat, cold, or noise
  • In the main thoroughfare – too many distractions
  • Outside in inclement weather – even doggos who prefer to be out don’t appreciate being drenched or frozen
  • On your bed – if there’s not enough room (everyone needs a good night of sleep)

Consider what’s going on in your home when you find a spot for your dog bed.

If you’ve got some late-nighters watching TV or coming in or going out at all hours, steer clear of those areas. And, if you tend to take bathroom breaks during the night, it’s not wise to put your fur baby too close to your bed. Even if they want to be near you, they’re not fond of being squished!

Final Thoughts

We touched about locations in and out of your home that make ideal sleeping spots for your pup. But you also want to consider needs beyond sleep.

For example, if your puppy is potting training, have training pads nearby or a way for them to wake you to go outside. Dogs tend to get thirsty, too, so access to water is also a good idea.

Again, though, consider a different setup at night. They might nap on their bed in the living room and sleep on it in your bedroom – mobility is wonderful!