Are Dog Beds Safe for Puppies?

If you’ve got a new furry family member and wonder if dog beds are safe for puppies, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re looking for one definitive answer, stick with us for a few minutes. That’s because the short answer is yes, dog beds are safe for puppies. But no, dog beds aren’t safe for puppies unless you buy (or make) the right one.

In this guide, we’re going to look at:

  • Benefits of dog beds for puppies
  • What types of dog beds are safe for puppies
  • The must-have dog bed feature for puppies
  • Frequently asked questions about dog beds for puppies
Puppy Running

The Appeal of Dog Beds for Your New Puppy

When you’re holding your new little fur baby in your arms, you know you want to do anything possible to make sure they’re safe and secure. And, if this is your first puppy, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

What food should you buy? Are toys safe for newborn puppies? How do you tackle puppy potty training?

All good questions, and there’s plenty of information and advice from veterinarians, trainers, and other dog experts. But we’re here to tackle another consideration: are dog beds safe for puppies? As they sleep as much as 20 hours a day, it’s an important one, and it can’t wait. If you want a designated sleeping spot for the new member of your family, then have it ready.

Benefits of Providing a Dog Bed for Your Puppy

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a dog bed, use a crate, or have another plan in mind. The goal is to create a sleeping environment where your new little dog feels safe, secure, comfortable, and relaxed.

When they’re happy, you’re happy.

Reasons to Say Yes to a Bed

So, even if you’re using a crate for your little guy or girl, a dog bed fits the bill for comfort and security.

Puppy beds:

  • Provide a supportive surface
  • Support joints
  • Give your puppy a place that’s just theirs
  • Are snuggly and comfortable
  • Lead to better sleep

What Types of Dog Beds Are Safe for Puppies

So, you can see that puppies give a big “paws up” for dog beds. But, we’re talking about safety here, and you can also rest comfortably knowing that dog beds are safe for puppies. That is, as long as they’re constructed with safe fabric and filling.

Remember, everything is unpredictable with your new furry friend. If they like to chew, they need the right things to gnaw on, extending to their sleeping spot.

Safe Dog Beds for Puppies are Non-Toxic

The number one rule for dog bed safety is to ensure it’s made from non-toxic materials.

TIP: One of the easiest ways to identify a safe dog bed for puppies is to look for one with CertiPUR-US foam. It’s free of formaldehyde and other chemicals that you don’t want your dog (of any age) ingesting.

Low Beds are Safe Dog Beds

The material is the primary concern for dog bed safety. You’re OK with bolsters and beds of different sizes (although puppies prefer snuggly ones). The shape of the bed and thickness of the mattress is also personal preference. Neither affects the safety of using one for your puppy.

However, you do want to steer clear of elevation. You’ll come across raised dog beds for larger or older dogs, as it’s easier for them to lie down. But puppies are close to the ground and need to stay that way.

When Dog Beds Aren’t Safe for Puppies

We can’t stress enough the importance of selecting a dog bed made from non-toxic materials. And that applies to both the outer surface and the stuffing. If your little one chews a hole in their bed (which is entirely possible), you don’t want them choking on tiny pieces of stuffing or putting the chemical-laden filling in their mouth.

So, dog beds aren’t safe for puppies or older dogs unless they’re made from the right stuff.

Another safety concern that we touched on is the height of the bed. That same elevated sleeping area that’s so beneficial to older dogs is dangerous for puppies.

Steer Clear of Cords

You also don’t want to select a dog bed equipped with electric heat (like an electric blanket). While some little ones love to be warm and snuggly, it’s not safe to use a bed with a cord.

Instead, opt for a self-warming style. There are plenty of options out that that’ll keep your new puppy warm. Or, on the flip side, some cooling mattresses or pads are also safe for dogs, regardless of age.

The Must-Have Dog Bed Feature

As you now know, the two most important things to consider when you buy a safe dog bed for puppies are the material and filling.

But priority one (for your sanity) is to find a bed with a removable cover. Even if your puppy aces potty training 101, you’re bound to have an accident or two here and there. Be sure that the protective cover is also non-toxic and machine washable, and your life will be so much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Beds for Puppies

Is it safe to use a larger dog bed for a puppy?

Yes. The size of the bed doesn’t affect safety, but it might have an impact on how secure your fur baby feels. Most puppies like to be snuggly and cozy when they sleep, so a smaller bed is preferable.

How do I know if a particular dog bed is safe for puppies?

One way to tell if you’ve found a proper dog bed is to make sure the fabric, filling, and cover are non-toxic. If you’re still not sure, you can always get the thumbs up from your veterinarian.

Is it safe to put a blanket on the dog bed?

Yes. Puppies have some similarities to babies, but the risk of suffocation is much lower. Unlike a baby, your little dog can stand up and move around.

My budget doesn’t allow for an expensive dog bed for my puppy. Do I have alternatives?

Absolutely! You can make a sleeping area as long you remember the number one rule of dog bed safety – choosing suitable materials. If it’s something you wouldn’t want your furry friend to put in their mouth, then don’t use it. As an alternative, you could buy inexpensive sleeping pads. Some even have cooling properties that are ideal for warmer months.